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Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia

Family trawling on the Mekong

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia is the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia. Its estimated length is 4,350 km (2,703 mi).It starts from the Tibetan Plateau & runs through China’s Yunnan Province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

 Riverside restaurant

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia

A perfect place to relax & watch life on the Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia. A huge storm hit while we were there & the noise on the ancient tin roof was deafenning. 🙂

Seeing Phnom Penh by Tuk Tuk

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia An inexpensive way to get around the city, short rides are only $2 or $3 USD.

Many temples similar to Thailand

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia We didn’t inspect any of the Cambodian temples, we had our quota in Chiang Mai the previous week. 🙂

From the old to the new

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia

There is a building explosion happening in Phnom Penh mainly due to enormous funds flowing in from China.

Modern buildings are multiplying

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia In a few short years you won’t recognise Phnom Penh.

Very little activity

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia The first thing we noticed around these modern buildings was very few people around. I’m guessing it’s out of the locals price range.

The “old” Cambodia is far more appealing

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia Which do you prefer? In my book the “old” wins hands down. 🙂

Plantation Urban Resort and Spa

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia An excellent hotel in a good location, for a very good room rate just book through THIS LINK.

Be warned however

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia Not very good for single guys who are hoping to bring a lady back to their room.

 Bistrot Langka

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia TripAdvisor rank it #2 of 962 Restaurants in Phnom Penh.

Delicious soup

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia Food & service was excellent.

Beside the Bistrot Lanka entrance

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia It looks like an ordinary Coke machine.

In fact it’s a door to their Speakeasy. 🙂

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia What a great surprise, full marks to the French owners for their unique idea.

Metro Hassakan restaurant

Mekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia Located in the main street opposite the river, nice atmosphere & good food.

Farewell to the Mekong River

Mekong River Phnom Penh CambodiaMekong River Phnom Penh Cambodia & Sihanoukville are certainly changing rapidly, not necessarily for the good I’m afraid. However there are still many wonderful experiences to enjoy in this fascinating country.

Sadly this lovely coastal village is never going to be the same, just read THIS STORY.

 Zagreb Croatia                      Rio de Janeiro                  Brisbane River 

Zagreb Croatia bars restaurants        a7ff7566-9628-434d-a2b1-8c6e8b9a9021       IMG_0100


     Koh Samui                                   Korea                                  London

32780a6c-baf6-428a-bd71-68b1bed30b4c         Changdeokgung Palace (2)        IMG_7042

         Bangkok                                   Osaka                                     Pattaya

Soi Cowboy (25)          Osaka 1st night (17)       Walking St Pattaya is wild & sexy 


             Chiang Mai                      Pattaya                      Chao Phraya river

Chiang Mai with Tone        9a1fec74-4461-46cd-8663-97f5893c8f6e (1)   191de3bb-38fc-45cd-bce7-ef24081c554b

Pattaya live webcam
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That’s all folks

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Author: David Herd

My history, particularly over the last 30 years is dominated by overseas travel. I sold my home in Australia October 20th 2011 and have have been living in Thailand since then. I don’t know where the time has gone? It seems like you go to sleep one night, wake up the next morning, and 20 years have flashed by. Not sure how many years I have left, however I have enjoyed a wonderful charmed life, and if it all ended today I would leave this world with no regrets.

I was born in Sydney halfway through the last century, started my travels in the 60s with the usual U.K. Europe adventure at the age of 20, back to Australia and worked in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide in Sales & Marketing with multinational companies including Sanyo, Canon & Remington.

Engaged to be married 3 times and never quite made it to the alter, finally realized by the mid 90s I was not cut out for “long term relationships” so I moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland in January 1987, worked for a couple of banks as a Financial Planner, I took a year off work in 1998 to travel and never went back to full time work again, after 25 fun filled years on the Coast I packed up and moved to Thailand.

What is the purpose of this blog? Well I really want to use it to record my travel experiences & to display my photographs, give and receive travel tips, comment on places I visit, restaurants I eat in and use it to replace the autobiography I intended to write, apart from all that it helps me fill in my day. :)

I moved to Thailand mainly because I wanted to keep travelling while my health allowed me to, there are huge advantages being closer to all the places I want to visit.

Cost of living in Thailand is around 35% of the cost in Australia, plus flights are 50% cheaper because you are much closer to everywhere. ????

Consequently I am able to travel to many more places compared to living in Australia.

Having said all that, it is & has always been my intention to return to Australia when my travelling is finished, I predict this will happen around 2021.

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