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Salvador Bahia Brazil

February 21, 2015 by David Herd

Salvador Bahia Brazil

Salvador Bahia BrazilSalvador Bahia Brazil is on the north east coast and is Brazil’s 3rd largest city. Most of the population is in part descended from African slaves, who were mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Praia do Porto da Barra

 photo CopyofSalvadorbeach2.jpgWe stayed in a hotel opposite this beach which is is only 5 kms from the historic centre Pelourinho.

Fort de Santa Maria

Salvador Fort de Santa Maria photo BrazilSalvador.jpg

Logo Nassau organized civil guards of Recife, Paraíba and Itamaracá to reinforce the troops and set off on April 8 1638, at the head of a naval fleet of 36 units at 3,600  Europeans and Indians.  He began the assault on Salvador in April 16, landing and gaining the surrender of the strong St. Albert, St. Philip and St. Bartholomew. But as Bagnuolo and the Governor-General had overcome their differences, Pernambuco army and the local garrison were united against the invasion consequently on the night of May 17 & 18 Nassau lost 300 men.

 I met Monica on the beach

Salvador Bahia BrazilMark it down as a big mistake, everything was ok for the first 2 days then she went kind of crazy. I actually cut my trip short by two days and flew back to Rio de Janeiro to catch up with Renilda a gorgeous lady I have met there the previous week.

Crazy Monica 🙂

Salvador Bahia Brazil

Crazy is an understatement, anyhow after a brief fling I got out of Dodge. 🙂


Salvador Bahia Brazil

The Historic Centre known as The Pelourinho is located in the western zone of the city’s centre, and was named for the whipping post (Pelourinho means Pillory) in its central plaza where African slaves received punishment for various infractions and disciplinary purposes.

The Pelourinho, is extremely rich in historical monuments dating from the 17th through the 19th centuries. Salvador was the first colonial capital of Brazil and the city is one of the oldest in the New World (founded in 1549 by Portuguese settlers). It was also the first slave market on the continent, with slaves arriving to work on the sugar plantations.

Salvador Bahia Brazil

Salvador Bahia Brazil 

Once the capital city of Brazil from 1549 up until 1763 when it was succeeded by Rio de Jeneiro, Salvador da Bahia is considered to be the happiest place in the country. The city is best known for its food, music and general party atmosphere due to the numerous parties that now take place there.


Salvador Pellourinho

Salvador is the second most popular tourism destination in Brazil, after Rio de Janeiro. Tourism and cultural activity are important generators of employment and income, boosting the arts and the preservation of artistic and cultural heritage.

Chief among the points of interest are its famous Pelourinho (named after the colonial pillories that once stood there) district, its historic churches, and its beaches.

Elevador Lacerda

Lacerda Elevator Salvador

Elevator Lacerda is the first elevator Urban World. In December 1873 , when it opened, it was the highest in the world, about 63 meters.

Elevador Lacerda

Lacerda Elevator photo BrazilSalvadorselevator.jpg


Salvador Bahia Brazil

Monica in front of Sousa Palace

Salvador Bahia Brazil

Sousa Square (also known as City Square) is a square located in the historic centre of Salvador , where there is a lot of public buildings in the city, such as Sousa Palace (now city hall).

Thanks for visiting Salvador Bahia Brazil

Salvador Bahia BrazilThats all from Salvador Bahia Brazil, bye for now from David and crazy Monica. 🙂

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