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Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Here is my live webcam from my balcony overlooking Pattaya beach in Thailand.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach, that is an understatement, this post is dedicated to showing you some of the weird and amusing things I come across nearly every day. The drainage system in Pattaya and most of Thailand is no match for the torrential Tropical storms. However as you can see in the photo above it does not deter the dedicated local beer drinkers.

Nothing stops the Baht bus.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

This was taken in Pattaya south rd in front of Tukcom.

Houston, we have a problem.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Two weeks ago a section of the new footpath on Beach rd collapsed due to the storms. They laid new concrete and repaired it, then planted two large palm trees. I guess the Thais think concrete sets hard immediately, (in reality it takes 28 days) however the weight of the palms was too much for the new base with is only about 2.5 inches thick. Well the picture tells the story, “BANG, CRASH, BOOM,” back to where they started.

Here is an update, the same section just collapsed again for the 3rd time.

After the storm.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Some cleaning up is required.

Not a pretty sight.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Between Wongamat and Pattaya.

Beer drinking Germans

Strange amusing sights Pattaya BeachYou gotta love the Germans, they are so organised they buy the beer that reflects their build.

Sexy beach babes, I don’t think so.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

I bet she is asking the question women all over the world are concerned about, “does my bum look big in this?” 

Chick Magnet

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach He waltzed into town and sent all the local girls into a frenzy.

OK, Ok, I realise you need to see more.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach I think he was only in town for a week or two, who knows how many hearts he broke when he left?

Always something to see on Beach Rd.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

I walk down beach road every morning and there is always something unusual to see.

Three cool dudes on Beach road.

Strange amusing sights

This is one of my favorite photos on Beach road, the three amigos.

Cute pups in Soi 3 North Pattaya

Strange amusing sights

Great looking dogs.

Beach Road Babushkas.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya BeachI am told many super models smoke to help keep their weight under control, clearly in this case it has not worked.

8.30 am & time for a rest

Strange amusing sightsOur Pattaya street cleaner decided she needed a rest, after all it is 8.30 am.

Master electrician at work

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach Workplace health & safety is not a high priority in Thailand, however there is a guy holding the ladder  😆

Beach road bride

Strange amusing sights Why pay for a photographer when you can do it yourself?

Thirty degrees & no refrigeration.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach I’m not sure how far this guy travels with these baby pigs in the 30 degree heat, I just think packing them in ice may be a good idea.

While on the subject of pigs

Thai street kitchenHere is  typical Thai street kitchen roasting a pig, he sells portions for 100 Baht or $3. If the police tell him to move he will simply set up around the corner.  😆

Two are better than one.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Too many roast pigs is never enough.

Not another roast pig?

Strange amusing sights Pattaya BeachAs you have guessed by now roast pork is hugely popular in Thailand, in fact every time someone in a beer bar has a birthday you can be certain a huge pig will be roasting on the spit to celebrate.

Thai people will eat anything

Strange amusing sights Pattaya BeachThese are bugs, grubs & grasshoppers, I have never been brave enough to sample them.

Thai butcher

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach This almost convinces me to turn into a vegetarian.  😕


Spiderman in Pattaya.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

I used to see this guy jogging every morning along beach road, he has a very unusual action. I have seen him for months, I hope he is still alive and kicking.

23 stories high without a safety net.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach Workplace safety is really not a priority in Pattaya, this guy is cleaning windows on a new hotel Siam @ Siam 23 stories in the air.

Beautiful dancing Thai girls at Big C in Pattaya.


Hot pink music machine.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

For those who like a little noise.

Looks like the truck got a makeover in 2014

Strange amusing sights

Pink, orange & now blue.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach I think they are the same beast with a different paint job.

Check out the look on his wife’s face.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

This is a classic, the husband is impressed, the wife is thinking “if you keep staring at her you will be in big trouble mister”.  👿

Very difficult for a lady to get any privacy in Pattaya.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

There is nothing like a relaxing bath.

Another bathing beauty in Soi 3

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach Just beside the Cherry Bar on the corner of Soi 3 & 2nd Road Grandfather cooks while the little one takes a bath.

Against the traffic on a busy one way street.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go. 🙂

Precision engineering?

Strange amusing sights

Nothing surprises me in Thailand.  😆

Same scene 2 years later in August 2015

David Herd Thailand Two things have changed, a lot of sand has disappeared and been replaced by rubbish.

The sea was angry that day my friends.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya BeachPardon me for borrowing a line from Seinfeld.

Lady-Boy? you can’t be serious?

Lady_Boy Pattaya My two friends from Australia had their photo taken in Walking St with the most beautiful Lady-Boy I have ever seen in the 33 years I have been coming to Pattaya.

Hungry little jumbo.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

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Anyone fancy a frog kebab?

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

If the weird sights have not put you off, get a great hotel deal through AGODA.

Sleeping rough in Pattaya.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

Sleeping off a big night.

Gorgeous girls at my local bar.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

I guess it was time to throw in a photo of some of the girls who used to work at my local Cherry bar, Jaeb,Jan & Anne. This shot goes back to 2009 however Anne  & Jaeb are still working there.

Fast asleep at 9.30 am

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach She obviously had a tough night but can still strike a pose while asleep.

The sun only shines on certain people

Amazing Pattaya sunset

Living in Markland condo on beach road is the perfect place to watch the beautiful sunsets.

Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists Pattaya

OK, you are a Chinese tourist in Pattaya, you want your wife to shave all the unsightly hair off your back. Just pick a busy Mezzo coffee shop and tell the other customers to like it or lump it.

Photo shoot in Soi 6

Strange amusing sightsThai girls love to dress up, however in this group I can see at least 2 LadyBoys. 🙂

Some people will complain about anything.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

This shop keeper feels his customers can’t get to his door. Hopefully the master electricians can make a few minor adjustments for him. 🙂

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Pattaya low cost budget hotels

Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, great value at only $30 usd per night as of August 15. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

The prancing Pothole.

Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach

No, this has not been photo-shopped, it’s a real person, it’s our resident lunatic John Martin aka Pothole. I have known him 15 years and in that time have noticed the gradual deterioration in his erratic behaviour. He probably provides a large % of my entertainment here in Pattaya, which is much appreciated. In many ways he is a role model, the antithesis of everything you do not want to be or become. 😆

Think about this scenario, earlier this year after receiving his well deserved reward for Thailand’s “most dysfunctional family” I imagine Pothole Martin could give this interview to the the local paper;

Long before I abandoned all hope I had a dream that one of my sons would compete in the Olympics. I never new what sport would suit until the birth of my youngest child. Recently when I heard that “crying & screaming” was to be included in in the Tokyo Olympics and I knew my time had come.

I have actually been training young Tyrone since birth, his mother & I spent up to 5 hours each day screaming at each other knowing this would form a vital part of his future personality. We knew we had a winner from the moment his slipped out of his mother’s hands and fell on his head on the concrete floor, his piercing screams all the way to the hospital inspired me to continue his training.

I am well qualified to coach him as I have cried in front of detectives at North Sydney police station in Australia on a number of occasions, and have screamed in many of Pattaya’s top hotels & restaurants. Please also remember that being irresponsible is not as easy as I make it out to be.

Finally, you are most welcome to view my training sessions, just meet me at any shopping center when I have the children with me, or better still ride in the car while they are in the back shrieking & screaming at a championship level.

I have recently developed a very good “low impact” training exercise called “weeping and whaling”, I use it on a daily basis in front of my bathroom mirror each morning. For some reason the image staring back at me tends to encourage both the weeping and the whaling.

Pothole’s Squabblers, Tiger & Tyrone aka Chang.

Strange amusing sights

Terrific kids with a crazy father.  😳

My favourite cartoon.Strange amusing sights

Some people just have to have the last word.

Strange amusing sights

 Bookmark this page folks as the strange & weird sights never stop in Pattaya.

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Strange amusing sights          Strange amusing sights          Strange amusing sights

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Strange Strange amusing sights Pattaya Beach, have I convinced you? 🙂

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Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Thai New Year Celebration Pattaya

Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, great value at only $23 usd per night as of August 15. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

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Thai New Year Celebration Pattaya

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