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Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

January 12, 2018 by David Herd

Part of my personal online photo albums, as opposed to my FiveStarVagabond travel blog.

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene started for me way back in 1980 as you can see from the above photo. I returned in 1987 & 1997 but have not been back there since.

Manilas’s famous Jeepneys

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar SceneJeepneys were originally made from U.S. military jeeps left over from World War II

The Duterte administration is demanding that any jeepneys in violation of updated regulations — including those built more than 15 years ago — are taken off the roads by Jan. 1, 2018. New rules on size, accessibility and engine quality could take thousands of vehicles out of service, as well as potentially endangering the livelihoods of drivers and others in the jeepney industry. The changes could also effectively mean the end of a Filipino design icon.

CNN November 2017.

It will be sad to see them go.

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene 

Known in the Philippines as the “King of the Road,” jeepneys are also renowned for having designs as loud as their roaring engines. Embracing a “more is better” philosophy, owners use vibrant colors and busy ornamentation to decorate their vehicles.

On the bus to Angeles City.

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar SceneAccompanied by two Adelaide lads, Ron Gillette & Jim Cox. Jim eventually moved from Australia to Angeles City but I lost track of him 20 years ago.

Recovering at the beach

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

Just a small hangover to deal with.

Here is the cure

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene A Margarita & a fresh coconut. 🙂

 Doug Ritchies & Jim Cox

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar SceneTwo old friends of mine from when I was living in Adelaide from 1972 to 1974.

Found myself a friend in Angeles City

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar SceneThese Filipino girls speak perfect English & really know how to look after you. 🙂

OK, back to Manila.

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar SceneOutside nearly every shop lurks an armed guard, obviously there is a reason for this. 🙂

The Firehouse in 1987

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar SceneI can’t believe 31 years have flashed by.

After all this time I understand the Firehouse is still going, and so am I. 🙂

What time can I start having fun?

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

And yes, I did take her home with me. 🙂

Can you blame me?

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

Absolutely gorgeous.

Am I missing work?

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

No way Jose.

Take a closer look at her hair

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene Very curly indeed, her father was a U.S. marine. (what a great face she has)

Can’t help being popular. 🙂

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

Is is me or the Pesos they are after? Remembering of course in those days I was a bit of a chick magnet. 🙂

 Jump forward 10 years to 1997

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene

Doug Ritchies at Brisbane airport Doug was a very tough Cockney.

Our first night in Manila

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar SceneLet the games begin. 🙂

That’s Doug in the middle being swamped & I’m with Simone who was a friend of mine from the Gold Coast.

I told you we were friends. 🙂

Filipino Flashback Manila Bar Scene A hot spa with some Stolichnaya.

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Seven deadly Songkran days

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 Soi Cowboy                  Nana Plaza                    Patpong

 Soi Cowboy (5)           e1274c0c-cf4d-4406-b5dc-d9e8071e382e            8993ef02-ccf3-46a7-8b6d-fc11af9d93ad



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Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

December 10, 2013 by David Herd

Nana Plaza

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars can be found in three areas, Patpong, Soi Cowboy & Nana Plaza. Patpong is where it all started many years ago. It has even been filmed in in a James Bond chase-sequence. Patpong has long since lost it’s title of number one for sexy shows  Go-Go bars. Soi Cowboy now reigns supreme with Nana Plaza in 2nd place.

UPDATE: Since writing the above comments in December 2013 Soi Cowboy has now slipped somewhat in popularity in February 2017. Mainly because during the last couple of years the drink prices, and in particular the lady drink prices have risen too high. In many cases you will now pay over B200 the buy a lady a drink.

Say no more…….

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


As you can see Lollipop is now Suckers.

Here is a YouTube video taken February 21 2016.

Beer Bars & Go-Go bars in Nana Plaza

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


Greeting you when you pass beneath the  Nana Entertainment Plaza entrance sign is a mass of glowing neon signs, yelling at you from all directions. Shouting even louder than the neon is the intriguing cast of upfront characters , lady-Boys and girls who will try and accost you,  it’s all light-hearted and non threatening.

On the ground floor are mostly open-air beer bars to choose from. Girls will try to tempt you in for a drink or a game of Jenga but not much really happens here, however it is where I prefer to drink and watch the passing parade.  The shows and the A Go Go Bars with naughty names like Lollipop,Pretty Lady and Red Lips are located on the first floor.  Girls here will step into your path and will try to drag you in for a look.

Here we are at Nana Plaza

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

I’m with my friend John Martin aka “Pothole Bin Ladin” at the first bar on the right as you walk into Nana Plaza, it’s the best place to watch all the girls & Lady-Boys walk past on there way to work. I have been visiting the Plaza for 20 years and have seen many changes in that time. Back then it was 10% Lady-Boys, now it seems more like 50% which does not suit me at all.  😥 On the other hand it does suit Pothole as he has been known the cross that dreaded line fairly often.

Nana Plaza with Landmark hotel in the background.

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


The five star Landmark hotel backs onto Nana Plaza.

For many years this great song has conjured up all sorts of Bangkok memories for me.

Nana Plaza as it was.

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

Nana Plaza has been cleaned up quite a bit recently, there are no more cars & motorbikes allowed to park there anymore, you can see in this photo how it used to be.

Bars in the centre of Nana Plaza have been rebuilt.

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


Two hotels close by are very popular with expats, the Nana Hotel & the Dynasty Inn, personally I prefer the Dynasty.  If you want to go upmarket choose the JW Marriot or the Landmark.

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Nana Plaza exit

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

The bar you see on the left is where I like to sit & observe, straight opposite is the Nana Hotel car park.

Nana Plaza in daylight

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

The Dynasty Grand is a good hotel close to the action  

Lots of Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars in Soi 4 Nana

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

Without a doubt AGODA is the best online Hotel booking site.  

Here is a short video of Nana Plaza.        

Terminal 21 near Soi Cowboy

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

Soi Cowboy was named after the cowboy hat-wearing African-American who opened the first bar here in the early 1970s, this red-light district has a more laid-back, carnival-like feel to it than Patpong or Nana Plaza Soi Cowboy is just next to Terminal 21, this very popular new shopping mall, so just cross the street and see it for yourself,  or use Terminal 21 as an excuse to have some fun! Remember, you may not see this again anywhere else in the world!

 Soi Cowboy

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


No wonder they call it a red light area. 🙂

Pretty face in Soi Cowboy

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


Soi Cowboy Bangkok is in my opinion the best of the red light areas in this great city. Nana Plaza comes in 2nd place with Patpong Rd a distance third. Located near Sukhumvit Road, between Sukhumvit Soi 21 (also called Soi Asoke) and Soi 23, within walking distance from the BTS Skytrain’s Asok Station and the Bangkok Metro’s Sukhumvit Station. The Grand Millennium Hotel is nearby.

The go-go bars follow the pattern common in Thailand: alcoholic drinks are served and women in bikinis dance on a stage. Topless or even nude dancing.

David Herd and Roland Bonnici in Soi Cowboy

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


Here I am with my friend Roland who is a Sydney Barrister specialising in criminal law. He has more energy and staying power than I do so I now call in the Bangkok Energiser Bunny. :)
Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars

 As you can clearly see there is always something to look at in Soi Cowboy.

Country Road Soi Cowboy

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


Cowboy is a great “people watching” venue.

Nana Plaza


Nana Plaza, Hooters & Hillary bar.

When I’m in Bangkok I like to stay in Sukhumvit Soi 11, here is an excellent budget hotel, if you USE THIS LINK you will get a great rate of around B1100 per night, or $30 USD.

No photos please.

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


I think she may be a little shy. :)

Happy hour at Patpong

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


Happy hours and happy endings are always available in Patpong Road.

Happy hour in Patpong 1993

Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars


Travelling from Europe to Australia in 1993 naturally I had to stopover in Bangkok for some R & R.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars.


Go-Go bars located on ground level along the two streets of Patpong are free to get in as long as you order a drink, which costs around 120 baht… but be aware that there are tricky places that will cost you a lot more without actually delivering anything better – and they may even be worse.

How to recognize the trick:

  1. Someone will approach you with a nice list of fun entertaining features such as a ‘ping pong show’ and other well-known activities with ‘colorful’ names. So far, nothing really unusual.
  2. He will say “It’s free to see for five minutes”… which means it won’t be free after the five minutes are up  and as the guy seems trustworthy and speaks really fast, you somehow forget this fact.
  3. The place not even be on Patpong itself but if the bar is upstairs and the bar has no sign and no name, get ready to be ripped off (nicely but effectively).
  4. Once you are in, the show will have only one act and you will be asked for a tip, and another tip, and another… Basically you will have to tip for each ‘trick’ performed. And believe me, these girls have mastered the art of making you feel really cheap if you don’t tip them.
  5. The girls will ask you for a lady drink, whether she sits next to you or even stands across the room… each drink costs at least 200 baht.
  6. You will not see the bill until the last minute. In most normal Bangkok Go-Go Bars or beer bars, your bill is placed in a small box in front of you, which allows you to check the damage as you drink and let you decide if you want to offer another round or not. Usually a drink is around 100 to 120 baht. In the dodgy ones the bill never comes until the last moment
  7. If you ask a girl how much her drink will cost you, she only knows once answer: ‘same as yours’, so naturally you think 100 to 120 baht… wrong, it’s 200 to 300 baht.
  8. When the bill comes, it’ll be about 1,000 baht and don’t even waste your time arguing; you won’t win… just pay up and smile, realising you’ve got a nice story to tell your friends – just like I’m telling you now!

Thanks for visiting my Bangkok famous sexy go-go bars photo blog.                           

Good budget hotel in Soi 11 Nana.


When I’m in Bangkok I like to stay in Sukhumvit Soi 11, here is an excellent budget hotel, if you USE THIS LINK you will get a great rate of around B1100 per night, or $30 USD.

The best Bangkok budget hotel I have ever stayed in.

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