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Top tips for London sightseeing

July 22, 2019 by David Herd

Five top tips for London sightseeing

Top tips for London sightseeing

Top tips for London sightseeing, very few cities offer the history, architecture and culture of London, so it;s understandable if you are eager to nail all the sightseeing spots on your visit. Londoners have many qualities, but they’re not typically known as the friendliest bunch in the world, so take a look at some of our tips to help you in the UK’s capital. After a few days of experiencing busy underground stations, charming pubs and bustling shopping centres, you’ll feel just like a local.

Tip 1, Stand on the right on an escalator.

Top tips for London sightseeing

Nothing annoys Londoners more than tourists blocking their path when they’re running late for a train. It’s an easy mistake to make, especially if no-one’s pre-warned you, but standing on the left on an escalator is an unforgivable sin come rush hour. Just to make things clear: stand on the right, walk down or up on the left – it will make your life a lot easier without the sound of frustrated tutting behind you.

I hope this word of warning hasn’t put you off using the Underground, because it’s the best way to get around Central London.

London Tube map

Top tips for London sightseeing It isn’t too tricky to figure out, just watch out for the destination on the front of the train and you’ll be fine. 

Tip 2, Go on a free walking tour

Top tips for London sightseeing Every city worth visiting hosts a wealth of companies offering free walking tours and London is no exception. They’re by far the best way to see the city: they’re free (though it is always polite to leave a tip for the guide), it gives you a better sense of direction and it provides some exercise in the fresh London air. Why spend £20 on an open-top bus tour when you can burn off the fish and chips from the night before, admiring the beauty of Buckingham Palace?

Tip 3, visit the pub.

Top tips for London sightseeing Even if you’re not the biggest drinker, it’s still worthwhile basking in the quintessential English atmosphere that consumes a London pub. If you are into your alcohol, most pubs will pride themselves on their selection of booze, ranging from pale ales to exotic cocktails. For the more sociable visitors that are planning on making friends with the locals on your visit, the pub is your best option. Brits quickly open up once they have a cold pint in their hand.

Tip 4, Make sure to check out the museums and galleries.

Top tips for London sightseeing 

London has so much to offer, yet the free entry into its art galleries and museums may just be the jewel in its crown. The British Museum, The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum are all hugely popular and in very close proximity, making the perfect itinerary for a day of history and culture.

Tate Modern is one of the most popular galleries and is ideally located right in the heart of Southbank, allowing you the chance to take a stroll along the Thames after enjoying some modern art.

Tip 5, Book your accommodation in advance

Top tips for London sightseeing London can be a touch pricey, especially if you’re booking your hotel at the last moment. Make sure you’re prepared well ahead of time – saving money before you go creates some more funds to splash on a fancy dinner in Covent Garden. Don’t worry if you still haven’t found your perfect place to stay, there are plenty of companies designed to give you a helping hand with your search. Think of all the extra souvenirs you’ll be able to bring home.

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