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NYC New York worlds best city

August 22, 2013 by David Herd

My favourite photo in my favourite city.

NYC New York worlds best city

“my boulevard of broken dreams”

NYC New York world's best city

NYC New York worlds best city, & I like to call the photo above “my boulevard of broken dreams”, it was a cold February night on the corner of 8th & W 48th st, I was about to have dinner in a terrific French Brasserie called Pigalle. As I said before New York is my favorite city, I like to say to friends, if the cities of the world could be likened to a horse race, New York would win by 10 lengths over the next bunch of cities which would include Paris, London, Sydney, Bangkok, Tokyo, Rome, Rio De Janeiro & Cape Town, not necessarily in that order.

Midtown New York.

NYC New York world's best city

Theater, food & fascinating people is what New York is to me, on my last trip I saw 5 Broadway shows in 7 days, my favorite two were August Osage County & A Bronx Tale by Charles Palminteri, which was a fabulous one man show. Ceila was also very good, a musical based on the life and songs of Cuban singer Celia Cruz.  Mama Mia was a lot of fun for Abba fans like myself, and last but not least I saw Spamalot, which was a gem for us Monty Python tragics.

You can feel the energy

NYC New York world's best city

This city really grabs you. 🙂

Gallagher’s Steakhouse at 228 W 52nd St

NYC New York world's best city

Certainly Gallagher’s lived up to it’s reputation as being on of New York’s best steakhouses, in fact my Surf & Turf could have fed two people easily. Another absolute favorite on mine is Todai, a Japanese buffet at 6 E. 32nd St. The choice of food was amazing, in fact the restaurant is so large you can enter from 32nd St and exit from 33rd St, one whole city block. It was the best value I found in New York for $29.95, priceless.

Gallagher’s will not be the same

NYC New York world's best city

I believe Gallagher’s is being renovated in September 2013 so it will obviously change somewhat. I’m sure however the food will still be excellent.

Aged beef at Gallagher’s

NYC New York world's best city 

Naturally all their meat is aged and on display as you enter the restaurant.

David Herd on Wall St.

NYC New York world's best city

Without a doubt I was the quintessential wide-eyed traveller wandering around the streets of this great city, jumping on and off trains, busses & ferries and silently complaining that there were not enough hours in the day to do the city justice.

I’ll have a double decaf skinny latte to go please.

NYC New York world's best city

If I was the quintessential traveller then the guys above were the quintessential New Yorkers, everyone in the city seems to walk around wearing denim & black & gripping a take away coffee, Starbucks must make a fortune.

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  I wonder if they allow dogs here?

NYC New York world's best city

The outfit and the dogs seem to go together. 🙂

New York Deli

NYC New York world's best city

A typical NYC deli, you can usually get a great sandwich.

Cnr Bleecker and Macdougal Streets, now closed.

NYC New York world's best city

There are so many places you remember from various movies,

NYC New York world’s best city & Snowing in Harlem

NYC New York world's best city

Yes, it was bloody cold.

Rockefeller Center

NYC New York world's best city

Ice skaters enjoying the winter.

Phil barkin and Gordon Shanks

NYC New York world's best city

I originally met these guys in Rio de Janeiro, now in 2015 I live in Thailand and both of them are regular visitors to Pattaya.

Todai Sushi

NYC New York world's best city

Was at 6 E 32nd St where the great buffet was only $29, sadly the restaurant is now closed.

Empire State building

NYC New York world's best city

Probably the most iconic building in this great city.

View from Battery Park.

NYC New York world's best city

Every single area in Manhattan is worth visiting.

The Brooklyn Bridge in NYC New York world’s best city

NYC New York world's best city

You certainly can’t visit New York without seeing the Brooklyn bridge. The Bridge is is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River.

Freezing in New York in February.

NYC New York world's best city

Of course I had just arrived from Brazil where temperatures were around 35 degrees.

Staten Island Ferry

NYC New York world's best city

 The ferry operates 24/7 & runs 5.2 miles between Manhattan and Staten Island. In October 2002 a Staten Island ferry slammed into a pier as it was docking killing at least 10 people, tearing off some victims’ limbs and reducing the front of the huge vessel to a shattered mass of wood, glass and steel. At least 34 people were injured.

Cross dressing tour guide

NYC New York world's best city

Nothing surprises you in NYC, this is our cross dressing tour guide on the tour bus.

Brooklyn home

NYC New York world's best city

The open top buses are a great way to view New York, I took one that included Brooklyn and as you know, you can hop on & off any time you want.

The Peking Clipper

NYC New York world's best city

The masts and rigging of the South Street Seaport Museum’s clipper ship, Peking, tower over Pier 16. No visitor to the Seaport could miss seeing this titan that stretches almost the full length of the pier. But it has been years since members of the public have been able to climb aboard. On Saturdays through Oct. 19 2013, the Peking is open to visitors from noon to 4 p.m. Peking was built in Hamburg, Germany 102 years ago to transport nitrate from the west coast of South America to Europe. Even at that time, sailing ships had mostly been replaced by steamships except for long trips with heavy cargo, where the cost of fuel would have been prohibitive.

The Edison hotel

NYC New York world's best city

The Edison hotel at  228 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036, is fairly old, built in 1931 in fact, however the location is perfect. In the heart of the theatre district just off Times Square. I spent some pleasant evenings listening to the jazz band. OK, there are 101 great photos in this slideshow to show you why New York is my favorite city, you only have to ask yourself one question, “do you have the time punk”?  😆

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Times Square 1908 New York world’s best city

NYC New York world's best city

What an amazing photo in New York world’s best city.

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

NYC New York world's best city

Certainly one of the best ways to see this wonderful city.

Well folks, thank you for visiting my photo blog on New York world’s best city, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed being in my favourite city.

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