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Seven Super Cities

First stop Hong Kong

Kowloon Hong Kong

Seven Super Cities, in February 2014 I traveled  over a period of 5 weeks to Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Capetown & Sydney. It may well be my last BIG multi continent trip, in the future I think I will focus on single destinations like, Europe, America & Australia etc.

I’m surprised it took me so long to return to Hong Kong, my first trip there was in 1980. It has not really changed all that much due to their limited land mass.

Wan Chai at night

Seven Super Cities

I I stayed in a the Brighton hotel in Wan Chai only 5 minutes walk to the ferry and lots of bars & restaurants all around my hotel.

One of the clubs near my hotel

Seven Super Cities

This area is very good for night life.

Hong Kong photos
Next stop Tokyo

Kabukicho TokyoA little over 6 years since I was in this fabulous city, my first 3 days I stayed at Tsujiki near the Ginza then 6 nights in Shinjuku which is like an adult Disneyland. Hundreds of bars & restaurants and thousands of neon signs. There is also a very quaint unique tiny lane full of small restaurants. It has two names, “Memory lane” or the one I prefer “Piss Alley”.

Piss Alley

Piss Alley Tokyo.jpgStrolling down Piss alley is like stepping back in time 200 years. Piss Alley was named many years ago, when it was a shady destination for criminals to get drunk together. The place wasn’t very built up back in those days, so instead of using a toilet, people just relieved themselves wherever they could.

Cafe Metro

Cafe Metro in TokyoA great place to have a drink with friends in the heart of Tokyo.

The Tokyu Stay hotel in Shinjuku is great value in a terrific location.

If you want to be near the Tsukiji fish market & the Ginza try Business Hotel Ban or Tokyu Stay Hotel.

Tokyo slideshow

Flying over Siberia to London

Seven Super Cities

An awesome view from the plane.

snow in Siberia

A beautiful contrast between the snow and the sky.

Third stop London

Tower Bridge

Even though I arrived on March the 1st the weather was terrific, blue sky in the morning before the rain arrived late afternoon. I made a nostalgic trip to Wapping where there is a very old English pub called the Prospect of Whitby. The last time I was in this pub was exactly 50 years ago when I was very very young.  I did exactly what  what I did  1n 1964, I ordered a Fosters lager and reminisced about the friends I left behind.

The Prospect of Whitby.

 Prospect of WhitbyNothing much has changed in 50 years except for the price of a beer and the colour of my hair.  😆

Mowbray Court hotel in Earle’s Court

Seven Super Cities

The Mowbray Court Hotel in Earle’s Court is in a terrific location, and the staff is helpful. (FREE WI FI) The rooms are very ordinary as all the hotels in the “so called” budget range are.

The Comfort Inn Victoria is also in an excellent location next to Victoria Station & Bus Terminal.

London photos

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Stop 4 Amsterdam

Amsterdam windmill. jpgI was only 21 years of age when I last visited this great city, all I could remember of it was The Central Railway station & the red light district or RLD as they refer to it.

Seven Super Cities

I stayed at a wonderful B & B only 5 minutes walk from Central station, the building dated back to 1490 and the owners Loes & Tony were excellent hosts. Here is their link to make a booking.

Red Light district

Seven Super CitiesOne of Amsterdam’s most popular tourist areas,

Amsterdam photos

Stop 5 Brussels

Grand Place Brussels.jpgThe highlight in Brussels for me was The Grand Place, a beautiful square in the heart of the city. Surrounded by narrow lanes with hundreds of bars & restaurants to choose from.

Restaurants near grand Place.

Restaurants Grand PlaceI found the rest of the city a little ordinary however the Grand Place and surrounding area make the city a must to visit.

Mannekin Pis

Manneken Pis

NH Grand Place Arenberg Hotel was great value in a super location. Free Wi Fi & friendly staff.

Photos of Brussels


Stop 6 of seven super cities is Capetown

Seven Super Cities

Watching the clouds cascade over the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town is a rather mystical experience, you can actually see them moving slowly down the mountain before dissipating.

On safari north of Cape Town

Elephants on safariSpent a great day 3 hours north east of Capetown at Aquila game reserve a privately owned enterprise which gives you a taste of Africa. Not too many animals or species are on show there but there was enough to give us an appreciation of this wonderful ancient country. More importantly they do offer value for what you pay, just don’t expect Kruger National park and you won’t be disappointed.

Here is the blurb from their website,

Aquila Game Reserve is recognized as a major Cape Town tourist attraction. Aquila has been published in the, “World’s 21 favourite things to do in Cape Town,” and considered one of the top 10 daytrip destinations by Sawabona Magazine.

Aquila offers a wide variety of safaris – day trip safaris, horseback safaris, quad bike safari, overnight and fly-in safaris. There are other activities on offer too like 4 x 4 trails, fishing and golf. Visit our activities page for more.

Aquila Private Game Reserve has gone to massive efforts and expense to source and re-introduce wildlife into the Cape region. A great emphasis is placed on a wildlife conservation educational experience. Aquila offers visitors a complimentary educational introduction to our cheetahs. Cheetahs are captive bred and strictly controlled in the interest of cheetah survival worldwide.

Long Street

Long Street

I must say walking around alone at night I did not feel totally safe.

Lots of photos here

Now only one stop to go in my seven super cities adventure.

Final stop is Sydney

Seven Super CitiesMy main purpose to visit the city where I was born was to catch up with family and friends. I flew to Sydney after 3 days in Port Macquarie, the last leg of my seven super cities world tour. I ticked all the boxes with the food I miss when I’m in Thailand, a dozen Pacific oysters followed by Aussie prawns with avocado on fresh white bread sprinkled with Cambodian pepper. Corned beef & cabbage with white sauce washed down with a nice Aussie wine.

Rolled over a couple of huge term deposits to ensure I can continue to live like a king in Thailand.  😆

Caught up with nephews & nieces & their gorgeous children, now back home to Pattaya tomorrow. Many thanks to Kerry & Warren for their usual generous hospitality.

Bar Reggio in Darlinghurst

Seven Super Cities

Bar Reggio is a popular restaurant in Sydney where I bumped into a few friends.

Port Macquarie

David, Warren & ChrisI’m with my brother Warren & Chris Lockward at the Fig hotel in Port Macquarie where we enjoyed my niece Laura singing with her boyfriend Jordan Millar.

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The Capitol Square Hotel in Chinatown is great value.

  In the same area Pensione Hotel would be my 2nd choice.

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That’s all folks

Beckington Trowbridge

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