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Pipa Beach Brazil equals paradise

December 4, 2014 by David Herd

Pipa Beach brazil

 photo PipaampPonteNegra.jpgPipa Beach brazil, I remember sitting in a bar in Rio Di Janeiro with two friends Dave Wylie & Doug Roarke, (RIP) and when I asked what was their favorite place in Brazil, Doug briefly considered the question before saying “Praia de Pipa”. Until that moment I had never heard of the place, but on Doug’s recommendation I planned my trip. Pipa Beach brazil quickly became one of my favorite places in the world.

Simone Cristina Oliveira

David Herd Brazil

I traveled 300 kilometers by taxi from with my friend Simone from Natal to Recife, we stopped in Pipa for a few days along the way.

Low tide in Pipa

Pipa Beach brazil

 landua pousada Praia da Pipa

landua pousada Pipa Beach brazilOnly 30 meters to the water, in fact the photo at the top is right in front of the hotel.

View from landua pousada

View from landua pousada Praia da Pipa photo PipaampPonteNegra149.jpg

Great bar close to our hotel

Pipa Beach brazil

Bar, what bar? I don’t see a bar. 🙂

The ice cream man.

 photo PipaampPonteNegra146.jpg

Eye candy at Pipa beach

Pipa Beach brazil

Don’t walk away Jose

Pipa Beach brazilGreat beach view here, this guy is certainly punching above his weight. 🙂

What! No water…..

Pipa Beach brazil

Low tide at Pipa

Pipa Beach brazil

Very low tide at Pipa

Pipa Beach brazil

Enjoying low tide at Pipa

 photo PipaampPonteNegra176.jpg

Tide coming back in

Pipa Beach brazil

Look closely you may see some fish.

Pipa Beach brazilFish, what fish? I can’t see any fish.

Fresh for dinner tonight

Pipa Beach brazil

Fresh fish for dinner

Pipa Beach brazil

 Caipirinha before dinner

Pipa Beach brazil

Lovely Simone, what magnificent skin colour.

Pipa Beach brazil

Surfs up

Pipa Beach brazil

Local artist

 photo PipaampPonteNegra123.jpg


Pipa BeachHalf a world away from Australia we came across these Scandinavian guys playing Didgeridoos, amazing.

Where does that tattoo end?

Pipa Beach brazil

A perfect day.

 photo PipaampPonteNegra156.jpg

Sand hills all along the coast

David Herd Thailand


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