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Copacabana new years eve 2007

February 13, 2015 by David Herd

Copacabana new years eve

Copacabana new years eve Copacabana new years eve and the cruise ships are arriving. Nine huge floating palaces drop anchor to watch tonight’s spectacle. Music fireworks & noise.

Lovely hostess

Copacabana new years eve I paid $400 for a ticket to a cocktail party on the 12th floor overlooking Copacabana beach. The lovely lady above let me visit the venue mid afternoon to take some photos.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Copacabana new years eve Mid afternoon and you can see the crowd building up. Two million people are expected to gather tonight at Copacabana most of whom will be wearing white.

Around 4 pm the crowd builds up

Copacabana new years eve

Through the afternoon the crowd starts to build.

More ships arrive

Copacabana new years eve

Nine huge ships arrived for the show.

A burning question

Tell me Sergio, will our ship ever come in? photo Dec245.jpg Sergio, it is New Years Eve 2007, do you think our ship will ever come in?

Now here is how we are going to handle troublemakers

Copacabana new years eve Final instruction at 5.30 pm, the Rio cops are a very mean bunch.

The shadows cover the beach

Copacabana new years eve The anticipation is building, you can fell the excitement in the air.


Going home to freshen up

 photo IMG_2445.jpg

As far as I’m concerned she is dressed perfectly.

The party begins

  Copacabana new years eve Here is where I am watching the celebration, lots of food and booze, after all we did pay $400. 🙂  

Here they come

Copacabana new years eve

I have never seen a crowd this big anywhere before.

More and more all dressed in white

Copacabana new years eve

And still they come to celebrate New Years Eve at Copacabana.

 The excitement is building & more people arrive

Copacabana new years eve

I was in the perfect spot to see everything.

Standing room only

new years eve

What a night it was, worth every cent.

I’m happy to be above the crowd

Copacabana new years eve

Let the games begin.


  Copacabana The fireworks begins, 2 million people onshore and nine cruise ships anchored off the beach.  

 Spectacular fireworks

Copacabana new years eve  You can see five of the nine cruise ships here in this photo.  

Lots of noise

  Copacabana new years eve Noise from the Fireworks and the amplified music that is blasting out from huge speakers along the beach.  

Here is the live action


And the beat goes on

Copacabana beach

The noise was quite incredible. 

The show went on for hours

Copacabana new years eve I left around 1 am knowing I had seen the most spectacular NYE celebration in my life. The Sydney fireworks is certainly superior however when you add two million screaming people into the mix at one of the world’s great beaches it is game over.

I hope you enjoyed my NYE experience


David Herd from Thailand
Of course for sheer drama and chaos check out Sydney New Year’s Eve 1981. 


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