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Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia


Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Towns on the NSW coast are really worth visiting, starting 80 kilometres north of Sydney we have Ettalong on the Central coast. This small town has so many wonderful memories for me as it was the place my family spent the Xmas holidays from when I was a small baby until I was a teenager. In those days the road was quite dangerous and wound around the mountains like a snake around a pole. The journey in those days took about 2.5 hours, now it’s just over an hour on the motorway.

Ettalong in 1953

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Here I am at 10 years of age with young brother Warren and my grandmother Nan Tippett. Here is somewhere to stay in Ettalong with magnificent views over the water, the Tantra apartments.


Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Thirty minutes further north and a little more upmarket is Terrigal, another very popular holiday destination. Terrigal was first settled in 1826 by European Settler John Gray, who called his property Tarrygal, after the indigenous Aboriginal place name, signifying ‘place of little birds’. The town’s long beach is highly popular with tourists.


Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia  Gosford is located just 80 km north of Sydney. Growing up in Sydney this area was where our family would spend our annual holidays.

Peppers is a very nice hotel opposite the beach in Terrigal.
Forster Tuncurry

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia A population of over 18,000 people it is a holiday destination for many Sydney people who are only a 4 hour drive away.

Port Macquarie

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

My favourite NSW coastal town, 400 kilometres north of Sydney, in fact my Australian residential address is here at my brother’s home. Warren has lived here for over 20 years and I always visit when I am in Australia.

Port Macquarie was first visited by Europeans in 1818 when John Oxley reached the Pacific Ocean from the interior, after his journey to explore inland New South Wales. He named the location after the Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie.

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Port Macquarie is a retirement destination, known for its extensive beaches and waterways. The town is also known for its koala population, being the home to the Billabong Koala Park, and the Koala Preservation Society’s Koala Hospital, caring for koalas injured through bushfire, dog attacks and collisions with vehicles.

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Coffs Harbour

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Coffs Harbour  is  located on the north coast of New South Wales about 540 km north of Sydney, and 390 km south of Brisbane.  Coffs Harbour is one of many regional cities along the Pacific Highway between Newcastle and The Gold Coast.

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

The Observatory hotel is just a short walk to several restaurants and cafes, the only downside is being woken early in the morning when the first train stops at the station 50 meters in front of the hotel.

Typical old Australian homestead

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

A beautiful example of an early Australian homestead. An other one of the great Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia.


Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia  Yamba Clarence River NSW Coast has a population of just over 6,000, which tends to triple in the holiday season. The economy is based on tourism & fishing. 

Iluka at the mouth of the Clarence River.

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Iluka is a small village at the mouth of the Clarence River on the NSW coast. It is situated directly across the river from the resort town of Yamba. At the 2006 census, Iluka had a population of 1,739 people.  The town’s name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning “near the sea”.  It has long beaches on the ocean side of the river. It is reached by turning off the Pacific Highway approximately 20 kilometres north of Maclean.  As Iluka is a popular tourist destination its population increases slightly in the holiday season with many Gold Coasters in the summer and Victorians in the winter.

Byron Bay

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Byron Bay is a beach-side town located in the far-north-eastern corner of the state of New South Wales. It is located 772 kilometres north of Sydney and 165 kilometres south of Brisbane.  The history of Europeans in Byron Bay began in 1770, when Captain James Cook found a safe anchorage and named Cape Byron after John Byron.

 It is a resort popular with both domestic and international tourists, including backpackers, who travel along the Australian coast; the scenery also attracts skydivers. The area is also noted for its wildlife, with the whale watching industry a significant contributor to the local economy.

Byron Bay

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Only a 60 drive from where I lived in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, I would occasionally drive down for lunch at the famous pub near the beach. One of the great Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia.

Byron Bay lighthouse NSW coast

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Australia’s most easterly point.

Magnificent deserted beach near Byron Bay

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Miles of deserted beaches are all along this part of the coast. I intend to live somewhere along this coast around 2022. Hopefully I will find a little bolt hole where I can live in peace until I die. 🙂

Kingscliff Northern Rivers Coast NSW

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia 

A fairly typical coastal town with lots of coffee shops, tourists & terrific beaches.

Point Danger NSW coast

Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia

Port Danger is on the border of New South Wales and Queensland. It’s a very popular location for surfers.

Port Danger

Seaside Towns NSW Coast AustraliaThanks for visiting my Seaside Towns NSW Coast Australia photo blog, it certainly is one of the world’s great coastlines.

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  1. Hi David, I saw your photo of you, your brother, and grandmother in a boat at Ettalong in 1953. I am a member on Facebook called “Good Old Woy Woy”. I’m sure you would like the group and I’m sure you could contribute at lot to the group with your memories living on the Central Coast. I hope you would consider joining the group. Cheers Michael.