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Longest Trips Air Sea Road FiveStarVagabond

July 17, 2018 by David Herd

The Long & Winding Road

Longest Trips Air Sea Road

Longest Trips Air Sea Road

Longest Trips Air Sea Road that I have ever taken over all my years of travelling the world. Starting with a six week cruise way back in the 60s from Sydney to Southampton. I’m boarding the Fairsea with my best friend Glenn Beasley.

The old shipboard romance

Longest Trips Air Sea Road Leanne Scot was from Adelaide, we spent a lot of time together during the 6 week cruise & later living in London. More photos on THIS LINK.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road

Longest Trips Air Sea Road We worked for a few months at the White Lion Hotel in Cobham, about 20 miles south east of London. We lived upstairs & had 1.5 days off each week. The pub closed around 2012.

7th engineer on the La Maria.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road I did two trips from Europe to Duluth in the Great Lakes in America, whilst not the longest voyage in distance it certainly was in time at sea, around 6 months.

My longest taxi ride, around 300 kilometers.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road We travelled from Natal to Recife around the coast of north east Brazil.

Praia de Pipa

Longest Trips Air Sea Road On the way we stayed in Pipa for a few days, it became one of my favourite places in Brail.

Porto de Galinhas

Longest Trips Air Sea Road Is an hour south of Recife, in English it means the port of the chickens.

My lovely travelling companion

Longest Trips Air Sea Road Simone & I met online 3 or 4 years ago & we always catch up when I’m in Brazil.

A very long road trip.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road 

Three Japanese students, Yukako, Megumi & Noriko & I travelled from the Gold Coast in Queensland, through Broken Hill  NSW to Coober Pedy in South Australia, a fascinating opal mining town where most of the population live in underground houses, then on to Ayers Rock and back home to the Gold Coast via Hervey Bay where we went whale watching. On our marathon journey all through the Australian Outback we traveled 7,000 kilometers  which was around 82 hours behind the wheel. 

It was a wonderful trip

Longest Trips Air Sea Road The girls were so excited seeing the Australian outback that it made the trip much more special for me.

It’s way out of focus but you get the picture.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road At sunset the rock seems to glow.

Whale watching at Hervey Bay

Longest Trips Air Sea Road This was our last stop after the longest road trip I have ever taken.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road

Longest Trips Air Sea Road Such magnificent creatures.

My longest flight was from Rio de Janeiro to Brisbane.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road Thirty five hours with a 8 hour stopover in Buenos Aires. It was the stopover from hell, I flew 3 hours to Buenos Aires from Rio, then an eight hour wait for my flight to Sydney at 2am with a stop in Auckland, then a 3 hour wait in Sydney before arriving on the Gold Coast at 3pm Friday. To say I’ll be stuffed when I get home could be the understatement of the year. Meanwhile I had a bottle of Argentine Malbec and a fillet steak to help pass the time. 🙂

I was a very tired boy when we arrived in Brisbane.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road I don’t ever want to attempt such a flight again. 🙂

My longest residence

Longest Trips Air Sea Road

Twenty one years I lived in the beautiful home I designed & built in Surfers Paradise, from 1990 until 2011.

My private jetty

Longest Trips Air Sea Road At the front of my waterfront home.

My yellow canary

Longest Trips Air Sea Road I drove this wonderful Mercedes for 17 years until 2007.

My longest relationships

Longest Trips Air Sea Road First there was Carol Luciano from Double Bay in Sydney, we were an item for 3 years or so in the 70s.

Karen Smith was also a 3 year term.

Longest Trips Air Sea Road Karen was from Melbourne & we lived together for 3 years in the 80s. 

Thanks for visiting my Longest Trips Air Sea Road photo blog, & they say nostalgia is a thing of the past. 🙂

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