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Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

September 18, 2014 by David Herd

 Two fantastic looking ladies

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach
Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach in 2005 and I was there to help them have a great time. Probably one of my best trips to Rio, in fact it may have been the best. Good friends, beautiful women & lots of fun.

Above is a perfect example of the beautiful sexy Brazilian girls who flock to Rio from all over Brazil at Carnival time. On the left is Samantha with one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. I was lucky enough to spend some time with her.

Samantha, oh what a smile.

Sexy Babes Copacabana BeachSamantha came from the country outside of Rio, I tried to contact her again when I returned in 2007 but the language barrier made it just too difficult to speak on the phone. I should have tried harder.

Haniball Lector lookalike

Copacabana CarnivalCarnival is party time, there are so many wonderful characters, no wonder they call it the greatest show on Earth.

Another beautiful face in Copacabana

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

Her name is Sylvia, a friend of Dave Wylie.

Tall & tanned & young & lovely

Copacabana sexy babesDuring the day the beach is the place to be and to be seen.

Back to Samantha at Copacabana.

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

Yes, the more I think about it the more I think this was my best Rio trip.

 Sensational bikini babe at Copacabana

Sexy bikini babes Copacabana

This beautiful girl in the orange bikini has the most wonderful skin colour, among everything else of course. 🙂


 I really had to look twice to be sure she was real 🙂

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach That is what I call a very healthy well built girl, her name is Irene, you gotta love Rio.

Doug, & two Daves at Copacabana.

friends at CopacabanaDoug is the guy kissing the lady, he sadly passed away a year or two after this photo was taken. A very nice man who’s company is missed by all his friends. Dave Sommer is in the middle, he lived & worked in Sao Paulo,  Sadly he was brutally murdered on January 11 2015. Dave Wylie is now in Crescent City and thinking about returning to Thailand in 2015.

OK, back to the babes

Sexy Babes Copacabana BeachNot too much has to be said about this photo, it seems to speak for itself. I must point out however that sexy topless girls are rare in Rio de Janeiro, one of the few locations is on Copacabana Beach in front of the Orthon Hotel.

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Copacabana is packed at Carnival

Sexy Babes Copacabana BeachNaturally the beaches are very crowded around Carnival & the weather in February is usually magnificent.

Tatiane & Marcelli, gorgeous girls.

Sexy Babes Copacabana BeachMy friend Dave Wylie introduced me to Tatiane & Marcelli, two absolutely gorgeous Brazilian girls.

What was her name?

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

I forget her name, but I spent some time with her after meeting her on the beach. 🙂

Surfs up at Copacabana

Surf CopacabanaQuite unusual to see such a rough surf here, usually the waves are quite gentle compared to other Brazilian & Australian beaches, especially Sydney at Bondi. .

Another beautiful face

sexy Copacabana babeMy favourite spot of an evening was the side-walk restaurant outside HELP nightclub. It was such a great scene, quite a large rectangular area and dozens of beautiful girls would circle it hoping for an invitation to sit down and have a drink with you. It was a little like the wild west days when the Indians would surround the wagons. 🙂

Evening wear Copacabana style.

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

At carnival time anything goes in the fashion stakes as you can plainly see. 🙂

I’ll try anything to attract a lady

David Herd CopacabanaThere is no trick I won’t try to attract a ladies attention. Do you think this strategy is sending the right message?

Age is no barrier

Sexy Babes Copacabana BeachAn 85 yo American guy having a ball, age is no barrier in Copacabana at Carnival.

I keep coming back to Samantha

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach Her lovely smile would light up a room, I’m just thankful it was my room. 🙂

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Rio-de-Janeiro 160,000 people live in Copacabana and 44,000 or 27.5% of them are 60 years old or older. Copacabana covers an area of 7.84 km which gives the borough a population density of 20,400 people per km². Residential buildings eleven to thirteen stories high built right next to each other dominate the borough. Houses and two-story buildings are rare. When Rio was the capital of Brazil this was considered one of the best neighbourhoods in the country if not the best. Therefore the sea front apartments are extremely luxurious and classical. In the 1970s the neighbourhood descended in the social scales and now is one of the most overcrowded in the planet.

Dave Wylie in his element.

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach One of the sexy babes with my good friend Dave who lived in Rio for around 10 years & speaks fluent Portuguese. He was the motivation for me to start my travel blog in June 2013.

My lovely friend Jackie

Carnival Rio-de-JaneiroWe met on the internet 3 years ago and have been friends ever since. Jackie has two children & speaks 3 languages, Italian, English & Portuguese. We are dining at Milano Doc between Copacabana & Ipanema in Rio De Janeiro

What about those beautiful eyes?

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

This is beautiful Diana, all 39 kilos of her. 🙂

The girl with the fluffy tail

Sexy Babes Copacabana BeachHere is Leila, as I said before anything goes in fashion when Carnival is on.

These sexy babes caught me with the camera.

Avenue Atlantica CopacabanaSprung again, this is one of my favourite photos, I love the look on her face when she caught me taking the photo.

Sugarloaf mountain

Sugarloaf mountain RioSugarloaf mountain Rio De Janeiro  dominates the Copacabana skyline, take the cable car to the top for one of the greatest views in the world.

Street parade on Avenue Atlantica

Bloco CopacabanaThousands of party animals follow the trucks which have music blaring and people cheering & having fun. I plan to write another post just on the street Blocos & the Carnival preparations, stay tuned. 🙂

Beautiful Carla

Sexy Babes Copacabana BeachI met this beautiful lady 2 years ago in 2003 and I really must show you a photo from then.

Carla in 2003

Sexy Babes Copacabana Beach

Carla has the most magnificent skin colour I have ever seen.

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