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Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok

July 18, 2017 by David Herd

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok located in the heart of the city on a 30 acre plot. Lots to keep you busy here, there are 1,500 shops & 40 restaurants.

Free shuttle

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok The easiest and fastest way to get there is via boat. Just catch the BTS (Skytrain) to Saphan Taksin station and board the free shuttle at the end of the pier. It only takes about ten minutes & the boat runs every 30 minutes between 4.00 – 11.30 pm. 

 A word of warning

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok 

Please be careful if you want to take a taxi from Asiatique, the Bangkok taxi Mafia are in full control of the taxi rank at the center. They will charge you B400 ($12 usd) for a fare that in our case for a 6 km trip should have been B70 or $2.50 usd. It is such a shame that TAT the Thai tourist Authority allows these gangsters to tarnish the image of this great city.

How much does a taxi cost in Bangkok?These fares are estimates; the exact fare will depend on traffic and any other surcharges noted below.

  • A journey of 5km = 55 Baht
  • A journey of 10km = 80 Baht
  • From Terminal 21 shopping mall (Asoke Skytrain station) to Grand Palace = 90 Baht
  • From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport to MBK shopping centre (National Stadium Skytrain station) = 260 Baht meter fare + 70 Baht express-way tolls + 50 Baht airport pick-up surcharge.
Good vale at Capri

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok 

As soon as you step off the ferry head for Capri which is right in front of you, they have an extended “happy hour” with 2 for one drinks. We ordered 2 ice cold Chang draught beers for B24o & got the next 2 free.

Wood fired pizza oven at Capri

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok This is my favorite photo from our night at Asiatique.

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok          Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok

 The finished product arrives. 🙂

Inside Capri

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok 

Sit inside or out whatever suits you. 🙂

Jack lives here.

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok 

Of course he does.

As the sun goes down

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok The cruise boats glide up the mighty Chao Phraya river. Follow THIS LINK for boats & buildings on the river.

Great time of the day for photos

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Twilight offers a unique lighting scenario, within which ambient light (sunlight) gradually fades, creating a sparse but magical effect that is almost impossible to create artificially. It fades into the artificial light being emitted by street lights. Houses and offices and can sometimes create an ‘un-real’ feel as the shortage of light diminishes the eye’s perception of distance.

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok This is a must for your Bangkok bucket list.

 Ferris wheel

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Looks magic at night.

Time for some food?

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok These roast chickens look terrific at Fine & Dine.

 Chinese food in Market St

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Decisions, decisions, where to eat?

Finally we chose “Why 97”

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok

Lucky for us they were offering a 30% discount for dining before 8pm. 

Why 97 was good value.

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Food was good & the wine a little expensive.

 Flesh eating fish

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Always a popular pastime in Thailand.

One of 1,500 shops

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Shop till you drop, but be prepared for things to be a little more expensive than some other night markets.

There is the taxi queue

Asiatique Market Restaurants Shops Bangkok Please remember what I said earlier about the taxi rip off.

  When I’m in Bangkok I like to stay in Sukhumvit Soi 11, here is an excellent budget hotel, if you USE THIS LINK you will get a great rate of around B1100 per night, or $30 USD.

The best Bangkok budget hotel I have ever stayed in.


Close to Nana BTS.

Centre Point hotel


For something more upmarket near where the ferry docks try Centre Point, fabulous 45M2 rooms, for a great discount book through THIS LINK.

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Slide show here.

Pattaya live webcam
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That’s all folks

1g Duck

Here are the Asiatique photos.

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Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

April 5, 2017 by David Herd

New Pattaya Shopping Mall

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

 Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya started in November 2015 when they started demolishing the shopping complex. That seemed to take the best part of a year before actual building commenced. Now they are really making progress as you will see from this photo blog.

It’s a huge site adjacent to the Dolphin roundabout  as you can see from the above photo.

A popular cafe

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

I used to often have breakfast at this popular little Thai restaurant beside the Dolphin roundabout.

Above you see it, below you don’t. 🙂

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

November 2015 and they start demolishing.

The wrecking ball at work.

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

It’s a huge job pulling down this large building, it is taking months & months.

Slowly everything is coming apart

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Escalators & elevators have already gone.

Here comes the heavy machinery

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Now they are getting serious. 🙂

Workplace health & safety

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Does not really exist in Thailand. 🙂 

Looking like a bomb site December 24 2015

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

You could be mistaken thinking this is a war zone.

Bye bye Hong Club

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Not sure what went on here but it’s all over now folks.

All this has to be removed

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Knocking it down seems like the easy part, now somebody has to remove the rubble.

 OK, we are getting somewhere May 21st 2016

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

In the top left hand corner you can see the Dolphin roundabout.

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

You may recognise 2nd Rd North Pattaya.

Pile drivers are here.

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

 June 28th 2016 8 months after the start.


Phoenix rising

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

February 6th 2017 and we see the start of the building.

March 27 2017

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

They are working at a frantic pace, 7 or 8 cranes are in operation.

April 2nd 2017

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

At this rate I think they will finish by mid 2018.

This shows the progress

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

Taken from the 26th flor of Markland Condo.

An exciting project.

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

This is only the shopping mall section, the 25 story hotel is going up at the bach of the shops.

July 18 2017

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya The work never stops.

October 21 2017

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya The mall is really taking shape.

November 6 2017

Building Terminal 21 Pattaya

These guys work 24/7.

An impression of the final product

 photo Terminal-21-Pattaya-Shopping-.jpg

Thanks for visiting my Building Terminal 21 Pattaya photo blog.


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Holiday Inn


Fabulous views, excellent restaurants & a very good room rate if you book through THIS LINK.

The building in the middle is the Holiday Inn, on the left is the Amari Hotel which is another very good five star hotel. Use THIS LINK to book for a very good room rate.

Sabai Wing North Pattaya


The best Pattaya budget hotel, 3 pools & opposite Central Marina shopping mall. For a great room rate just book through THIS LINK.

Sutus Court is a great budget hotel right i the heart of one of Pattaya’s main bar areas, just use THIS LINK for a terrific room rate. 420/100 Moo 9 Soi Buakhao.

Pattaya Hilton

Pattaya hotels, Hilton & Holiday Inn

This is the view from Horizons the amazing rooftop bar. A great five star hotel located opposte the beach & above the Central Festival shopping mall. Just book through THIS LINK for an excellent room rate. 

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1g Duck


Pattaya live webcam
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