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Samba Schools street parades

September 22, 2014 by David Herd

Carnival parade on Avenue Atlantica

Samba Schools street parades

Samba Schools street parades

Samba Schools street parades are called blocos in Rio, Carnival time in 2005 was just one huge non stop party. The excitement generated is absolutely electric.

Blocos are the street bands and groups

Samba Schools street parades
Blocos are the street bands and groups that are the main popular expression in Carnival of Pernambuco in Brazil. These celebrations are mixed under the term “street carnival”, a term that still includes the bandstands and parades at streets of Olinda and Recife, and happen during a period of about two months (beginning before and finishing after Carnival).

The biggest bloco is the Galo da Madrugada that attracts more than 2,000,000 people to downtown Recife.

Bloco on Avenue Atlantica Copacabana

Samba Schools street parades

The biggest bloco in Brazil is the Galo da Madrugada that attracts more than 2,000,000 people to downtown Recife.

Bloco truck in Copacabana

Samba Schools street parades

Never a dull moment in Copacabana.

Samba Schools street parades

Samba Schools street parades

You really almost need earplugs the music is so load. 🙂

Check out the speakers in the truck below

Samba Schools street parades

Since 2004, the blocos have exploded and now there are now nearly 300 blocos with over 40 new ones appearing for the 2007 Carnaval.  The first blocos started only a little over ten years ago. This is the heart of the “Street Carnival” which includes the greater likelihood of locals playing percussion instruments with their friends at their favorite hangout as well as  the Bandstands and the many Parades of downtown’s Rio Branco Avenue. These events are inclusive and practice for the musicians begins months before the Carnaval and the parades do not end until Sunday of the following weekend.

Same corner later that night

Samba Schools street parades

My apologies for the out of focus photo.

Full house on Copacabana beach

Samba Schools street parades

Of course it is almost shoulder to shoulder on the beach.

Samba Schools street parades Avenue Atlantica Copacabana

Samba Schools street parades

The noise, the people, the music is fantastic.

Samba vs Marchinhas

“If they have brass, they’ll usually call themselves a “banda”. Either way, they’ll rehearse for a month or two, or maybe not rehearse at all, and then they rent a sound truck for the singers and guitarists to ride on, and have a big parade. It’s sort of a “Let’s have a party!” down-home approach to Carnaval. It’s actually the way the escolas-de-samba used to be, way back in the old days…… Most blocos play samba or, if they have a brass band, they might play marchinhas, the peppy European polka-type music of old-school Carnaval. Carnaval music used to all be marchinhas, back in the 30’s, before samba was brought to Rio by immigrants from Bahia.”

Bloco in Copacabana

Samba Schools street parades

Carnival time in Rio is something everybody should try to experience at least once in their life.

One of the Blocos in Rio

Samba Schools street parades

The crowd at Copacabana is building.

Dancing in the street

Samba Schools street parades

The Rio de Janeiro street carnival begins in November. The street carnival are structured in groups named: bloco, cordon, band or rancho but they are really about simple fun with others. If you wander in the zona sul districts of Gávea, Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana and Botafogo during the Carnaval you will often find them hanging out prior to parading. This is known as the period of Concentration.


Most bands also have official T-shirts for sale on the spot for about US$10, to help with the costs. They make great souvenirs, as they are sold only on Rio Carnival days.
Samba Schools street parades dancing with chairs

Samba Schools street parades

Not too sure why the chairs play a part, tradition I guess.

This is Dave Sommer & his girlfriend

Samba Schools street parades

Dave lived & worked in Sao Paulo in the insurance industry, he & his girl both danced in the parade at the Sambadrome. I was lucky to have them take me to their Samba school to see everyone preparing the costumes & the instruments.

Sadly Dave was brutally murdered in Sao Paula January 29 2015, RIP buddy.

Trying on her Samba hat.

Samba Schools street parades

With some help from her excited Mum. 🙂

Here I am with mother & daughter.

Samba Schools street parades

What a lovely two Brazilian ladies, it was such a pleasure being invited into their home.

And here she is in the parade

Samba Schools street parades

Can you imagine my joy & happiness when I spotted my friend in the parade and was able to get this great shot. Before I left Rio I had it framed as a present for her. Sambadrome is the name given to an exhibition place for the Samba Schools in Brazil. It generally consists of spectator viewing areas surrounding a long alley for the schools to parade down.

Here is the Mocidade Samba school

Samba Schools street parades

The Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel Samba School, commonly known as Mocidade, formed out of a local football (soccer) club from the favela of Padre Miguel in Vila Vintém, a neighborhood located on the western side of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Known for its unique and unparalleled style of dance and its excellence in teaching its members the steps of the samba, Mocidade competed in its first Rio Carnival parade in 1955.  Competing in Group B, by 1958 Mocidade won its first Group title, which bumped the Samba School up to the higher tiered Access Group. In 1976, Mocidade placed fifth in the Special Group and were the Rio Carnival runners-up in 1976. Finally, in 1979 the Mocidade Samba School won its first overall Rio Carnival title with a spectacular interpretation of its theme, “The Discovery of Brazil”. Ever since, Mocidade has been known for the the unity and synchronicity in its performances, tying together the various aspects of plot with an innovative use of dance, music, costumes and floats. Known for its futuristic design concepts, Mocidade shocked the audience, judges, and other parading Samba Schools with a miraculous flying parader — a first in Rio Carnival history!

Mocidade Samba School

Samba Schools street parades

Do you hear the drums Fernando?

Dave has got his hat & instructions.

Samba Schools street parades

I think Dave had to pay the school about $400 to participate in the parade. Dave Sommer lived & worked in Sao Paulo,  Sadly he was brutally murdered on January 11 2015. 

It all leads up to Carnival, the greatest show on Earth.

Samba Schools street parades

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