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Hamish Elton visits Portugal

June 8, 2019 by David Herd

Hamish Elton visits Portugal

Hamish Elton visits Portugal

Hamish Elton visits Portugal on one of his many overseas junkets, he is a member of the worldwide Entrepreneurs Organisation, whose goal is “to provide learning and networking opportunities for its members”. If you would like more information just follow THIS LINK.

Nobody I know travels more than Hamish does, he is a director of a company called HealthCert who train doctors in Australia & overseas on the treatment of skin cancer. Hamish is based in Thailand & travels to Australia several times a year to assist with HealthCert seminars.

Hamish is the selfie king.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal No male in the northern hemisphere takes more selfies than Hamish, if you want proof just follow THIS LINK.

Great photo

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Having a beer with Rodrigo Koxa, world record holder, largest wave ever surfed at the famous Nazare break in Portugal.

Have a look at this wave.

Brazil's Rodrigo Koxa sets record for biggest wave ever surfed

Rodrigo ‘Koxa’ Augusto do Espírito Santo is a Brazilian professional big wave surfer and extreme water-man who broke the world record for largest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, Portugal, in November 8, 2017.

Time to check out some food.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal As well as the selfie king & a world traveller, Hamish certainly is a bon vavant who has the ability to eat huge amounts of food without putting on any weight. 🙂

Fabulous restaurants & delicatessens 

Hamish Elton visits Portugal One of the many mouth watering venues.

Bar Terraco de Santa Luzia

Hamish Elton visits Portugal TripAdvisor rating of #1,798 of 4,476 Restaurants in Lisbon.

Restaurant Row Lisbon

Hamish Elton visits Portugal No shortage of places to eat in this fascinating city.

You gotta love the terracotta roof.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Roof, what roof? I don’t see any roof. 

OK, now I see them.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal One of the interesting things about Lisbon is the lack of high rise buildings.

Here are Hamish’s comments on Lisbon.

“First impression of Lisbon was the Taxi from the airport to my hotel in the city centre.  The airport is very close the city – it was about a 15 minute drive, and there was no traffic at midday on a Sunday.  First thing you notice is the lack of high rise buildings.  There is still some 10-15 story buildings so it’s not a flat city like Vientiane but nothing much taller.  Certainly not that you would call “high-rise”.

In the old city there is nothing more than about 6 stories tall – and most of those have rooftop bars.

This is the view from the number one rated rooftop bar at the Hotel Mundial.

Make sure you take time to explore the Alfama district which is an old part of the city set on a steep hill leading up from the riverside with a lot of hidden small shops, restaurants and bars.”

Tuk Tuks.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal“The old city is quite compact and you can walk to most places, however there are now many Tuk-Tuks available to run your from place to place – as it is quite hilly.  Don’t worry – the Tuk-tuks are all electrics so there is none of the noise or small you get form the ones in Bangkok.  IT’s a great idea and I think many more cities will start to introduce them – especially where there are narrow streets.  They are also a great resource for finding good local sights or places to eat.”

Time to head to Cascais

Hamish Elton visits Portugal  Cascais is 30km to the west of Lisbon, and is connected to the capital by the “Linha de Cascais” urban railway.

It’s Party time at Arriba by the sea.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal However if you are not wearing white you are not invited. 🙂 Check out this great venue HERE.

Talking about parties

Hamish Elton visits Portugal This is a fantastic venue for a party, the Adega Regional de Colares.

Some of the happy diners

Hamish Elton visits PortugalTwo blondes are always better than one. 🙂 Tonya Lanthier & Sue Hrib.

Here is the room empty

aaaa Looks a little different. 🙂

A very happy gang of entrepreneurs.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Eat drink & be merry in fabulous Portugal.

Mussels look delicious

Hamish Elton visits Portugal So much food & such little time.

How about this steak at Gulli Mercato?

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Our boy Hamish loves his steak.

Lets not forget the Sangria.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal He also likes his booze. 🙂

What a fabulous room

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Sadly I’m not sure which restaurant it is.

Another unknown venue

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Not to worry, it’s a great photo anyway. 🙂

Hamish Elton visits Portugal

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Am I enjoying Casais? You bet I am. 🙂

Time to visit Sintra.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Sintra is a delightful Portuguese town that is situated within the hills of the Serra de Sintra.

How about the shirt? 🙂

Hamish Elton visits Portugal Here I am searching for my inner hillbilly.

Meet my friend Elvish

Hamish Elton visits Portugal His job is to scare away the birds from the vines.

Here is proof we did some work. 🙂

Hamish Elton visits Portugal However the truth is we mainly ate good food & drank lots of booze. 

Feeling no pain after a long lunch.

Hamish Elton visits Portugal We have an excuse, we were celebrating a birthday.

Many thanks for visiting my Hamish Elton visits Portugal photo blog.

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