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Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

The greatest show on Earth.

Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show,  it is really the greatest show on Earth. I was at the Sambadrome in 1999 and 2005, then I celebrated Carnival at a Bloco in Ipanema in 2008. I was way up in the bleachers in 1999 so in 2005 I paid about $500 to have a front row seat. Therefore I have been fortunate enough to have experienced Carnival from 3 different aspects.

Happy dragon at Sambadrome.

Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

The Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí is center stage of Rio Carnival, the host venue of the annual parade of Samba Schools. It is important to note that Rio Carnival, popularized around the world as the greatest party on the planet,is about much more than drinking and partying. At its heart, Carnival is an exhilarating combination of competition and camaraderie as organisations called Samba Schools battle for the title of Rio Carnival Samba Parade Champions. For Cariocas, the local residents of Rio de Janeiro, is a time to show the world the product of a year’s worth of hard work and dedication. All the magic of Rio Carnival — the beats, songs, dances, floats and costumes — are the product of well-orchestrated machines called Samba Schools.

Rio Carnival floats are spectacular.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

A samba school (Portuguese: Escola de samba) is a club or dancing school. They practice and often perform in huge square-compounds (“quadras de samba”) devoted to practising and exhibiting samba, an African-Brazilian dance. The schools are traditionally associated with a particular neighbourhood, often shanty towns (“favela”). Throughout the year the samba schools have various happenings and events, most important of which are rehearsals for the main event which is the yearly carnival.

Another beautiful float.

Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

The parades during carnival are a showcase of each “escola” enhanced by the participation of celebrities, fans and guests who often pay large sums of money for their costumes.  Each school displays glamour in colorful costumes and floats with special effects and is organized into different segments or “alas”. The “alas” represent different components of the school’s theme, or “enredo”, as they act out a homage to a myth, historic event or figure, or express their view on a social, environmental or international issue. The “alas” display distinct costumes or “fantasias” and also reflect traditional samba school roles developed years ago. Thus, each samba school parade has the “comissao de frente“; individuals who open the parade by walking in social attires, saluting the crowds; the “ala das Baianas”, or the traditional segment of Bahian African-Brazilian ladies with impressive round dresses spinning through the avenue; the “puxadores” (lead singers) singing the “samba-enredo” or theme-song while they play the “cavaquinho” or other string instruments; the “velha guarda,” or veterans who made history in the school; the “bateria”, or samba band with drums, “cuicas” and other instruments, preceded by the “madrinha da bateria”, or band godmother who is often a sexy female celebrity. The “porta-bandeira”, or the female flag holder, and the “meste-sala”, or male cortsy, display and salute the school’s flag, as they dance and strive to show harmony and samba expertise, as their performance is carefully observed and scored by the judges.

Wonderful paint job.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

I would have loved to have been the lucky guy to get the job painting this gorgeous girl.


Giselle Bundchen was opposite from my spot.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

Giselle Bundchen, the Brazilian super model was right opposite where I was sitting. She was a guest in the Brahma beer hospitality box.

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Each school takes about 90 minutes to pass.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

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The floats are huge.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

I’m guessing they take many months to build these wonderful floats.

Happy face at the end of the parade.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

Another happy face at Carnival.

Meanwhile out of the street.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

Outside the Sambadrome the parties go all night, not everyone can afford a ticket to the parade so they boogie all night at the Blocos.

Day & night the party goes on.Beautiful girls dance on the bus

Blue sky and beautiful ladies.

Rehearsal the day before.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

Here I am taking a photo of the Sambadrome the day before the awesome parade.

Preparing the drums for Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest showRio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

Can you hear the drums Fernando?

I hope he is friendly.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

I’m at a big warehouse where they store many of the Carnival characters and floats.

David Herd with the bird.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

A great thrill to be so close to the Carnival props.

Please keep an eye out for me.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

Here’s looking at you kid. 🙂

My friend Mary Rocha.Rio di Janeiro Carnival worlds sexiest show

This is my friend Mary, she has now married and living in Miami.

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  1. Hi David, you’ve done a fabulous job. I’ve had a quick look at some of the places and we are definitely going to do cinque terre. We are doing Spain and Portugal for 2-3 weeks so would be interested in your opinion…July,August or September. Like you we travel at least once a year to somewhere interesting in the world. Your knowledge and experiences are being taken on board and are so helpful. Paul and Leigh van der Breggen.