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Storms smash Pattaya beach

August 4, 2015 by David Herd

Here’s how it starts

Storms smash Pattaya beach Storms smash Pattaya beach on a regular basis, especially in the wet season between July & November. Gutters & drains just can’t handle to huge downpours.

Here is the result

 photo Storm damage July 26 2.jpg It’s a never ending problem for the local council who can’t seem to cope with the problem.

Ugly & dangerous

Storms smash Pattaya beach It’s both ugly & dangerous and won’t e solved until they improve the drainage problems.

Beach Road goes under

 photo Beach20Rd20rain.jpg

There are no drains and gutters that can cope with the amount of water in such a short time.

The footpath disappears

 photo Storm April 8 6.jpg After 20 minutes of rain this is the result, no footpath. 🙂

You can see the sand being washed away

Storms smash Pattaya beach

In the wet season between June & November this is a regular occurrence.

Storms smash Pattaya beach

 photo IMG_5055.jpg

The storm water also runs down from 2nd road to add to what is one Beach Road.

Find yourself an island

Storms smash Pattaya beach

The beach looks quite ugly after the storm.


Storms smash Pattaya beach Sandbags are used as a cunning plan to keep the beach intact, clearly it does not work. 🙂

Pattaya Weather

Storms smash Pattaya beach

The power of the tropical storm

Storms smash Pattaya beach

The council tried to come up with a solution in 2015, check out this link.

Sand is gone baby gone

 photo Storm Sept 15 9.jpg

This problem has been happening for many years.

Not a pretty sight

Storms smash Pattaya beach

Life goes on as usual in Pattaya, the boats taking out the para-sailors are here every day.

Hilton Hotel

Storms smash Pattaya beach

The roads flood so quickly as the drains just can’t handle the incredible volume of water, it then spills over to the beach. Often these storms only last for 30 or 40 minutes however that’s enough time to cause havoc.

The cavalry arrives

 photo IMG_5086.jpg Normally soon after the storm you will see these guys busy restoring the damage. It’s now August 2015 & sadly in the last six months they have been strangely absent.

After the storm a beautiful day returns.

 photo Summer day June 4th 3.jpg


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