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New Soho Town Pattaya

October 1, 2019 by David Herd | 0 comments

New Soho Town Pattaya

New Soho Town Pattaya

New Soho Town Pattaya is an extension of the original food market. The entrance is around the corner in Pattayasaisong 1 Alley, however it connects with the original market area with both venues forming an L shape, so you can simply climb the stairs at the rear of Soho Village & turn left at the temple.

It will need promotion

New Soho Town Pattaya The original market is extremely busy every night but this section was almost deserted when I dined there September 30 2019.

Lots of cooking stations

New Soho Town Pattaya In fact more cooking stations than people at this early stage.

Entertainment was very good

New Soho Town Pattaya The singer had a nice voice & the volume thankfully was not too loud.

I chose this Saigon kitchen

New Soho Town Pattaya The food ranged from average to very good.

Interesting prawn & noodle soup

New Soho Town Pattaya It looked far better than it tasted, sadly it was rather bland but the prawns were good.

A mixed result here

New Soho Town Pattaya The chicken skewers at B10 or .48 AUD each were excellent, the other small rolls were only average. I will certainly return just for the skewers alone. 🙂

I did return 4 days later.

New Soho Town Pattaya Enjoyed 4 chicken skewers then took home another 6 for a total cost of B100, or $4.80 AUD.

New Soho Town Pattaya

New Soho Town Pattaya At the moment the staff converge upon you as you arrive due to a lack of customers, no doubt people will come once they know New Soho Town Pattaya exists.

The Temple

New Soho Town Pattaya Take off your shoes if you are using the stairs.

This guy is very impressive.

New Soho Town Pattaya I’m guessing it’s a Chinese serpent. 🙂

From another angle. 🙂

New Soho Town Pattaya With the temple in the background.

Thanks for visiting my New Soho Town Pattaya photo blog. I will return soon, it’s only six or seven minutes walk from where I live in Soi one. Just head for the black circle.

Soho Village Plaza upgraded

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 Zagreb Croatia                      Rio de Janeiro                  Brisbane River 

Zagreb Croatia bars restaurants        a7ff7566-9628-434d-a2b1-8c6e8b9a9021       IMG_0100


     Koh Samui                                   Korea                                  London

32780a6c-baf6-428a-bd71-68b1bed30b4c         Changdeokgung Palace (2)        IMG_7042

         Bangkok                                   Osaka                                     Pattaya

Soi Cowboy (25)          Osaka 1st night (17)       Walking St Pattaya is wild & sexy 


             Chiang Mai                      Pattaya                      Chao Phraya river

Chiang Mai with Tone9a1fec74-4461-46cd-8663-97f5893c8f6e (1)191de3bb-38fc-45cd-bce7-ef24081c554b

Bangkok Hotels                    Pattaya Hotels
d0c59ff5-7f2b-41b5-9312-4556d4a62037          b1c99886-3940-4dda-b350-44c5e5c77e41
9a1fec74-4461-46cd-8663-97f5893c8f6e (1)

That’s all folks

1g Duck

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Chinese restaurant Pattaya

September 24, 2019 by David Herd | 0 comments

Chinese restaurant Pattaya

Chinese restaurant Pattaya

Chinese restaurant Pattaya Hou Va Tim is an interesting “hole in the wall” venue in 2nd Rd opposite Soi 7. Small & noise with interesting Chinese food.

Fresh seafood 

Chinese restaurant Pattaya On my first visit in September 2019 I only had a soup & a small prawn & egg dish, next visit I will try the seafood.

Open kitchen

Chinese restaurant Pattaya It’s always nice to be able to see them actually cooking. As you can see everything looks clean and organized.

Wonton soup was excellent

Chinese restaurant Pattaya An extra large bowl of piping hot soup for B50, or $2.40 AUD.

Shrimp & egg

Chinese restaurant Pattaya This dish was ok, but I would not really recommend it, from memory it also comes with larger prawns instead of shrimp which would be a better choice I’m sure.

Small & a little noisy

Chinese restaurant Pattaya Which is normal when you get a group of 6 to 8 people dining. 🙂

No space on the wall.

Chinese restaurant Pattaya Not sure what this all means, but I’m sure the staff knows. 🙂

Looking through the front door at 2nd Rd

Chinese restaurant Pattaya Cross 2nd Rd to get to Soi 7.

Just look for the yellow sign

Chinese restaurant Pattaya Quite easy to find if you look for the yellow sign.

Chinese restaurant Pattaya

Chinese restaurant Pattaya Thanks for visiting my Chinese restaurant Pattaya photo blog. Lots more links below if you have the time.

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 Istanbul                                 Budapest                        London

Fascinating Istanbul Asia Meets EuropeHungarian Parliament Building (2)The Walkie Talkie (5)   

          Mostar                           Dubrobnik                            Split

     43638e36-5da5-4162-98e3-635e2c149837IMG_7425Split Ancient Croatian Coastal city                    

                 Saigon                            Zagreb                          Vung tau

Ho Chi Minh City South VietnamMain Square (3)Vung Tau statue (6)

Bangkok Hotels                    Pattaya Hotels
9a1fec74-4461-46cd-8663-97f5893c8f6e (1)

That’s all folks

1g Duck

Holiday Inn


Fabulous views, excellent restaurants & a very good room rate if you book through THIS LINK.

The building in the middle is the Holiday Inn, on the left is the Amari Hotel which is another very good five star hotel. Use THIS LINK to book for a very good room rate.

Sabai Wing North Pattaya


The best Pattaya budget hotel, 3 pools & opposite Central Marina shopping mall. For a great room rate just book through THIS LINK.

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Great Pattaya German Restaurant

April 7, 2017 by David Herd

As good as any restaurant in Pattaya.

Leckerle German Restaurant

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

 Great Pattaya German Restaurant located in Soi 33 off naklua Rd just north of the Dolphin roundabout. It’s one of many very good restaurants in the lively busy Soi. 

Two sections

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

The outoor & open area as you can see in the photo plus the air conditioned bakery  in the first photo which is where I prefer to eat.

Lets talk about the food

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

It is such good value for the excellent quality. I guessing 80% of the customers are German, in fact the Naklua area is where they prefer to live.

 Lots of healthy entres

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

Leckerle have a large menu to choose from, all dishes are reasonably priced.

However this one is my favourite

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

Pea soup with German sausage. The good news is that it’s the best I have ever tasted, the bad news is it is rather filling and I have to settle for a small 2nd course. 🙂

 Everyone loves the soup

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

Here is my good friend from Australia Geoff Robinson & his Thai lady Nana, they agree with me that Leckerle is great value.

A wonderful waffle

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

What a way to finish.

More Aussie friends

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

The big guy Viv Kennelly is another friend from Australia, I introduced hiom & his friends to Leckerle in February 2017 & they likes it so much they returned the following evening. 🙂

Another favourite dish

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

After the soup this is a small dish I often order, prawns & bacon on German bread, delicious.

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

Another tasty small dish I often have after the soup. Slices of ham on German bread. 

 Nice decor

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

Plus another bomus is they always seem to play very good background music from the 80s & 90s.

Hamish & I attack the Pork Knuckle

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

My friend Hamish Elton also loves his food & remarked the knucle was one of the best he has eaten in Pattaya.

A monster schnitzel

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

 You have to be pretty good on the fang to get through this one. 🙂

Even super tooth Ray Ebzery was a little overwhelmed.

Great Pattaya German Restaurant 

To his credit he bravely battled through it. 🙂

Another excellent dish

Great Pattaya German RestaurantTender pork & sauerkraut. 

How many calories here?

Great Pattaya German Restaurant Far too many to worry about, this pancake is sooooo good. 🙂

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya


Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, & a 10 minute walk to Leckerle, great value at only $30 usd per night as of 2017. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

Farewell from Leckerle

Great Pattaya German Restaurant

Thanks for visiting my Great Pattaya German Restaurant  photo blog.

For details of their menu follow THIS LINK.     

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1g Duck
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