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Sexy Brazilian samba babes

February 11, 2015 by David Herd

Carnival dancers in Paraty

Sexy Brazilian samba babes

Sexy Brazilian samba babes, it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. It was January 2008 & my friend Sudzi & I were in the beautiful colonial village of Paraty which is 3 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro. Suddenly we heard the sound of drums then saw the band and two beautiful tall statuesque Brazilian girls heading our way.

 David Herd plus camera

Sexy Brazilian samba babes

As you can plainly see my camera is always by my side.

Amazing beautiful Brazilian

Sexy Brazilian samba babes

I’m not sure exactly when I fell in love with her, probably within a few minutes of taking her photo. 🙂

You have seen the front now here is the back. 🙂

Sexy Brazilian samba babes

Say no more…………………

I’m in heaven

Sexy Brazilian samba babesNaturally I just had to get into the act, it’s not hard to imagine this has become one of my all time favourite photos.

I’m too sexy for my shirt

Sexy Brazilian samba babes

These two girls could really move. 



Here are lucky guys

Sexy Brazilian samba babesVery lucky guys to be able to speak Portuguese and work with those gorgeous girls. 🙂  

OK, back to the love of my life

  Sexy Brazilian samba babes   Words fail me……..  

Wonderful samba outfits

  Sexy Brazilian samba babes   OK, lets go live


Sexy Brazilian samba babes

 photo IMG_3647.jpgSexy Brazilian samba babes will remain as one of my favourite Brazilian memories, and believe me I have so many great memories.

The streets of Paraty  January 2008

  Sexy Brazilian samba babes  

Sexy Brazilian samba babes will stay in my memory forever.

Perfection really needs no description

   photo IMG_3670.jpg  Words absolutely fail me, how beautiful is this girls skin.

Many thanks ladies for making my day

  Sexy Brazilian samba babes  

I’m hoping to return to Paraty again in January 2016, it’s a small village and who knows, I may just see her again. 🙂

The intrepid travellers

Sexy Brazilian samba babesWhat a trip this was, two fabulous months in Brazil including New Year & Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Sudzi & I teamed up in Curitiba then spent a week or so in Florianopolis. We travelled north and were taken completely by surprise when we stumbled across Belneario Camborui. The beach was twice as long as Copacabana with a cable car at one end and a Statue of Christ on the mountain behind. From here we travelled to Paraty then on to Rio.  Sudzi saw Carnival at the Sambadrome and had his camera stolen in the crowd when he was leaving. Dave Wylie & I had a window seat at the famed restaurant Garrota de Ipanema which was surrounded by a Rio bloco where thousands party in the street. This was another night I’ll never forget.

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Tokyo        Carla, what a girl. photo CopacabanabeachNov2003-128.jpg        Buda Castle
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Pattaya live webcam
Pattaya webcam

The Rio girls love the beach, many of them live in the Favelas and use the beach as their perfect playground.


Copacabana beach, one of the sexiest places on Earth.


Walk from Copacabana to Ipanema


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