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beach-bikini,babes,sand,waves,surf,paradise,Australia,Gold Coast,
beach-bikini,babes,sand,waves,surf,paradise,Australia,Gold Coast,

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches, my home for 25 years from 1987 and have many wonderful memories. It is like a smaller version of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, miles & miles of canals with luxury homes enjoying waterfront living.

Surfers Paradise sunset.

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

Buildings overlooking the Nerang river in Surfers Paradise.

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

The Gold Coast in Australia is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, 80 kilometers south of Brisbane and 800 kilometres north of Sydney.

David Herd relaxing on the Broadwater.Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

Leisure activities for the locals revolve around spending a day on a boat on the Broadwater, or enjoying the world class beaches. Surfing is a huge sport on the Coast, visitors from all over the world flock here to enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches.

Southport skyline.

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

Boating is one of the main pastimes on the Gold Coast.

Point Danger in NSW.Gold Coast

I am virtually standing on the border of NSW & QLD taking the above photo.

Surfers Paradise beach.Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

The are miles of beautiful white sandy beaches, sadly council planning over the years has been 2nd rate by allowing high rise structures to be built along the beach, resulting in encroaching shadows on the beach from mid afternoon.

Amazing seafood on Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches My good friend Phil Thomson & I decided to enjoy some amazing seafood for lunch. The Gold Coast definitely has some of the finest in the world, it is one of the few things I really miss about Australia.

Charis seafood market at Labrador.

Charis seafood Gold Coast Check out the magnificent selection of fresh seafood.

This was my home on Australia’s Gold Coast for 21 coast australia

I mentioned earlier the miles of canals with luxury homes enjoying waterfront living. This was my home in Surfers Paradise for 21 years from 1990 until I sold up and moved to Thailand in October 2011. It was 503 square meters with 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms a jetty and a sandy beach. I designed the home, and added a 2nd story in 2004, and did we have some great parties there? You bet we did. 😎

The Gold Coast Turf Club.

Gold Coast Turf Club Horse racing is a huge industry in Australia, I could actually see this course from my home, it is the only track in the country which has a race meeting every week of the year.

Beer from a semi trailer

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches Every knows Australians love their beer, they even bring a semi trailer to the race track to make sure everyone has enough to drink.

Hang gliding on Mount coast australia

A 45 minute drive west from the coast is Mt Tambourine which is part of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. A popular place for hang gliding as well as many quaint little restaurants and hotels if you fell like getting away from the coast.

Byron Bay lighthouse is Australia’s most easterly point.Byron Bay lighthouse

This is the place in Australia hit by the first rays of the morning sun. Byron Bay is one of the most popular beach side backpacker destinations in the country.

Secluded beach south of Byron Bay.

Byron Bay beach

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches.

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Diving Dolphins at Sea World.Sea World dolphins

Personally I would prefer these beautiful animals were set free in the ocean.

I guess Dolphins like a tummy rub.

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

There are many theme parks on the Gold Coast, Sea world, Dreamworld, Movie World, Wet & Wild and many more. So it really is a wonderful family destination.

Sea World Polar Bear.Sea World polar bear

Beautiful creatures but sad to see them in captivity.

Water Ski stunts.Sea World water ski

These guys put on quite a show.

Prepare for take off.Sea World water ski

You can stay right beside Seaworld at their nice hotel.

Chevron Renaissance.Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

In the heart of Surfers Paradise the Chevron Renaissance holiday apartments have many interesting cafes & restaurants to dine at.

Colonial golf club at Robina

Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches The Gold Coast has many world class golf courses and the Colonial at Robina is no exception, there is water on almost every hole so take plenty of balls.

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Cararra stadium

Metricon Stadium at Carrara. photo MetriconStadium2.jpg

Home ground for the Gold Coast Suns AFL team.

My beautiful Mercedes Sports.
Gold Coast Australia beautiful beaches

I just could not do a post on the Gold Coast without slipping in a photos of my beautiful yellow canary. This magic little car carried me around the Gold Coast for 17 years.

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My two beautiful chariots.

Gold Coast David Herd These were my two babies when I lived on the Gold Coast, it was compulsory to have the proper toys. Many Australians consider the coast to be a flashy superficial place, and frankly I agree with them. However flashy & superficial can be fun when you are young enough to enjoy it. Sadly it seems when you get a little older you seem to tire a little with this life. I did, so I moved to Thailand in October 2011 and have replaced flashy & superficial with down & dirty, only joking folks.  😆

Listen to Harry Chapin describe my life in about 7 minutes.

               Farewell Australia
David Herd Thailand Farewell drinks at Melbas on the Park with the usual suspects.
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Here is another beach resort on the other side of the world


Well folks, many thanks for visiting my blog on Gold Coast Australia, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed living there. Please send the link to your friends

Here I am with friends on the Gold Coast before moving to Thailand


Visiting friends November 2014


HCM City in January 2015


Author: David Herd

My history, particularly over the last 30 years is dominated by overseas travel. I sold my home in Australia October 20th 2011 and have have been living in Thailand since then. I don’t know where the time has gone? It seems like you go to sleep one night, wake up the next morning, and 20 years have flashed by. Not sure how many years I have left, however I have enjoyed a wonderful charmed life, and if it all ended today I would leave this world with no regrets. I was born in Sydney halfway through the last century, started my travels in the 60s with the usual U.K. Europe adventure at the age of 20, back to Australia and worked in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide in Sales & Marketing with multinational companies including Sanyo, Canon & Remington. Engaged to be married 3 times and never quite made it to the alter, finally realized by the mid 90s I was not cut out for "long term relationships" so I moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland in January 1987, worked for a couple of banks as a Financial Planner, I took a year off work in 1998 to travel and never went back to full time work again, after 25 fun filled years on the Coast I packed up and moved to Thailand. What is the purpose of this blog? Well I really want to use it to record my travel experiences & to display my photographs, give and receive travel tips, comment on places I visit, restaurants I eat in and use it to replace the autobiography I intended to write, apart from all that it helps me fill in my day. :) I moved to Thailand mainly because I wanted to keep travelling while my health allowed me to, there are huge advantages being closer to all the places I want to visit. Cost of living in Thailand is around 35% of the cost in Australia, plus flights are 50% cheaper because you are much closer to everywhere. ???? Consequently I am able to travel to many more places compared to living in Australia. Having said all that, it is & has always been my intention to return to Australia when my travelling is finished, I predict this will happen around 2021.

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