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Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

April 5, 2017 by David Herd

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya 

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya started in November 2015 when they started demolishing the shopping complex. That seemed to take the best part of a year before actual building commenced. Now they are really making progress as you will see from this photo blog.

It’s a huge site adjacent to the Dolphin roundabout  as you can see from the above photo.

A popular cafe

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya I used to often have breakfast at this popular little Thai restaurant beside the Dolphin roundabout.

Above you see it, below you don’t. 🙂

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya November 2015 and they start demolishing.

The wrecking ball at work.

 photo 617509d1-e5e1-4ed5-98c1-66b96ba88e39.jpg It’s a huge job pulling down this large building.

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya          Building Terminal 21 Pattaya          

It is taking months & months.

Slowly everything is coming apart

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya Escalators & elevators have already gone.

Here comes the heavy machinery

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya Now they are getting serious. 🙂

Workplace health & safety

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya Does not really exist in Thailand. 🙂 

Looking like a bomb site December 24 2015

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya You could be mistaken thinking this is a war zone.

Bye bye Hong Club

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya Not sure what went on here but it’s all over now folks.

All this has to be removed

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya Knocking it down seems like the easy part, now somebody has to remove the rubble.

 OK, we are getting somewhere May 21st 2016

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya In the top left hnd corner you can see the Dolphin roundabout.

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

 photo 06661b75-8689-4587-b7c9-ac23bd1d48bd.jpg You may recognise 2nd Rd North Pattaya.

Pile drivers are here.

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya June 28th 2016 8 months after the start.

 Phoenix rising February 2nd 2017

At last we see the start of the actual building.

Phoenix rising

 photo 5123a576-0893-40a7-b462-c6fa2a768099.jpg February 6th 2017 and we see the start of the building.

March 27 2017

 photo db22567f-4418-428c-a8eb-fa529875eead.jpg

They are working at a frantic pace, 7 or 8 cranes are in operation.

April 2nd 2017

 photo 5d795eca-39ec-4aec-8b40-e7e7aa95b465.jpg At this rate I think they will finish by mid 2018.

This shows the progress

 photo 28a6b63b-85bb-44c3-a1fb-33b4abb85882.jpg Taken from the 26th flor of Markland Condo.

An exciting project.

 photo fc3825d1-8c41-41b4-ab66-d7b651395ae8.jpg This is only the shopping mall section, the 25 story hotel is going up at the bach of the shops.

An impression of the final product

 photo Terminal-21-Pattaya-Shopping-.jpg

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