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FiveStarVagabond favourite photos

April 11, 2017 by David Herd

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos FiveStarVagabond favourite photos taken over many years by me, David Herd. To many people they will be nothing special, however they are very special indeed to me. Sometimes it’s the image itself that appeals & other times it’s the memory of where I was at the time.

My boulevarde of broken dreams.

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos

Where else but New York City, it was a cold February night on the corner of 8th & W 48th st, I was about to have dinner in a terrific French Brasserie called Pigalle.

Hoi Ann Vietnam

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos I doubt if there is any photo I have taken that I like better than this one.

 Songkran in Thailand

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos My number one Songkran photo taken in Pattaya. Each year a massive water fight is held to commemorate the new year.  The downside is the hundreds of lives that are lost on the roads during the Seven days of madness.


Kanazawa Japan

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos This beautiful garden is at Kanazawa Castle. This great Japanese city west of Tokyo  was a real surprise packet.

A typical Sunday on Copacabana Beach

 photo 6e2af713-0bd5-4d9c-8195-d79c3cd05fae.jpg What more can you say about Rio De Janeiro that hasn’t already been said? A beautiful exciting city with some of the best beaches in the world.

Verona Italy

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos Coffee time in Verona. 

Sunset &  Silhouettes

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos Opposite my condo in Beach Rd Pattaya. 

Cloud over Pattaya

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos

There is something special about clouds & I’m so lucky lving in Pattaya where the clouds & sunsets are spectacular.

Praia da Pipa north east Brazil

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos Praia da Pipa may well be one of the most idealic spots on planet Earth, I really must return one day.

A quick paint job in Nha Trang Vietnam.

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos I really love these timber fishing boats.

Gold Hill Shaftesbury

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos This town in Dorset where the view looking down from the top of the street has been described as “one of the most romantic sights in England.

 Poolside in Koh Samui

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos A beautiful beachside pool on the island of Koh Samui.

The most beautiful skin colour in the world.

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos Copababana beach, where else 🙂

The saddest face I have ever seen.

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos I was in HCMC aka Saigon when approached by this little girl begging for money. I knew she would give it to her mother waiting nearby, & possibly the mother would have to hand it over to local gangsters. Consequently I filled a plate of food which she devoured rather quickly.

There is nothing quite like a Siam sunset in Pattaya.

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos

This amazing view is from my Markland Condo in Beach Rd Pattaya.

Last but not least.

FiveStarVagabond favourite photos Am I having fun in Paraty, you bet I am. Three hours from Rio & one of my favourite towns in Brazil.

Thanks for visiting my FiveStarVagabond favourite photos blog. Without a doubt there will be a volume two. 🙂

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Beckington Trowbridge

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Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

July 11, 2016 by David Herd

Doyles and Watsons Bay hotel

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 and 81 living on the waterfront in Drummoyne with the view you see in the header on this post. I drove a white Mercedes Sports, had my Bertram 25 moored in front of my apartment, and a liquor store in Sydenham, quite a few good friends and a long line of beautiful girlfriends, life was very close to perfect. The Watsons Bay hotel shown above was one of my regular haunts as was Doyles restaurant. It’s a great place to stay when in Sydney, for an excellent room rate just book through THIS LINK.

This is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish.

My boat

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

I had an absolute perfect mooring right outside my apartment, it was so much fun on Sydney harbour visiting all the great beaches & restaurants. They really were Great years Sydney 1980 to January 1987 when I pulled up stakes and moved to the Gold Coast.

Smooth operator

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

It seemed the parties and drinks never stopped at my Drummoyne apartment, life was very good indeed.

Jeff and Debbie Don

David Herd Thailand Gorgeous Debbie & party animal Jeff, another smooth operator.

The party never stopped

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Looking back to my 6 years at Drummoyne I feel I made a serious mistake getting engaged and moving to Newport. My decision was based on a particular mindset we grew up with, eventually we all should settle down, marry & have children. In hindsight I now know that’s OK for the majority of people, but not everybody, & I’m certainly in the category of “not everybody”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Talking about being engaged, here is my future fiancee in 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Karen Smith and Dirk Kammerling were an item for several years until her and I started going out in 1984 which led to our engagement.

Karen & I in 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Who would have thought in 3 years we would be engaged and living together at Newport?

Castle Cove 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Two of the girls here were sisters, Carmen & Antionette Sherry, plus my good friend Rob Symonds and Peter H.

Carmen & Antoinette two of the Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Decorating my XJ 6 in 1980.

Antoinette Sherry

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 What a beautiful redhead. 🙂

Here are some of the usual suspects

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

John Malouf, Peter Singleton and Dennis Moran at another one of my Drummoyne gatherings.

Joanne Barrett came 3rd in Miss Universe 1969

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

What a beautiful face, is it any wonder she was 3rd in the Miss Universe?

Singapore 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Some people who have seen this photo have been cruel enough to suggest that I looked like a Miami drug dealer, and here was I thinking I was just a very cool dude. 🙂

Rob Symonds & I in Singapore 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Rob & I had a great trip to Manilla, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Pattaya and Singapore.  This was when I first got hooked on Thailand, little did I realise 31 years later I would move there permanently. Take a look at my photo blog, just follow THIS LINK.

The blondes are here

 photo Two gorgeous blondes.jpg That’s Teresa on the left sitting at my bar, and I can’t believe that I have forgotten the name of the other beautiful creature. 🙂

Here is the beautiful anonymous blonde as a redhead

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Now is that a fantastic face or what?

When can I start having fun?

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Right about now I would say, in fact I clearly remember a ménage à trois with two of these gorgeous babes. 🙂

Tall gorgeous redhead

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Her name was Louise and we had a brief fling, Antoinette & I are checking her prowess on the BBQ. 🙂

I told you she was gorgeous

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

An absolute knockout.

Two more knockouts, Kerry & Terry

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Two of my favourite Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980.

Shirley Jones  1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Shirley was an air hostess for TAA which does not exist anymore. She & Debbie Don were flatmates who lived around the corner in Drummoyne ave and came to most of my parties. Compare us in the following photo. 🙂

After many hours of booze

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 At the end of the day decorum would go out the window. 🙂

Another Shirley

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

This Shirley worked for Stripper-gram, we used to go out together occasionally. A very funny thing happened at my Dad’s retirement party, he had worked for Berger paints for 46 years. We were celebrating at what was then the Silverwater Businessman’s Club, in came a gorgeous girl in a bikini, draped in feathers, and proceeded with her well-practised routine.

david herd family

The shocked look on my mother’s face had nothing to do with the girl sitting on Dad’s knee, it was when she walked over to our table and said to me, “hi David, nice to see you, when are we going out on your boat again”? Yes, it was Shirley, somebody had hired a stripper-gram for him. 🙂

This was Vickie in 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 The long line of Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 continues, it seemed there were so many babes and such little time. 🙂

Carol Aboud the ultimate party girl

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Even though Carol was the mother of four young children she was the ultimate party girl. Part of a wealthy eastern suburbs family, her father was the managing director of Century batteries & in his eyes she could do no wrong.

We really had some great times together over a four year period, although it was one of those on & off relationships that ran into quite a few road blocks along the way.

Talking about party animals

 photo Roger ramjet 1981.jpg This is Roger “Ramjet” Williams who could always be relied upon to put on a show. Two of his party tricks were drinking a Bloody Mary containing 1/2 a bottle of Tabasco sauce. If a normal person had one sip it would set your mouth on fire. His 2nd trick was to take a raw onion and eat it like an apple, this man obviously had no taste buds. 🙂

A Mexican bandit? No it’s Chris Adams

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

One of the Adelaide guys I knocked around with when I lived there in 72 to 74, Chris wound up in Sydney then I lost track of him. I have always had a knack of giving people nicknames that seemed to stick with them, in Chris’s case his name was “The Mouth”. 🙂

Another Shirley, Xmas 1981

 photo Shirl the girl.jpg A gorgeous little girl from the eastern suburbs who had a wealthy father and lived at Darling Point.

Ron Walsh from Broken Hill with Donna.

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Ron was a close friend for many years, he owned the Retravision store in Broken Hill and would find any excuse to visit me when I lived in Adelaide, we had some wonderful fun times together.

Debbie Secombe another of the Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Debbie a cool Aussie chick who worked at the Manilla Playboy Club for a few years before turning up at one of my famous parties.

Di Parkinson Xmas 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 Di was one of the most beautiful ladies I ever knew, also one of the craziest. No woman has caused me more problems in my life than this one. Apart from all that we had many great times together during the last 10 years.

New Years Eve 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 One of the great nights of my life, and one of the best NYEs of my life, we overloaded my boat with 16 people and headed off to a seafood restaurant at “the Spit” for dinner before heading to the Opera House for the incredible fireworks. My girlfriend for the night was the gorgeous one in the middle, very unusual that I can’t remember her name.

Follow this link for the full story on New Year’s Eve 1981, the Great Escape.

NYE on board

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 I considered Wolf Wottke my best friend since we met in Adelaide in 1973, that friendship continued until I moved to Newport in 1984, sadly after that it was never the same.

Sydenham Cellars grand opening 1980 featuring Debbie Don.

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

In the 4 years I owned my liquor store I never really made too much money, 3 of those years the road was was closed for 3 or 4 months which effected my turnover rather badly. Luckily I had purchased the property and made a killing when I sold.

OK, one last look at Debbie.

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

She is certainly worth a look don’t you think?

Thanks for visiting my Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 photo blog, what an era that was. No doubt at all 80, 81 & 82 were amazing years for living large & gorgeous ladies.

It’s now 2017 and here is Glenn Frey to tell you exactly how I feel today.

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Bizarre outrageous true stories

June 17, 2016 by David Herd

Please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish.

Believe it or not

Bizarre outrageous true stories Bizarre outrageous true stories are some of the memories throughout my life that are either bizarre, unusual, hilarious or just plain crazy. A few years ago I intended to put these few recollections into an autobiography, however common sense prevailed so instead they will just be included in my blog. They are in no particular order, but I can assure you every word is true.

New Years 1981 Sydney Harbour

Bizarre outrageous true stories

NYE 1981 and 15 of my friends boarded my Bertram 25 and headed for a seafood restaurant near the “Spit bridge” on Middle Harbor in Sydney. On-board were some of my best friends, Wolf Wottke, Harley Bradstreet, George McEwan & Graham “Biff” LaRoche from Melbourne and 6 or 7 gorgeous girls. My boat was licensed to carry around 10 or 12 people however it was New Year’s Eve so who really cared?

Bizarre outrageous true stories

We moored on the edge of the sand at the rear of the restaurant and at 8.30 pm sat down and ordered a feast. Here is where things started to go wrong, we hadn’t factored in the NYE crowd and the food was very slow to arrive, in fact it was after 11 pm by the time the waiter started to serve our meal. By then we were well along the road to intoxication as we had started drinking late afternoon at my apartment in Drummoyne.

As the Sydney fireworks were due to start at midnight we decided to pack up most of the food and head for the Sydney Opera house to watch the spectacular event.

We faced our second problem re-boarding the boat as the tide had come in and the boat was now floating 30 meters from the shore. Our only option was to wade out carrying the boxed up food in water almost up to our backside. The good news was our nice view of the girls hiking up their skirts waist high, which endorses the phrase that every cloud has a silver lining.

Now “Biff” was a huge man as the name implies, & Harley was almost a midget, sometimes we would cruelly refer to him as an ariel photograph of as human being.  So with Harley clutching a cardboard box filled with oysters “Biff” tucked him under his arm and carried him towards the boat.

I’m not sure why “Biff” dropped him, when only 2 meters from the boat, perhaps Harley wriggled or maybe “Biff” was feeling the effects of too many beers. Anyhow Harley briefly disappeared underwater along with the box of precious oysters, which I’m please to say we did recover.

Bizarre true stories

Harley was our own human disaster area, if something was going to go wrong he was usually at the centre of things, in fact it was Harley who coined the memorable phrase“anyone can have a bad decade”.

By the time we all got on board it was around 11.30 pm and is was a good 30 minute journey to the Opera House so I gave the boat full throttle and sped toward the Harbour Bridge.

We arrived in record time about 11.55 and I was weaving through the 1500 or so boats like a drunken sailor, which of course I was, searching for a spot to anchor that was not too close to any of the hundreds of spectator craft.  Hallelujah, what seemed to be a minor miracle unfolded before my eyes. A clear circle of water right in the middle of all the boats, so naturally I gave out a cheer and dropped the anchor just as the first fireworks explosion sounded right above us.

Elation quickly turned to fear as huge smoking wooden rods started raining down upon us. It was like we were caught in a Beirut bomb zone with huge sky rockets peppering the overloaded boat causing some of my friends, in particular Harley, to dive overboard in the middle of the harbour to escape the carnage. In the mayhem & panic it suddenly occurred to me we were smack bang in the middle of the fireworks “drop zone” which the water police had cleared in readiness for the show before retreating out of danger themselves.

I sprang into action like a drunken super hero and pulled up the anchor in record time, then fled the danger zone. No mean feat as my boat lacked an electric winch, so I had to manually pull the damn thing up by hand while standing on the bow.

We moored safely out of harm’s way and assessed the damage, naturally Harley was the most wounded, soaking wet with minor burns on his arm, plus a few small cuts from the smashed champagne bottle he was holding when hit by the first rocket.

Well we settled down and watched the rest of the fireworks reliving the experience that would be told many times over in the coming years, our own personal “great escape”.

Bizarre true stories

Later we motored along the Parramatta River to Habberfield to drop off some passengers, and finally returned “drunk as skunks” to Drummoyne at dawn. Later that day George, Biff & I on impulse flew to the Gold Coast to continue our New Year celebrations.

Carol Aboud was my girlfriend from 1977 to 1980

Bizarre true stories Even though Carol was the mother of four young children she was the ultimate party girl. She came from a wealthy eastern suburbs family, her father was the managing director of Century batteries & in his eyes she could do no wrong.

We really had some great times together, although it was one of those on & off relationships that ran into quite a few road blocks along the way. Talking about roads Carol loved her little red Ford Capri, it was her pride & joy. One Friday night she was driving me home to Longueville after a typical night out at the Americas cup bar and San Francisco grill at the Sydney Hilton. For some unknown reason we started to have an argument with culminated in her pulling over to focus better on our disagreement.

Bizarre true stories

Now bear in mind we both had consumed lots of alcohol so the argument was escalating, then for some stupid reason I grabbed her handbag and threw it out the window of the car. Well Carol let out a piercing scream and aimed a beautiful left hook at my jaw. Luckily I leaned back and the punch missed me my a fraction of an inch, however the follow through caused her fist to connect with the windscreen.

Now I forgot to mention Carol always wore lots of jewellery, necklaces and lots of rings, consequently her rather large ring was the first thing to connect with the windscreen which immediately shattered into thousands of pieces of toughened glass. Now I mean the whole damn windscreen, not just a small section, well after a moment of shocked silence we looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Naturally I retrieved the handbag, drove the car home with no front windscreen, then spent a couple of hundred dollars the next day having it replaced. Just another page in life’s rich pageant.

Here I am in Adelaide in the 70s, more Bizarre outrageous true stories.

Bizarre outrageous true stories

I have often told friends that two of the best years of my life were in Adelaide in the mid 70s. I met so many fascinating people there it really made life interesting. One such character was David Morgan, tall & wiry and a deep thinker, who had I believe spent some time behind bars. Anybody when they first met David would think he was a rather quiet person, in reality though he had a “short wick” and an explosive temper.

We would spend hours playing chess, during this time I tagged him with an unusual nickname, “Still Waters”. The first of two stories I want to tell involves a game of golf with a group following Dave & his friends. This group were rather impatient and on two occasions “hit up” before David was out of range. Showing great tolerance the 2nd time it happened David strolled back and requested they take more care as they were not at fault for the slow pace, it was the group in front of David causing the problem.

Well you guessed it, a couple of holes later the group hit up on them again. This time when David strolled back he took his five iron and beat the guy senseless putting him in hospital.

Bizarre true stories

David of course fled the scene assuming he  would not be caught as it was a public course and he was not known there. Now the story does not end there, David was a well known dog trainer who owned two magnificent Great Danes. The following week he was a guest on one of the Adelaide day time TV shows with his dogs to discuss training methods. Well, you guessed it again, who should be watching the show from his hospital bed? The victim of course who quickly rang the police who promptly took David into custody. 🙂

Bizarre outrageous true stories

This must certainly rate as one of the best Bizarre outrageous true stories in this photo blog. For no particular reason I thought I would add a photo of two Great Danes so you know what we are talking about. Photo credit to Herb Ritts.

The second David Morgan story is 100% true because I was there. A mutual Phil Forsythe threw a small party at his home somewhere in the Glenelg area.

Bizarre outrageous true stories

A few of us were enjoying a few beers on the back lawn when suddenly David and his heavily pregnant wife Ali came rushing in looking a little distressed. He shouted “hide us, hide us, the police are coming.” Well of course we had no idea what the problem was, however we concealed both of them in an unused “chook yard” at the back of the property.

Bizarre true stories Within a couple of minutes two police officers turned up and asked us if we had seen a guy and his pregnant wife around anywhere. We all looked suitably confused & asked why they thought this person would be here. The police then stated the person in question had an argument with a taxi driver that was supposed to bring them to this address. The argument apparently escalated to such a degree the alleged perpetrator tore the drivers door off its hinges and beat the driver unconscious with it then fled the scene.

Bizarre outrageous true stories

Our host Phil looked the two police in the eye and said “do you really want to find this guy“? They looked at each other for a moment and said, “you have a point there“. and quietly left. 🙂

Tim Bristow was what the press used to call a colourful character.

The road to Berrima photo Bristow-6Berrima.jpg

Tim was a friend of mine so I visited him on several occasions when he was doing time in Berrima Jail, the one time that really sticks in my mind was Boxing Day 1986 or 1987, I’m not sure which. I signed into the jail as a visitor and Tim asked in his deep gravelly booming voice “listen Dave I have a friend who does not get any visitors would you mind signing him out of his cell?”Obviously I was not going to refuse this simple request so I did. I have forgotten the guy’s name so let’s just call him John. So the three of us were sitting on one side of a table with his friend between us enjoying our BBQ lunch. Tim leaned his huge head forward and asked “do you know what John is in for?”

Tim Bristow Newport

Three things to note here are, 1. Years ago Tim suffered a minor stroke and one side of his face had fallen slightly and had no feeling, 2. He didn’t just speak, “he roared.” 3. He had quite a warped sense of humour.  So repeating his question “do you know what John is in for?” I answered “no Tim, I don’t have any idea.” Then in his loudest booming voice he said “AXE MURDERER, HE KILLED TWO PEOPLE WITH AN AXE”,  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! So picture this, here I’m sitting next to a guy with a steak knife in his hand after being informed he was a double axe murderer. I sort of lost my appetite for the rest of my lunch. I kept thinking on my drive home from Berrima how the authorities probably now had my name associated, not only with the notorious Tim Bristow but a double axe murderer as well.

Tim does a job for Sanyo

Bizarre outrageous true stories Shortly after I stopped working for Sanyo Office Machines I was at Coolum with Ross Radford & John Sprouster two of my old bosses. Ross told me of some problems he was having in the Melbourne office. He recently fired his manager who was now terrorising the staff with obscene phone calls and intimidating them when they arrived in the office car park. I told Ross I would talk to “Big Tim Bristow” to see if he could help.

Tim flew down to Melbourne and back in one day &  reported that the problem was solved. Naturally I was keen to hear the details, Tim said he waited at the Sanyo car park for the guy to arrive, then opened the door of his car, leaned in and had a quiet word with him, that’s all it took.

Now I can only guess what the “quiet word” was, however with Big Tim’s huge head a couple of inches away from this guys face, suggesting what may occur if the problems continued, it’s not difficult to understand why this fellow “saw the light”. 🙂

Tanya’s revenge

Bizarre outrageous true stories Another of my Bizarre outrageous true stories was 1989 in Surfers Paradise when my current girlfriend & I attended the wedding at Marina Mirage of Reg “Sir Reginald” Biddings an ex NBL basketball star. Now Tanya was a rather crazy lady who would totally lose control after too many drinks. This evening was no exception, once she was past the point of no return she would throw herself at various guys on the dance floor in order to provoke a reaction from me.

I got rather bored with these antics and decided to leave alone, of course I had forgotten that Tanya had my boat keys in her handbag so I had to double back to retrieve them. She saw me coming and took off  in the crowd. (there were around 1000 people there) Finally I cornered her and after a tug-of-war with the handbag managed to retrieve my keys.

To calm my nerves I had a couple of drinks at a favourite bar overlooking the broad-water.  Feeling more relaxed I wandered down to where the boat was moored only to discover somebody (guess who?) had untied the rope and the boat was floating 200 meters away in the middle of the channel. I finally found a guy who took me out to rescue the boat so I could finally go home and put this madness behind me.

The story wasn’t quite over, I found Tanya had beaten me home and removed certain items including my camera, this however was a small price to pay so after a year of drama I was happy to never let her darken my doorstep ever again. 🙂

Bizarre true stories          Bizarre outrageous true stories          Bizarre outrageous true stories

Reg “Sir Reginald” Biddings and the boat in question.

Bizarre outrageous true stories

Bizarre true stories Can you imagine anybody having a DC3 in the backyard of their Box Hill home in Melbourne? Well this was 1989 and my friend Dion did not do anything in a small way. His girlfriend was an Ansett hostess and she used to fly on this actual aircraft, so naturally Dion bought it as a souvenir. 🙂

Bizarre outrageous true stories          Bizarre true stories

Dion also like classic cars, here is Tanya with his 1960 Cadillac four door sedan.

Roger had a stainless steel throat

Bizarre true stories This is Roger “Ramjet” Williams who could always be relied upon to put on a show. Two of his party tricks were drinking a Bloody Mary containing 1/2 a bottle of Tabasco sauce. If a normal person had one sip it would set your mouth on fire. His 2nd trick was to take a raw onion and eat it like an apple, this man obviously had no taste buds. 🙂

Home invasion at 106 Upton St Bundall aka “Dueling baseball bats”

Bizarre outrageous true stories

It was May 2010 and I had only returned from Asia 48 hours ago & was still a little jet lagged. It would have been far safer staying in Bangkok or Cambodia than my home on the Gold coast, as I was the victim of a violent home invasion & robbery at 1am in the morning. I took a very solid hit from a lunatic with a baseball bat, but luckily was not badly hurt, I managed to fight the bastard off, & when I finally got through to 000 5 cop cars turned up within about 7 minutes. It may well have been the most terrifying experience of my life. There was an 18 year old girl renting a room in my house so when I heard some strange noises in the early hours of the morning I thought it was just her banging drawers etc.

Then a loud male voice from outside my bedroom door said “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY AND YOUR JEWELLERY OR I WILL SHOOT YOU” I jumped out of bed, put on a pair of shorts, grabbed a baseball bat from my wardrobe and opened my bedroom door, I was only halfway through the door when this wild man rushed me swinging his own baseball bat straight at my head. It all happened so fast, and bear in mind I was half asleep, luckily I came awake fairly quickly and held my bat at a 45 degree angle in front of my head, the bat took the main force of the blow. His bat bounced off and caught me on top of my right shoulder which made my whole arm briefly go numb. Needing to gain a little time & to get the feeling back in my arm I slammed and locked my bedroom door & called 000, (I also hit my house alarm button and the bloody thing did not work) as soon as I reported to the police I knew I had to go back out and front the bastard again because I could hear the young girl sobbing in her bedroom, my biggest worry was that he was not alone.

Luck was with me, the coward had bolted with only Alison’s old laptop, her new iPhone and $15 cash. On the same night he robbed at least 2 other places near my house, mine was the only one that included violence. Across the water a couple were asleep on the lounge downstairs while the intruders went through their upstairs bedrooms, one of which contained 3 children under 6 years old. I have absolutely no doubt had I not been able to block the vicious blow aimed at my head I would more than likely have wound in hospital or the morgue.

John Martin aka Pothole

Bizarre outrageous true stories

I’m guessing it was around 2003 when we were travelling to Thailand every chance we had. Pothole ran a successful real estate office in Sydney and regularly lost thousands of $$$ playing the slot machines at the Oaks Hotel in Neutral bay. I had travelled through many countries with him, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand etc, & he had one main weird ambition. Any time he would come across a gorgeous babe he would immediately say “I would love to walk through the Oaks hotel with her”.

Friends & I finally worked out what was behind this strange obsession. He craves the limelight and would do anything to be the “centre of attention”. Thus his ultimate high was to be able to parade in front of his friends at the Oaks with a hot babe on his arm.

Finally he found Apple who was working in a bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok, he bought her to Australia a couple of times & paraded her through the Oaks to satisfy his strange obsession. The love affair escalated and the subject of marriage was on the table. Some friends & I urged him to have her sign a pre-nuptial agreement to protect his extensive assets, which to his credit he did.

So Thursday evening at home he presented her with the agreement showing his assets of about $2 million aud & hers at $16,000 worth of jewellery which he had previously given her. Friday morning he went to work and came home around lunchtime to find the jewellery laid out on the bed with a suicide note. He looked around the area & found no sign of her,  then wound up in tears at North Sydney police station reporting the incident.

When he phoned me my advice was simple, change the door locks, pack her suitcase and leave it outside the door. Here is Lee, his best friend’s version of what happened;

I went to his place that Friday night as we were going out when he told me she was missing and going to commit suicide, well, he had me first searching all the green bins in the unit and then he suggested that she could be down the park ( don’t know the name) which is by the water. So we went down there and thoroughly searched the area and couldn’t find a body. We then decided to go up the pub as usual.

I found out later that night she had come home and had been with a guy that Pothole had introduced her to up the pub. While he was at work at Avalon she was around this guys place at Neutral Bay near the old Café Royal,  porking him.

So there you have it, his crazy obsession backfired on him, yes he paraded her at the Oaks in front of his friends to achieve his goal & one of them hooked onto her & did the dirty deed. Pothole moved on with his life then made the exact same mistake again, he imported another bar girl from Pattaya & at the age of 60 fathered two children with her in Thailand. Naturally, as expected he has split with the mother but looks after his 2 boys very well & pays her a fortune for doing very little. Sadly some people will never learn.

Apple was a fantastic cook

Bizarre outrageous true stories

In fact she cooked the best Thai food I have ever eaten. An extra element makes Apple part of my Bizarre outrageous true stories, while she was with Pothole she was conducting relationships with several other punters from all over the world, (Pothole discovered details after hacking into her Hotmail account) one was a retired London policeman who she subsequently married in 2008, and gave birth to a lovely daughter. The highlight of this story came when this clever bar girl from Nana Plaza accompanied her husband to Buckingham Palace to receive his MBE or similar award. Hats of to you my dear you have come a long way from Soi 4 Nana, nobody does it better. 🙂

OK, there is one final twist to this story, Apple fell pregnant because her husband John had his sperm frozen in 1991.  She now actually has two gorgeous young daughters.

Pothole & his progeny

 Bizarre outrageous true stories

It’s December 2015, Pothole is 66 & the boys are 7 & 5. He is now a year older in September 2016, & is an excellent father who spends lot’s of time with his boys.

Wood St North Melbourne, the house next door has had a fire.

Bizarre outrageous true stories

I purchased a delightful terrace house in Wood St North Melbourne for $45,000 from a nice lady who owned the whole row of terraces in that street. Although North Melbourne was not as trendy as the South Yarra and Windsor area it was close to the office and my favourite piano bar at the Old Melbourne Motor Inn. The nearby Victoria markets were also a great attraction in the area. 

On grand final day 1975 Collingwood were playing North Melbourne, however that event was far from being foremost on my mind. I had flown back early from a business trip in Darwin after receiving word from reliable sources that my girlfriend (I use that term loosely) and her friend  had been forced to fly to Thailand  by her ex-boyfriend who was a well-known Sydney gangster known as Bruce McCauley. 

The tip off I received over the phone in Darwin was that a “contract” was on my head and that two Yugoslav heavies were keen to carry it out. Now this is not the sort of phone call I would wish on anyone, however some of my friends certainly stepped up to the plate. A couple of indigenous boys I occasionally went Barra fishing with, one a well-known footy player named Bubba Tye insisted I sleep in their house rather than my hotel while they sat on the front steps with a few cans of beer and a couple of 303 rifles.

Another example of friendship came from one of my best friend of many years Wolf Wotke who lived in Adelaide, I rang Wolf and told him briefly about the situation and asked him to see if he could acquire a gun for me to protect myself with. Wolf  didn’t ask any questions he simply flew to Melbourne the following day with a small 32 calibre automatic, met me at Tullamarine airport and we caught a taxi home to Wood St North Melbourne.

On our arrival I had an uneasy feeling that someone had been inside my home which was a beautiful terrace house in a row of six. My red E type Jaguar was parked in the backyard and I guess my paranoia took over because I was sure it had been tampered with. Wolf laughed at my stupidity and said “give me the keys I will start the car”, I said “OK go right ahead” however I bravely stood around the corner of the house out of harm’s way.

Of course the car didn’t blow up which made Wolf laugh even more at my nervousness, but I was still sure someone had been inside the house so I stashed the pistol in a handy location behind the bar in the 1st floor lounge room overlooking the street. We then made a unanimous decision to head off to the pub and discuss the situation, it was around 1pm Saturday (grand final day) when we arrived at the piano bar at the Old Melbourne motor inn, my favourite local drinking hole, little did I realise I would be spending a lot more time at this establishment over the coming months.

The girl, the friend & the car

Bizarre outrageous true stories That’s the girl in question Di Parkinson, Wolf is the dark dude with the beard.

I should explain one thing about my friend Wolf, he was well known for his marathon drinking sessions and today would prove to be no different. At around 11pm that night we were totally smashed and decided to head home to Wood St, which thankfully was only a few blocks away giving the fact I foolishly elected to drive. Upon turning left from Abbotsford St into Wood St we ran into total chaos, there were flashing lights everywhere from several fire engines and police cars so I parked directly across the road from my home and made a classic statement I will never forget: 

     “The house next door has had a fire.”

If you are familiar with the layout of an E type Jaguar you will know they are a difficult vehicle to extract yourself from, even more so when you are plastered. So when two detectives ran across the road and opened my driver’s door, I stumbled getting out and fell on the road at their feet. Instead of arresting me for driving under the influence they politely enquired “was I David Herd a resident of the terrace house directly opposite?”

After answering in the affirmative they informed me my neighbour’s house was quite Ok, it was mine that unfortunately had the fire.

I must say I have never sobered up so fast in all my life, and overcome with rage I was striding back and forth amongst the fire hoses on the footpath bellowing curses at Bruce Michael McCauley who I knew had instigated this act of terrorism. My language was rather offensive as you can imagine, and looking back I can appreciate what a funny spectacle it was seeing the detective following me two steps behind asking if I would refrain from using such bad language.

I certainly didn’t hold back and told him about McCauley’s details and where he could be found. The next two or three hours seemed to fly by, the police had left and only one or two fire engines remained. I asked one of the firemen if I could get to the 1st floor to retrieve an important item, (the pistol) he said “the staircase is gone so there is no way up”. Now drawing on my experience as a trainee fireman some 10 years ago in Sydney (I resigned after 2 weeks), I pointed out a large % of their equipment came in the form of ladders, so if he would be so kind to place one in the appropriate position I would utilise my balancing skills and retrieve my important package.  He agreed and with the help of a small torch I climbed up the ladder to the lounge through the smouldering ruins and terrible smell of smoke, and then stuffed the small pistol down the front of my jeans. I also retrieved another important item, a “Goon” of Jim Beam (a 4 litre bottle) which was totally black and sitting on the bar, then returned to the street where for the next hour or so Wolf & I sat on the front mudguard of the fire engine sharing the 4 litre bottle of bourbon and cursing my new arch enemy, the Sydney gangster Bruce Michael McCauley.

Later on deciding we were rather hungry and remembering a terrific little breakfast cafe called Mittens in Avoca St South Yarra, Wolf & I arrived there at 6.30am Sunday morning, we were rather puzzled why people seemed to be staring suspiciously in our direction until finally we understood, my clothes, face & arms were blackened by soot collected when I retrieved the two important items from the bar in my smoke damaged lounge room at Wood St North Melbourne.

For the next 3 or 4 nights we slept on the floor at a friend’s (Mike Bridge) home in East Melbourne until I sensed he was getting very nervous given the circumstances, so I struck a deal with Alan Johnson who managed the Old Melbourne motor inn, and lived in a room there beside the pool for the next 3 months. That hotel room seemed to get smaller as each week passed; at least I only had to walk upstairs to my favourite piano bar. My neighbour directly opposite was Pixie Frew who was separated from her husband George who built the hotel, most people would recognise her through the next guy she married, the infamous Christopher Skase.

I must point out that I was a very angry young man at this point in time and made the decision that when McCauley returned from Thailand I would arrange a meeting, with the intention of causing him a reasonable amount of physical discomfort. (That is of course if I was still alive).

Getting off the subject for a moment I want to describe an embarrassing moment which occurred around the pool at the Old Melbourne one sunny Saturday, I know it was a Saturday because I was sun baking and reading the huge Melbourne Age which is one of those big awkward broadsheets that are hard enough to handle indoors where there is no breeze to play havoc with the pages.

The Old Melbourne attracted many celebrities other than me, (only joking) and this day was no different. Sitting around the pool were Ian Chappell and his wife, and a very famous “bug eyed” English comedian Marty Feldman. So naturally I am playing it very cool reading the paper and ignoring the various celebs when a gust of wind blew some of my newspaper towards the pool, quick as a flash I leapt to my feet to retrieve the wayward pages before they hit the water.

Big mistake, I forgot I was on a very smooth slippery sloping lawn which surrounded to pool, so after two quick steps my feet lost traction and I wound up flat on my back for all to see. It was one of those moments when you hoped the ground would open up and swallow you, instead, while lying prone staring at the sky the wild eyed face of Marty Feldman appeared above me and politely enquired “are you OK”? I recall mumbling “yes, I’m fine thank you” to which he replied “it wasn’t a bad fall really.” 

Anyhow I gingerly got to my feet, gathered the scattered pages and slunk off head down to my room, so much for acting cool.

It’s now 2017 and here is Glenn Frey to tell you exactly how I feel today.


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Stories to come;

Anzac Hwy air gun

Morris Minor loose coil wire

Glebe squatters

Jumped fence Wood St

John Farquhar getaway car

La Marea checking the fuel

The spook super glue


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Life changing adventure 1964

May 7, 2016 by David Herd

My personal story from the 6os, (not a travel bog)

Passport photo April 1964

Life changing adventure 1964

Life changing adventure 1964 really was a rite of passage for me. My best friend Glenn Beasley and I boarded the Fairsea in Sydney on May 7 1964 for a six week journey to Southampton in England. I spent the next 15 months having the time of my life in the U.K. and Europe as well as a stint as a junior engineer on a cargo ship plying its trade between Europe and America.

Rites of passage definition

Ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s life. 

Boarding the Fairsea

sail-England-SydneyIt was May 7th 1964 the beginning of my first huge adventure.

The Brisbane River

Life changing adventure 1964 Our first stop was Wellington before crossing back over the Tasman to Brisbane then on to Singapore. We met lots of friends and partied hard all the way to NZ but sadly many of these new found friends left the ship in Wellington and were replaced by lots of elderly passengers.

We were spending a lot of time with three nice girls from Melbourne, Robyn Pearson, Libby Durston & Sue Jameson. Luckily I still have my dairy to help me recall the names. 🙂 That’s Libby and sue in the photo above.

We left Brisbane on May 14 and the first night the seas were very rough indeed, many of the passengers and some of the crew were seasick, luckily for us we were quite ok.

The “old shipboard romance”.

Rite of passage 1964 Two days out of Brisbane I met Leanne Scott from Adelaide and we started seeing each other regularly, well as regularly as she would let me. 🙂

The “mad hatters” night

Rite of passage 1964

There were all sorts of special nights arranged by the crew to keep the passengers occupied. I will have to retrieve some more photos next time in in Oz. If this photo was in colour you would be able to see the bright red knickers I had wrapped around the ice bucket. 🙂

 Sadly I have no personal photos from Singapore however looking through my diary reminds me of some of the things I saw there. Singapore was a very dirty shabby city, there were hundreds perhaps thousands of people sleeping on the streets and footpaths. Follow this link for some interesting information about cleaning up the rivers in Singapore.

Singapore From Cavenagh bridge now & then.

Cavenagh bridge Singapore

You would never recognise the city back then.

Bugis Street

Life changing adventure

This was a famous street mainly for transgenders or LadyBoys as we call them in Thailand.

Bugis Street in the 60s

Life changing adventure

Singapore in the 60s bears no resemblance to Singapore in 2015.

 Mount Lavinia Hotel Colombo a Life changing adventure

Life changing adventure In 1962 the island was called Ceylon, now of course it is Sri Lanka. Anyhow we absolutely fell in love with the place and even spoke about leaving the ship and staying for a while. Impractical of course as our main luggage was in the ships hold which put a stop the that whimsical idea.

The usual tourist photo in Colombo

Life changing adventure

Sadly I have very few photos from the trip as my camera purchased in Singapore for 16 Quid turned out to be a dud.

Aden in Yemmen

Life changing adventure  

Next port of call was Aden, however we did not dock, instead the ship anchored in the harbour and we bought cheap trinkets etc from the bum boats that came out to meet us.

From my diary; I took Leanne ashore and we spent a couple of hours walking around the city, the heat was intense, it must have been around 110 degrees. We met some friends from the ship and had a few beers in the Grande Hotel before returning to the ship.

My money was starting to get low because in this weather you rarely had a beer out of your hand.

Next stop Cairo in my Life changing adventure

Life changing adventure We left the boat at the entrance to the Suez Canal and took an organised tour to Cairo and the Pyramids. As you can see I was fully equipped with my Fez and camel. 🙂

My iconic photo

Life changing adventure Glenn & I at the great pyramids of Egypt which was certainly the highlight so far in our Life changing adventure . From Cairo we travelled by bus along one of the branches of the Nile, for several hundred yards each side of the river the land was green and fertile from irrigation. Then it abruptly became dry hot barren desert, my thoughts at the time were I would like to visit again one day. So far this has not happened.


 photo Naples 1.jpg

Our final stop was Naples where many of our friends departed for various parts of Europe. Some of them we would hook up with again in London. Glenn & I hit a few bars with our friends David Wright and Allan Bremner but were were not too impressed with the city. We were ever less impressed when a slick conman relieved us of a few quid and a few cartons on cigarettes. Oh well, it was a lesson well learnt and not too much damage was done, except to our pride. 🙂

Our 6 week voyage ended in Southampton on June 6 1964, we all had a truly great trip even though during the last week we were all desperate to get our feet on dry land. Now our London adventure was about to start and the fact is the party had only just begun.

The next phase in my Life changing adventure

David Herd Thailand Thanks for visiting my Life changing adventure photo blog.

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Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan         Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan          Copacabana


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That’s all folks

David Herd Thailand

 That’s all folks

Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan

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David Herd 1960s Australian teenager.

April 27, 2016 by David Herd

My personal story from the 6os, (not a travel bog)

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager David Herd 1960s Australian teenager, who even today in 2016 can still remember the 1960s as if it was yesterday.  Life was rather simple growing up in that particular era compared to what teenagers face today in 2016. The photo above is from 1960 featuring my first car, a Morris Minor convertible. I attended North Auburn public school until the age of 12 and was one of only two students to be chosen to attend the then semi exclusive Homebush Boys High. Spent 3 years there, excelled in Rugby Union, and just passed my intermediate certificate. My final reference from the deputy headmaster was a classic;

                   David Herd attended this school for 3 years and participated in sport.

I spent the next 5 years as an apprentice Toolmaker then in May 1964 set out with best friend Glen Beasley on the mandatory trip to the U.K. and Europe.

I can easily explain the scratchy photo above and in the header. My home in Wood St North Melbourne in 1974 was gutted by fire and a large part of my photo collection was spoiled. The ones I save got rather scratched with my attempt to clean off the soot. Follow this link to find out what caused this unfortunate fire.

July 1962 with Veronica Crocker

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager My beautiful girlfriend Veronica, we were celebrating my 19th birthday at a Kings Cross Sydney night club.

October 1962 at Garie Beach Sydney.

David Herd 1960s teenager This VW was in fact my 3rd car, my 2nd vehicle was an iconic FJ Holden.

Veronica October 1962

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager From memory we went out together for around two years, I was very lucky because she was such a gorgeous lady.

This was also October 1962

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager Taken at Ebenezer which is on the Hawksbury river near Richmond. I was there fairly regularly water skiing.

Surfers Paradise 1961

David Herd 1960s teenager

A far cry from 2016.

Xmas 1962 at Coolangatta

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

I spent Xmas and New Year 1962 at Rainbow Bay near Coolangatta with Veronica and her parents. There were two significant events on New Years Eve that stick in my memory, first we went to a show at the Beachcomber in Surfers Paradise to see a young trio play some great music. They were known as the Brothers Gibb, you guessed it, they later became the Bee Gees.

That was them & this was me. 🙂

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

Coolangatta beach 1962, David Herd 1960s Australian teenager.

Bogle & Chandler

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

This was the 2nd significant event, after the Brothers Gibb concert Veronica & I parked on the hill overlooking Rainbow Beach for some serious necking (as they called it in those days) when the news flashed on the radio that a couple had been found dead at Lane Cove national park. This discovery was the start of a police investigation that gripped the nation.

 January 1963 David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

Driving back to Sydney we struck floods on the Highway around Grafton, where traffic was stopped I would pull around the outside and float my VW across the flooded part of the road. Veronica would stay in the car and I would push it across.

July 1963 at Lidcombe oval.

David Herd 1960s teenager

I’m parked on the hill after playing for Lidcombe United A grade rugby league team. We won the competition that year.

May 1964

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

After 18 months of working 2 jobs, I just qualified as a toolmaker, plus I worked weekends for Don Talbert the Australian swimming coach, my friend Glenn Beasley and I prepared to leave on May 7th to sail to England on the Fairsea. Just before I left I took my young brothers the the barber and had them shorn. They loved the new haircuts but poor Mum almost fainted. 🙂

Big farewell party

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager We combined a farewell party with an early 21st birthday. My actual birthday fell on July 7 after we had reached London. Above is one of my all time favourite photographs, on the left is Glenn Beasley beside “Pop” my grandfather Sam Tippett, my beautiful mother Iris herd, yours truly, Nan Tippett and my wonderful father Arthur Herd.

The Herd clan.

 photo Untitled - 33.jpg

Here we all are at my farewell party.

The mandatory keg
 David Herd 1960s teenager          photo The20Keg.jpg          David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

On the far right I’m with Gary McKosker.

My lovely mother, Iris Herd.

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

Iris was an absolute treasure, she dedicated her life to her family and friends.


David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

A rare colour photo of Mum with Warren & Bryan at our home, 58 Kihilla Rd Auburn in Sydney.

My passport photo

David Herd 1960s Australian teenager

Twenty years of age in 1964, what a clean cut innocent looking lad I was. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my David Herd 1960s Australian teenager photo blog. The follow up to this will be the voyage on the Fairsea.

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Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan         Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan          Copacabana

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That’s all folks

David Herd Thailand

 That’s all folks

Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan

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My wonderful Pattaya life 2016 (A)

April 5, 2016 by David Herd

Markland Condo

Pattaya life 2016 Pattaya life 2016, this is my 5 year in this city by the beach. Why is it the older you get the faster time seems to go? The photo above is the coffee shop at the front of my condo where I go for a daily caffeine hit and sometimes a blueberry cheesecake to go with it. I have decided to slow down on my travel this year due to over spending in 2015. I have some smaller trips planned and another Japan visit in October.

In fact I purchased a two week ticket on the Shinkansen or bullet train, then after 3 nights in Tokyo I travelled to 6 interesting Japanese cities, includung Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Nagasaki & Fukuoka

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection from the 1st half of 2016. Part 2 will commence July 1st.

Larry Krausz and Hamish Elton

Pattaya life 2016 I invited two of my friends over for dinner, roasted Australian lamb shanks with baked vegetables. Washed down with Australian red wine which I buy here for B300 ($12) for a 2 litre bottle.

 Pattaya life 2016

Pattaya life 2016 This part of Pattaya always remains the same, an endless choice of girlie bars providing anything an ageing playboy could ever ask for.

The neon lights of Walking Street

Pattaya life 2016 Still the main Pattaya tourist attraction, however I would only visit 2 or 3 times a year, mainly when friends come from overseas.

Here are two Walking St addicts

Pattaya life 2016 Don’t take it the wrong way, Gordon Shanks from New York and Jonathan Whiting from Brisbane are only addicted to the bright lights, gorgeous girls and exotic locations all over the world.

Australian visitors

Pattaya life 2016 David Robertson on the right has been a friend for over 30 years, originally from Melbourne he moved to the Gold Coast about 40 years ago. His son Chris on the left is an Emirates pilot who lives in Dubai.

 Beach Road floods

A very common sight in Pattaya, this was February 16 after a short storm.

Mum Aroi at Naklua

Pattaya life 2016 A very popular Naklua restaurant specialising in live seafood. Very busy on weekends so try to visit during the week.

Pattaya life 2016          Pattaya life 2016          Pattaya life 2016

Because of the turnover  and the live product you can guarantee everything is fresh here.

Valentines day in Pattaya

Pattaya life 2016 The local council always find a reason to decorate the footpath on Beach Road.

I’m not sure these beach babes do much to decorate the area.

 photo Babushkas 1.jpg I actually have a photo blog dedicated to Babushkas in bikinis, just follow this link.

Holiday Inn

Pattaya life 2016 My brother Warren, John “Pothole” Martin and Larry Krausz enjoying pizza and red wine at the fabulous Holiday Inn on Beach Road. Use this link for a great room rate.

 At Mae Pim

Pattaya life 2016  Beach Resort Mae Pim on the gulf of Thailand is only ninety minutes by car east of Pattaya, and 2 hours south of Bangkok. Beautiful white sand and clean water, and so quiet and peaceful after the noise & Madness of Pattaya.

Looks like a bomb site

Pattaya life 2016 A huge new shopping mall and hotel is being built opposite the Dolphin roundabout in North Pattaya. It will be the same brand as Terminal 21 at Asoke in Bangkok.

Hooters comes to Pattaya

Hooters Pattaya Hooters Pattaya opening night was on New Years Eve 2015 so we decided to make it our first stop when seeing off the old and welcoming the new year.  It’s a great addition to Beach Road and naturally has many beautiful sexy babes on the staff. Both Thai & Russian as you can clearly see.

Hooters always seem to be promoting charity events etc to publicise their great venue, check out the charity bike wash here.

Bow and her Bonds

Pattaya life 2016

The gorgeous girlfriend of my friend Matt Harkness, an Adelaide guy who is living the dream in Pattaya. A local website held a contest to find “Miss Love Pattaya Thailand”, heats were held at “Planet Earth Beach Club” in Jomtien. Check out my photo blogs for lots of great Thai and Russian babes competing for the B100,000 first prize.

David Herd Thailand          Pattaya life 2016          Pattaya life 2016

One thing is for certain, Pattaya life 2016 is non-stop action and excitement.

From my balcony

David Herd Thailand

From my balcony June 19 and another perfect Pattaya day.

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Pattaya low cost budget hotels

Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, great value at only $23 usd per night as of August 15. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

Cold beers, hot night

David Herd Thailand After dinner drinks with Todd & Hamish in Naklua Road.

Fraser’s at Jomtien

Pattaya life 2016 Quite a good sports bar on the left as you go down the hill into Jomtien, very good hamburgers.

Talking about Jomtien

Pattaya life 2016 In recent years it has improved out of sight, no longer is it a lazy beach side suburb of Pattaya. There are many new restaurants and hotels generally cheaper and quieter than Pattaya.

Natan’s at Jomtien

 photo Natans 6.jpg

Put Naten’s on your bucket list, it is in my top 6 restaurants in Pattaya and Jomtien.

                            Pattaya life 2016      Pattaya life 2016       Jomtien Pattaya south

The food and décor is exceptional and rather inexpensive.

Long Table Bangkok

Pattaya life 2016 I went to Bangkok 3 times in this first six months not just for a break from Pattaya but to check out lots of great places I have never been to. I was there in January, February and May.

When I’m in Bangkok I like to stay in Sukhumvit Soi 11, here is an excellent budget hotel, if you USE THIS LINK you will get a great rate of around B1100 per night, or $30 USD.

David Herd Thailand

The best Bangkok budget hotel I have ever stayed in.

Pattaya life 2016

Pattaya life 2016

Pattaya life 2016, I have about 4 sometimes 5 foot massages every week, one of the great benefits of living in Thailand.

Cherry Bar Soi 3 & 2nd Road

Pattaya life 2016 Still my local watering hole, 7 minutes walk from my condo and down hill all the way home.

My drink of choice

Pattaya life 2016

I leave a bottle of JD at the Cherry Bar and pay B300 for the convenience of pouring my own.

New Thai restaurant in Soi 3

Pattaya life 2016 A small Thai restaurant has opened near the Cherry, very handy for me. The two dishes here cost B130 or $5 Australian dollars.

Geoff is back

Pattaya life 2016 Geoff Robinson from the Central Coast in NSW absolutely loves Thailand, here we are at the Cherry bar with his fiancée Nana.

Stocking up on vino

Pattaya life 2016 John Martin aka Pothole & I bought 7 cases of Australian wine. Each case holds 6 two litre bottles and the cost per bottle is only B350 or $10 usd.

From Pratumnak Hill

Pattaya life 2016 Notice the unfinished high-rise building, worked stopped nearly 2 years ago through some planning approval disputes.


Big C being renovated

Pattaya life 2016 The shopping Mall closed down on May 1st for extensive renovations and will re-open around Xmas.

Soaked in the storm

Pattaya life 2016

Here I am at breakfast after being caught in the rain.

Four days in Koh Samui

Pattaya life 2016

John Martin aka Pothole & I had a quick trip to Koh Samui on June 20th. It has been 9 long years since my last visit.

Pattaya life 2016          Pattaya life 2016          Pattaya life 2016

There are so many more bars & restaurants now, BARS, BEACH, ROAD TRIP, RESTAURANTS, SHOPS.

Roland returns

 photo Signature with Roland 4.jpg Roland Bonnici my barrister friend from Sydney & I had a great dinner at Signature.

 photo Signature with Roland 10.jpg           photo Signature with Roland 5.jpg           photo Signature with Roland 8.jpg

thanks for checking out my Pattaya life 2016 photo blog.

                            What a great year for travel in 2015                  

                 Istanbul                  Budapest                        London

Galeta Tower     St. Stephen's Basilica       Walkie Talkie London    

          Mostar                           Dubrobnik                            Split

Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan        Dubrobnik cable car        David Herd Thailand                     

                 Saigon                            Zagreb                          Vung tau

Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan        Main Square Zagreb       Vung Tau


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Beach Club Pattaya Bay

Pattaya webcam

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

January 8, 2016 by David Herd

Melbas on the Park

David Herd Thailand Melbas Gold Coast Legacy is a huge part of Surfers Paradise folklore. Here is my photo record spanning over 25 years showing my friends and I having fun at this iconic nightclub and bar in Surfers Paradise. In the early 80s it was also one of the best restaurants due to the expertise of owner/manager the late great Paul Allen.

My Melba’s three L scenario, Legends were made, Lies were told, Ladies were pursued. 🙂

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection from Surfers Paradise Australia.

New Years Eve 1990 Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy On the left is Tony Fazio who was manager at the time, now living in Perth I believe, on the right is Steve Jones one of the legendary bouncers who sadly passed away far too young, RIP.

Adam & Eve

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

Actually it is David and I think her name was Amanda but don’t hold me to it. A cocktail waitress who was a very sexy lady.

Dinner before we hit Melbas

David Herd Gold Coast In those days there was a Japanese restaurant next door where I regularly had dinner before hitting the club. Melbas was only on the 2nd floor then, downstairs was all shops.

 Paul’s son Dave Allen part of Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

David Herd Thailand

Dave is a terrific guy, in 1990 he was working behind the bar, in later years he was General manager.

Another New Years Eve around 90/91

David Herd fivestarvagabond Harley Bradstreet one of my greatest long time friends, no Melba’s blog would be complete without him. For a while in the 90s he was actually one of the chefs there, it’s still unknown how many diners were rushed to hospital after eating one of his creations, forgive me mate I’m only joking.

A mutual friend of ours Southport solicitor Larry Wilson coined a famous phrase regarding Harley, he said “anyone can have a bad decade”. That really summed it up beautifully, I often used to refer to this great little guy as my own personal disaster area, but a nicer guy than you could never meet.  Narrelle with the great smile worked behind the bar and was Tony Fazzio’s main squeeze at the time, a few years later I recall introducing her to her future husband, Jack Delanty, a one eyed Collingwood supporter from Melbourne.

 July 7 1992

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy July 7 1992 was my birthday so naturally we celebrated at Melbas. Great friend Andre Buzek on the left was dentist on Chevron Island who was always offering cut price dental work to any sexy young lady who crossed his path. Sadly Andre lost his life in a car accident in Cuba about 4 or 5 years after this photo was taken.

Greg Johnstone on the right now lives in Thailand as I do, we occasionally have a beer together. At the back are Roger Williams and Len Jones, Roger went back to Adelaide and Len now lives in Sydney, the name of the girls eludes me.

A very happy bunch of people

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy The young guy at the back is Justin, another one of Paul Allen’s sons.

The legend himself in 1992

Paul Allen Melbas

Paul was larger than life and ran Melbas with an iron fist. I originally met him when he was head waiter at Eliza’s restaurant in Cavil Avenue. Two of his customers financed Paul into Melbas around 1981, they saw potential in the way Paul interacted with customers and figured he could develop the best restaurant night club on the coast, they were right.

I vividly recall my first visit on January 1st 1982, we had a huge night on Sydney harbour on New Years Eve which ended at dawn, so on the spur of the moment we flew to the Gold Coast checked into St Tropez in Orchard and wound up at Melbas that evening.

At the start Melbas was 75% restaurant and 25% night club separated by a glass wall. Even though the restaurant was top class each passing year saw it get smaller and the nightclub bigger until it disappeared altogether.

An article from the “Age” in May 1981

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy The whole paper and other articles can be seen here.

Grahame aka “Biff”, Kitty & Helen Burke.

Sydney 1982 flying high

January 1982 a couple of days after we arrived the party continued on the Gold Coast. The new sexy girl in the middle was “Kitty” a totally uninhibited Dutch girl who I knew from Sydney, but that’s another story.  🙂 Helen Burke on the right was soon to become my new girlfriend, in November 2014 I visited her at her winery at Dromana in the state of Victoria, my how time flies when you are having fun. The big guy is Graham La Roche aka “the Biff”, a legend in his own lunch time.:)

Lets jump forward to the year 2000

David Herd Melbas memories

One of Paul Allen’s rules was to hire the best looking girls to work behind the bar, in my book the best of them all was Aurora. She is definitely part of Melbas Gold Coast Legacy.

The usual suspects Xmas 2000.

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy From the left we have Jim Bell, John Sinclair, David Herd and Tony Murphy. Jim rented a room in my home for 15 years from 1995. John moved to Thailand around 2001 and Tony still lives on the Gold Coast.

Lovely Kerry

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

Xmas 2000 and kerry was one of the head girls, I first met her when she was a waitress at the Boardroom, a well known Southport gentlemen’s club. From memory after Melbas she moved to Koi at Broadbeach, a lovely lady with a great personality.

A definite highlight in 2000

Skye Edwards from Launceston

One of the most gorgeous ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, Skye Edwards from Launceston.

Skye-Jilly Edwards (born c. 1972) is an Australian beauty pageant titleholder who won the Miss Globe International 1994 in Istanbul, Turkey and represented her country in the Miss World 1994 pageant in Sun City, South Africa. She was rated in the top 50 models in Australia by Ralph Magazine.

Perfect except for one small thing

David Herd at Melbas Yes, Skye was a smoker, come to think of it so was I in 2000. I finally quit for good 2 years later.

Here is an article on Skye’s current life.

Melbourne Cup 2004 with Michelle

David Herd Melbas memories You could always guarantee the best eye candy on the coast would wind up at Melba’s on Melbourne cup day.

 The Butterbean Brothers in 2005

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy Two legends in their own lunch time, the Butterbean brothers aka Larry Krausz & Ross Kennedy. Larry just moved to Pattaya on November 28 2015 and is now my neighbour. (Sadly our buddy Larry passed away in January 2017 after suffering a major stroke in Thailand October 28th 2016)  Rossco originally from Melbourne where he sold hot dogs outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and is now a mover and shaker on the Gold Coast. He quit his holdings in Surfers Paradise strip clubs and restaurants to become the glass splash-back King of the Coast. We have a long & happy history together with the highlight being a legendary road trip to Sydney, Falls Creek & Melbourne in 1996. What an incredible year 1996 was, read all about it here.

 December 2003 Xmas lunch.

 photo Xmas lunch at Melbas 2.jpg Sadly two old friends in this photo have passed away. Second from the left Ron Collier died April 26 2012. I first met Ron in Melbourne in the 70s before he & Yvonne moved to Byron Bay, a great character who loved life to the max. Second on the left is Noel Smith a regular Melba’s customer who passed away in 2011.

 Doug Scotcher          Dave Allen Melbas          John Moon

Graham La Roche aka “The Biff”.

 Graham La Roche A true Aussie legend, I also met Graham in Melbourne in the 70s, as his nickname suggests he was a hell of a fighter. Fought with the famous Jimmy Sharman’s boxing troupe throughout Victoria in the 60s and was never defeated. Graham was on-board by boat in Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve 1981 when we got smashed by fireworks because I stupidly anchored in the drop zone, read about it here.

For many years Graham has run a successful tiling business at Carrara on the Gold Coast.

Historic photo from National Library of Australia

 Juimmy Sharman Troup

 Lovely Linda in 2005

David Herd Thailand

I think this beautiful lady was Maltese, I only wish I was 20 years younger and 4 times wealthier.

Melbourne Cup 2006.

 photo z Melbourne Cup at Melbas 2006 4.jpg Important evens were always celebrated at Melba’s, here I am with good friends David Robertson aka “Chocolates” and Phil Thomson aka “Baldrick“. Chocs was famous for the huge volume of “Forsters Light” he would consume daily while Baldrick was famous for……… nothing really. 🙂

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy          Melbas Gold Coast Legacy           Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

Xmas 2006

 photo z Xmas lunch at melbas 2006 8.jpg Here is my good mate Craig Sulzberger aka “Sudzi”, this was around the time we were planning to visit Rio de Janeiro for Carnival in 2008.  We also had a great time in Florianopolis and Balneário Camboriú.

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy          Melbas Gold Coast Legacy          Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

Xmas 2006 Greg Craig aka “Noodles van Cleef”.

Greg Craig Another terrific old friend who was a regular member of our Melba’s drinking crew. Also known as “Coupons” which he collects to swap for free stuff. 🙂

Another gorgeous staff member

Xmas lunch at melbas  Service with a smile.

2007, German and gorgeous.

David Herd Thailand Not only gorgeous but a sparkling personality as well. I can’t remember her unusual name, Zea or something like that.

Looks more Italian than German to me.

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy          Melbas Gold Coast Legacy          Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

A great smile and a wonderful Roman nose she looks more Italian than German to me.

2007 Alan Jones

 photo DH ET amp AJ -2007.jpg Twice world Formula 1 champion, a true living legend if ever there was one. Pictured here with myself and well known Gold Coast sycophant David Hoskit.

My birthday 2008

David Herd Thailand As I said previously all important events were celebrated at Melbas. One of the clowns, I think it was Noodles decided I was old enough for a wheelchair. I can guarantee one thing for sure, Chocs would not have paid for that bottle of red, & everybody who knows him would agree with me. 🙂

Melbas Gold Coast Legacy          Melbas Gold Coast Legacy          Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

Just so cute

 photo Melbas20AFL20dinner202009202.jpg  It was 2009 and I think her name was Linda, another one of the super cute Melba’s bar staff.

Dani Tobin, a real wild child.

Dani Tobin 2009 photo Danielle 4.jpg Over the 25 years of drinking at Melba’s I met some wild crazy ladies, and Dani certainly makes it into my top 10. I see her occasionally on Facebook and she seems to have quietened down a little little, hopefully we may catch up again one day. This photo is from 2009.

The usual suspects in 2008

 photo IMG_1895.jpg We usually met around 5pm most days and left around 7 pm to sneak home dodging the breathalyser.

2008 Drinks for my AFL tipping comp

 photo Melbas footy drinks 010.jpg I ran an Australian Rules tipping competition for around 10 years and Melba’s were one of our sponsors.

2009 AFL footy tipping dinner

2009 AFL footy tipping dinner photo Melbas AFL dinner 5.jpg  Here is part of the mob at our end of year dinner in 2009.

Straight out of the Folies Bergère

 photo 2008 3 - Copy.jpg Another gorgeous drink waitress who contributed to Melbas Gold Coast Legacy.

I’m including this song just because I like it.

It’s a happy song and for some strange reason it makes me think of all the happy times I had at Melba’s.

 Isabella Rovai and Marilia Costa

 photo Beautiful Brazilian girls.jpg These two beautiful Brazilian girls worked behind the bar in 2011.

Another knockout

 photo 2011 Sept 24 a.jpg

Is it any wonder we made Melbas our local pub?

Rolando Hanipale

 photo IMG_9578.jpg Rolando was one of the big happy bouncers at Melbas.

Another Legend Lloyd Ross 2009

Lloyd Ross 2009 photo IMG_2279.jpg When and why did Lloyd become a legend you may well ask? Well sometime around the turn of the century Lloyd relocated his office from Bundall to 50 Cavil Avenue right next door to Melbas. I am sure that no other customer has ever spent more in this bar than Lloyd, for a start most days from 11 am he would conduct his business in the south east corner of the bar surrounded by various friends and associates. He would normally pull up stumps around 6 pm and head home to Main Beach.

One memorable evening around 2007 Lloyd was enjoying himself so much he stayed on much later until the place was jumping. The crowd in the bar at that time was several hundred, so without any fanfare he ordered 800 shooters at a cost of $5,000, guaranteeing his place in Melba’s on the Park folklore for evermore.

Ross Kennedy September 24 2011

 photo Rossco Sept 24 2011.jpg Only a few days before making my huge life changing move to Thailand I started having farewell drinks at my favourite bar with my favourite friends.

 photo Rossco20amp20Jack20Sept2024202011.jpg          2011 photo IMG_9684.jpg          Nick Partrige 2011 photo IMG_9579.jpg

My last visit November 2014

 photo Melbas on the park 2014 2.jpg After my road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road I flew to the Gold Coast to catch up with friends and family. Phil Thomson and I kept alive our tradition of drinks at Melbas on Melbourne day.

That’s all folks for Melbas Gold Coast Legacy

 photo Farewell David 001.jpg A final gathering of the usual suspects before leaving for Thailand. I hope you enjoyed my Melbas Gold Coast Legacy post.

Here is Glenn to describe how I now feel in April 2016.

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Pattaya webcam


That’s all folks

David Herd Thailand

This gallery contains 1 photo.

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

August 23, 2015 by David Herd

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Holiday Inn Pattaya David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 from July to December 31st. October 20th marks my 4th year living in Pattaya. I have already signed a 2 year extension on my condo lease. Above is Ray, Chris, my brother Warren and Lenny at the Holiday Inn for Tuesday night 1/2 price pizza.

Sadly Lenny passed away in April 2016 after a sudden illness, he will be greatly missed.

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection from the 2nd half of 2015. Here is the link for Part 1.

 Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan were my favoured destinations in 2015. Still living in Pattaya & loving it, beginning in January with my 3rd trip to Vietnam then my east European odyssey in February and March took me to Istanbul, with a cruise along the Bosphorus, Dubrovnik, Split Zagreb in Croatia, Mostar & Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovnia, Budapest and London.

September found me in Korea for the first (certainly not the last) time then another fantastic trip to Tokyo and Osaka.

I created a separate post on the fantastic new London Skyscrapers.

Greg Clee and Hamish Elton at Patricks.

Patricks Belgium restaurant We were celebration Hamsh’s birthday on July 21st.

Mantra for Hamish’s birthday lunch

David Herd Pattaya This was 2 days before his birthday, any excuse to dine at the Mantra. 🙂

Great presentation at Mantra

Mantra Amari          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          Mantra Pattaya

Another fabulous Mantra lunch.

Soi 6 with Todd & Hamish

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

My Day began with an Innocent Glass of Champagne at midday at the Mantra Restaurant & Bar , and ended 11 hours later in Soi 6 with an ungainly nosedive onto the Road Leaving Saigon Lady. I Blame Elton Hamish & Todd J Fox for keeping Me captive and forcing copious amounts of Beer, Wine, Jack Daniels & Sambuca  down my throat, all against My Will of course.

Fun & games Soi 6

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

I guess I should see if they are real or not. 🙂

Embarrassing fall

David Herd Thailand

Nothing hurts but the pain. 🙂


David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 Every day they buzz around like mosquitoes opposite my Markland condo.

This is the answer

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

This is the answer to every girls dreams, the “selfie”. 🙂

Pretty face at Atlantic Bar

Atlantic Bar Pattaya The Atlantic Bar increased their size by 50% in July, here is one of the gorgeous girls who work there.

Retox Bar

Simon Peatfield Simon Peatfield opens Retox Bar on Soi Lenkee after selling iRovers in LK Metro. Good food and lots of TV screens for all types of sport.

Retox Soi Lenkee

Retox Pattaya          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          Retox bar Soi Lenkee

Retox is an excellent sports bar.

If you build it they will come

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 This quote from “Field of Dreams” applies not just to the Chinese tourists clamouring aboard the speedboats each morning, but also to the high rise condos that are going up all over Pattaya. Strangley the one dominating the skyline here has no balconies.

Hordes of Chinese tourists

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Another birthday at the Mantra

David Herd Pattaya This is probably the 7th time I have celebrated my birthday here.

July 7 2015

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Mantra

Another birthday has come & gone so I’ll let Glenn tell you how I feel.

Drifters Cafe

Drifters Cafe A delightful beach side bar & restaurant specialising in Aussie meat pies & wood fired pizzas.

Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth

One of Pattaya’s best know attractions.

Paul Mooney & Mark Yagalla

Mark Yagalla Paul comes from Sydney and Mark from New York. Mark has an interesting background with included stealing $50 million from investors while working on Wall Street.

Annie from Atlantic Bar

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

It is now May 2016 and I have not seen Annie for months, she must have found a sponsor. 🙂

Silver Lining

Silver Lining Restaurant A new restaurant at the Zire building in Wongamat. The roof is quite amazing, it and the walls retract giving you an outdoor area for dining. At 9pm it rolls back into place enclosing the whole area.

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya

Dinner at Silver Lining

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 Matt Harkness, Adam Fletcher, Hamish Elton and David Herd.

Joerg Ulitzka and John Martin aka Pothole.

Joerg Ulitzka Joerg arrives in Pattaya after spending 18 months in a Hong Kong prison on drug charges, all charges were dropped.

Larry at the Cherry Bar

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 Larry Krausz rented his Gold Coast apartment and moved to Thailand on November 28. He will have no trouble at all adapting to his new lifestyle.

Dolphin roundabout construction

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya

There is a new shopping mall planned for this huge site, only 10 minutes walk from my condo so it will be a great addition for this end of town.

Hooters comes to Pattaya

 Hooters Pattaya On Beach Rd near Soi 13 this new iconic establishment will be a great draw-card on the beach front.

Replaced my old Crocs.

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 I purchased a new pair of Crocs for special occasions. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “more style than a rat with a gold tooth”. 🙂

Cherry Bar December 26 David Herd Pattaya

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 Geoff Robinson from the Central coast in NSW loves Pattaya. Here is a link to his “Mongrel Mob” birthday celebration.

The Cherry Bar is still my local haunt.

Cherry Bar David Herd          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Pothole Martin & the squabblers

John Pothole MartinHis boys are growing up fast, this was November 29.


Benjamina Sitthi

Here is the lovely Benjamina Sitthi who is the PR lady at the Mantra which is my favourite restaurant.

Another Bangkok visit

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 A quick three day trip to Bangkok just before Xmas  to check out the Red Sky Bar, Chinatown and the Chao Phraya river. The look on Greg’s face in this photo is priceless.

Beach Road storm water drain

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 Pattaya storm water pipe is planned to be the solution to Beach Road flooding after every storm. The problem is they need to replicate what they are building opposite Soi 6 in at least 4 other locations.

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015          David Herd Pattaya

A south African, an Aussie & a Canadian

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 Drinks at the Cherry bar again with James from South Africa and Jeffery from Canada. My fame is spreading, Sunday at the Mantra a nice English couple who live in Australia approached my table to say hello. They told me they were dining at the Mantra because they read about it on my travel blog. Naturally I was very pleased to have influenced them. Then less than 24 hours later outside my condo in soi 1 a young guy said “hi David” I know you from your Cape Town blog. Amazing that he recognised me in the street, so I now have another new friend, James from Pretoria.

Larry buys a ticket

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 New Years Eve at the Cherry Bar and Larry is feeling lucky. Sadly Larry’s luck ran out on October 28 2016 when he suffered a major stroke. After 6 weeks in ICU in Pattaya he was flown back to Australia.

 photo IMG_1738.jpg        David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015         David Herd Pattaya

Hooters opening night

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 Opening night New Years Eve, we were very impressed with the venue and the girls.

Thanks for visiting David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 photo blog.

It’s now 2017 and here is Glenn Frey to tell you exactly how I feel today.

Fireworks on New Years Eve.


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           Hong Kong                      Florianopolos                         Dubrovnik

Kowloon Hong Kong           Joaquina Beach Florianopolis            Dubrovnik


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                                                  Amazing Bangkok busses               Amazing Bangkok busses
Pattaya webcam

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David Herd Thailand

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David Herd Thailand 2014

December 29, 2014 by David Herd

Looking north at Pattaya beach

David Herd ThailandDavid Herd Thailand 2014 was another eventful year. Starting with a wonderful trip to Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cape Town & Sydney. I have called this 5 week adventure my seven super cities trip.

I flew to Adelaide in October then drove to Philip Island along the Great Ocean Road before staying with friends at the winery in Dromana.  A couple of days wandering around Melbourne I flew to the Gold Coast for a week to catch up with friends.

This is not part of my travel blog, just lots of photos from 2014 featuring friends, family & trips.

Drinks at Cherry bar

David Herd ThailandMy brother Warren and his good friend Lenny at the Cherry bar.

Here is my webcam



Para sailing

 photo Pattayaparasailing.jpg

They buzz around like little mosquitoes. 

My condo building is 3rd from the left

David Herd Thailand

This photo was taken from the Dusit Tani.

Golf at Kabinburi

 photo KabinburiSportClub4.jpgThis was my only game of golf in 2014 at Kabinburi, I just find it too hot to play regularly in Thailand.

Lunch with Macca and Herbie

David Herd ThailandJohn MacDonald hails from Melbourne and Herb Pastor come from Las Vegas.

Friends at Gullivers

David Herd ThailandBrad Robbins, Roland Bonicci and Por.

Mata Hari with Irina and Roland

David Herd Thailand

Another terrific night at Mata Hari.

My friend from Ukraine Irina.

David Herd ThailandHere we are enjoying a cold beer on Koh Larn in November.

Koh Larn ferry with Irina

Koh Larn ferry with Irina photo KohLarnwithIrina1.jpg

The ferry takes 40 minutes and costs B30.

Foot massage

David Herd Thailand

One of the joys of living in Thailand, I probably average five each week, one hour just under $10.

Margaritas at the Beach Club

David Herd Thailand

This great song by Glen Frey sums up where I am right now.

Pumps to clear storm water

David Herd ThailandBeach road pumps really did not make any difference trying to clear the storm water.

Friends drop in

David Herd ThailandGordon Shanks from New York and Jonathan Whiting from Brisbane.

Morning coffee

David Herd ThailandAu Bon Pain at the Avenue with Gordon Shanks from New York.

Doug & Geoff from Australia

David Herd ThailandThese guys really push the envelope when they hit Pattaya several times a year. Their favourite street is Soi 6. 🙂

Talking about Soi 6, here we are

David Herd Thailand

A great bunch of guys, and can they drink.

David Herd Thailand, face under repair

David Herd ThailandUsing Efudix to repair damage from skin cancer.

Crane mishap in Soi 3

 photo Soi3misshap4.jpg

I took this photo from the roof of Markland where I live.

Photo shoot in Soi 6

David Herd ThailandI can spot at least 2 LadyBoys here.

David Herd and Hamish Elton

David Herd ThailandHere we are in Soi 6 on Xmas day after lunch at the Mantra.

Xmas day at the Mantra with Benjamina

 photo XmasMantra16.jpg

Another great Xmas lunch with Benjamina our beautiful hostess.

Relaxing at Koh Larn

David Herd Thailand

I have to tell you, life is very good in Thailand.

Drinks with Barrie Comfort

David Herd Thailand

A nice Pommie guy who also lives in Markland.

Kayo flew over from Tokyo for a visit.

David Herd Thailand

I have known kayo for around 10 years, we met in Australia when she and I were living on the Gold Coast. I caught up with her in Tokyo in February and she flew to Thailand for a few days in August.

Welcome Inn Soi 3 North Pattaya

David Herd ThailandOne of my favourite places to eat in Pattaya, close to where I live and the food is terrific and very cheap.

Greg’s Kitchen

David Herd ThailandMy brother Warren and Lenny Schorsy at Gregs Kitchen. Sadly we lost Lenny in April 2016 to a brief illness, RIP.

Mike Beard the cartoon man.

David Herd ThailandMike has lived in Pattaya for 20 years and produces some of my favourite cartoons.

David Herd ThailandDavid Herd ThailandDavid Herd Thailand photo 508SpottheDifference.jpg

Siam @ Siam with Oy

David Herd Thailand

A gorgeous girl who used to work at the Cherry bar.

Phad Thai at Siam @ Siam

David Herd Thailand

Very good food at this unique hotel.

Bill Edge, Wayne Dent and Greg Clee

 photo BillWayneampGreg1.jpg

Three happy guys who love Pattaya.

The new Holiday Inn

 photo NewHolidayInn29.jpg

A world class hotel opposite Pattaya beach.

Roland Bonicci and I at Drinking St

David Herd Thailand

Roland is a very happy Sydney barrister who often visits Thailand for business reasons.

Ooa a gorgeous girl at Drinking St

 photo DrinkingST19.jpg

Sadly this gorgeous babe went back home to the country about a month later.

Drinking St

David Herd ThailandA week or two after this photo was taken sadly this beautiful young girl decided to leave Pattaya and go back to her home in the country.

I just ordered a double Jack Daniels.

David Herd ThailandI leave a bottle or two at the Cherry bar then pour my own at my leasure. The charge s only $10 and the girls provide me with ice & soda. Life is good for David Herd Thailand. 🙂

 Roasting pigs in Soi 3

David Herd ThailandStreet cooking in Thailand is legendary, this guy charges 100 Baht for roast pork and crackling.

 David Herd and Brad Robins.

David Herd Thailand

Brad is a Townsville solicitor who loves Thailand, in 2016 he bought on of the best condos in Markland.

Looking north to Wongamat

David Herd Thailand

North Pattaya and Wongamat.

Young girl at Cherry bar

David Herd Thailand

Just under 17 and learning the ropes at the Cherry Bar.

It’s now 2017 and here is Glenn Frey to tell you exactly how I feel today.

                       Check out these posts if you have time.

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Manneken Pis           photo St Tropez 21.jpg          Juliet's house is in a courtyard off Via Capello. photo Verona107.jpg

             Amsterdam                         Barcelona                        Monte Carlo

Amsterdam      Plaza de Catalu photo PlacadeCatalunastatue.jpg          Monte Carlo Casino

                      Florence                         Lisbon                              Zagreb

The old bridge    Lisbon    Main Square Zagreb


Big storm coming

David Herd Thailand




Some nice views in Pattaya


Soi 6 is famous in Pattaya


Holiday Inn is in a great location


Terrific shopping mall in Bangkok


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David Herd world traveler

December 3, 2014 by David Herd

David Herd world traveller

David Herd world traveller

David Herd world traveller, my history,  particularly over the last 20 years is dominated by overseas travel. I left my home in Australia October 20th 2011 and have  have been living in Thailand since then. I don’t know where  the time has gone? It seems like you go to sleep one night, wake up the next morning, and 20 years have flashed by. Not sure how many years I have left, however I have enjoyed a wonderful charmed life, and if it all ended today I would leave this world with no regrets. I was born in Sydney halfway through the last century, started my travels in the 60s with the usual U.K. Europe adventure at the age of 20, back to Australia and worked in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide in Sales & Marketing with multinational companies including Sanyo, Canon & Remington.

Engaged to be married 3 times and never quite made it to the alter, it wasn’t until I turned 50 before I realised relationships & commitment with the opposite sex was obvioiusly not one of my strengths. I moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland in 1987, worked for a couple of banks as a Financial Planner, and after 25 fun filled action packed years packed up and moved to Thailand.

What is the purpose of this blog? My intention is to use it to offer & receive good travel tips, display photographs, comment on places I visit, restaurants I eat in. I originally intended to write my autobiography over the next year or two. I have put that idea aside and now am happy to use the blog as my travel diary & photo album.

David Herd world travellerAs you can see I have not changed much since 1980, (I wish) however when friends see this photo they often remark that it reminds them of a Miami drug dealer from the mid 80s, very cruel wouldn’t you agree?  David Herd world traveler In fact this photo was taken in Singapore when my old friend Rob Symonds & I traveled to the Philippines,  Hong Kong & Thailand. Obviously Thailand  had a huge effect on me as it has been my home since October 2011. As well as being a travel fanatic I guess you could say I am an obsessive amateur photographer, check these links for lots of photos; please click here. Another good photo & travel site is Worldisround.

I have travelled extensively for many years and consider myself an expert on Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Italy & England. I know quite a bit about Vietnam, Cambodia & the French Riviera so if I can be of any assistance to you please ask.

I was bitten by the travel bug in the middle of the last century, as I said earlier when I was 20 years of age I took my first major trip  to United Kingdom & Europe which lasted 15 months. I enjoyed lots of trips and lots of fun throughout my working life then in 1998 I decided to take a year off work (or so I thought) and never worked again.

From then until now I have been travelling constantly, 8 times to South America, 7 times Europe, countless of trips to Asia (in excess of 50), I have given up my search for the girl from Ipanema and I now live in beautiful Thailand.

I speak English, Australian, Four words of Portuguese, seven words of Thai, twelve words of French, five words of German, five words of Spanish, all to do with ordering a cold beer and saying thank you, 😛  It is such a strain being multi lingual,

I’m always either planning a trip, travelling, reading my Kindle, taking photos & and looking for new restaurants.

The view from my condo is breathtaking, check out my live webcam.

If you are wondering how I’m enjoying my new life in Thailand, the next photo may clarify things.

What time can I start having fun?

David Herd world traveller

December 2014 & still going strong

David Herd world traveller

Well here I am in December 2016, I have lived in Pattaya for 5 years and I absolutely love it.

January 2013 & the English boys arrive in Pattaya.
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OK, it is flashback time, back to the 70s, check out the hair styles & the bell bottom jeans.

It is amazing I survived the 70, not only did I survive I exploded into the 80s, need some proof, then sit back and watch the show.

The party continues all through the 90s.


Here are all the slide shows.


French & Italian ***villages north of Monaco. ***Milan & Verona.***The Italian Dolomite’s.***Portofino.***Cinque Terre.***Lake Como & Lake Garda.***Barcelona.***Paris in 2005.***Versailles June 2013.***Lisbon in 2007.***


Cambodia.***Angkor Wat.***Phnom Penh.***Sihanoukville.***

Vietnam.*** Hoi An is worth a visit.*** Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon.*** Halong bay is incredible.

Thailand.***Koh Samui *** Koh Chang *** Pattaya ***



Here is an easy way to see my photos, YouTube, TripAdviser links as well as many other sites that interest me. Rather than store all my photos on web sites & my computer I have almost 20 Albums that have been printed by various companies. I will add some links

Printed in England and posted to Thailandclick here.

Picasa, a very easy way to manage photos. Click here.

Thailand holiday with family & friends  Ten travelers on tour 

Strange sights in Pattaya.  Babushkas, bikinis & beach babes

My favorite Tokyo restaurant.    Fantastic chaotic Sushi restaurant.

The best trip I have ever had was two months travelling the world in 2008, including Japan, England, Portugal, Brazil & my favorite city, New York.  The only trip almost as good was 3 fabulous months in December 1999 with two friends Tony Murphy & John Martin from Australia. Countries I visited were America, Bolivia, Paraguay,Brazil, France & Thailand. Please click here to see the photos.


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Kings road Chelsea        David & the General photo DHandthegeneral.jpg        David Herd Thailand 
 Great hotel room rates anywhere in the world if you book
                                                through these links below.  Book now & pay later. 🙂
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                                                  Amazing Bangkok busses               Amazing Bangkok busses
Pattaya webcam

That’s all folks

Beckington Trowbridge



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