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Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants, there are many  to choose from, however you can never go wrong at Fuji, excellent Japanese food at reasonable prices. Spotlessly clean with well trained staff. The Caterpillar roll above is my favorite dish, however their menu offers so many good choices of beautiful fresh Japanese food. There are almost 100 restaurants in this chain throughout Thailand, to see their locations please click here.

Salmon at Fuji

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

One of the many mouth watering dishes at Fuji in Big C shopping mall on 2nd rd.

Fuji chefs at Big C in 2nd rd.

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Agoda is a great place to book your Pattaya hotel.

Oishi Ramen low cost Japanese.

Oishi Big C

Oishi Ramen is another chain of very low cost Japanese & Thai food, I have lunch at least twice a week at the Big C mall on 2nd road north Pattaya. The Salmon and salad shown above with bottomless Green Tea costs 220 Baht or $7 usd, great value. More information about Oishi click here.

Oishi Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Oishi Japanese Buffet

The buffet is excellent value at around 500 Baht or $15, eat as much as you want. I don’t rate the food as highly as Fuji however you can’t beat the value.

Tuna Ichiban

 photo Tuna Ichiban Harbor 2.jpg There is a new shopping mall in Pattaya Klang with many good Japanese restaurants to choose from, my salmon sashimi was absolutely fabulous.

Tuna Ichiban at Harbor shopping mall

 photo Tuna Ichiban Harbor 14.jpg High quality food at a reasonable price, what more could you ask for?

                           photo Tuna Ichiban Harbor 6.jpg           photo Tuna Ichiban Harbor 1.jpg          photo Tuna Ichiban Harbor 9.jpg

I was a little disappointed in the Tempura, too much batter so I scraped 1/2 off.

Tokyo Teppanyaki

Harbor new Pattaya mall

I was surprised at the number of Japanese restaurants here.

                               Harbor new Pattaya mall          Harbor new Pattaya mall          Harbor new Pattaya mall

I had an excellent prawn teppanyaki and miso soup for lunch.


Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

 Excellent food here at Anego however I still think 200 Baht for a glass of wine is too high.

Anego Gioza

pattaya japanese restaurants

Anego was at 226/11 (soi 5 BeachRd.) Pattaya. Now in 2nd Rd behind Lisa bar in North Pattaya.

Chamiko in Soi 3 North Pattaya.

                        Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants        Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Finally hidden away in Soi 3 North Pattaya is Chamiko, it is kind of like eating in a private home. Good food, low cost and friendly staff. I walked past this strange little restaurant for 3 years without entering, now I eat there at least once a week. Open for lunch and dinner and closed on Mondays. Good food at a very low price, the best chicken Yakatori in Pattaya for about $3.  😀 Another example is you can order the two plates shown above + two glasses of South African wine for a total cost of $20 including tip, priceless.

Chamiko is a very casual atmosphere.

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Here are some crazy friends of mine enjoying dinner at Chamiko. From left to right is Juergen (German), Larry (Austrian RIP), Dah (Thai) & John a.k.a Pothole (Australian).

Sushi at Chamiko

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Only about B300 or $12 aud.

Genki in Soi 4.

Genki sushi Pattaya

A little gem hidden away in Soi 4 next to a row of shops which include Saithorn massage, is Genki. A very authentic Japanese restaurant with a nice outdoor area. Last night there were 50 Japanese male diners and one Caucasian, me.

That is always a testament to the quality of the cuisine, just count the number of Japanese diners.

                        pattaya japanese restaurants        Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants         Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

One disappointing dish at Genki.

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

Here is one dish that was not to my liking, normally I love Sukiyaki but this version did not use thin beef, instead it was chicken and even some chicken mince. I won’t be ordering this one again at Genki.  😳

Sukishi at Central Festival.

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurantsSukishi is an excellent Japanese BBQ restaurant in Central Festival shopping mall.

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurants

        Sukishi Japanese BBQ Central        Sukishi Japanese BBQ

Another favourite at Big C

Best Pattaya Japanese restaurantsIt is right opposite Fuji is Hachiban Ramen, the Gyoza & Teriyaki chicken is to die for, only 153 Baht for the two, priceless. There is another branch on the ground floor of Tukcom at the rear.

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Pattaya low cost budget hotels

Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, great value at only $30 usd per night as of August 15. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

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