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Paraty short drive to Rio.

August 29, 2013 by David Herd

Paraty is only 3 hours from Rio.

Paraty mud carnival

Paraty short drive to Rio, and is known for the cobblestone paved streets throughout the Historic Center District. No cars or trucks are allowed in this part of town. Without any doubt this wonderful village is one of my favorite locations in Brazil.

Once a year, when the great Rio De Janeiro carnival takes place, the coastal town Paraty which is located 250 km south west to Rio, holds a unique carnival called the Mud Carnival.

The carnival preserves the ancient local tradition when the Indians smeared their bodies with black mud for medical reasons, and held ritual ceremonies in order to bring cure to the ill. It differs to Rio carnival where the participants wear beautiful coloured costumes, in Paraty the carnival is based on the simplicity between men and nature.

Relax on the beach

Paraty short drive

Brazilians love the beach and in Paraty they relax by the sea.

Great view in Paraty

Paraty bikini

So many wonderful sights in Brazil.

Peaceful paradise Paraty short drive to Rio

Paraty short drive

A peaceful setting opposite our hotel.

Off to the beach we go.

Paraty beach

A happy family heads for the beach.

Paraty was founded in 1667

 photo 538858_10150858943143594_1384914637_n.jpg

Distinctive Portuguese architecture. 



  Paraty short drive  

Paraty is one of my favourite places in Brazil.

Earning a buck in Paraty

Paraty street musicians Paraty is located on the Costa Verde (Green Coast), a lush, green corridor that runs along the coastline of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, it has become a popular tourist destination in recent years, renowned for the historic town and the coast and mountains in the region.

Where are all the customers?

 photo 536603_10150858907403594_330921692_n.jpg

It must be siesta time.

Lots of boat trips in Paraty

Paraty short drive

OK, let the party begin.

Beautiful sailing boat

Paraty short drive

What a classical shape this beautiful craft is.

Boats at the jetty

Paraty short drive

All the boats line up along the wharf waiting for customers.

Waiting for customers

paraty short drive

Pick me, pick me he cries.

How do you reach the top shelf?

Paraty short drive

There must be a ladder here somewhere.

Paraty restaurant

Paraty short drive

Red wine, graffiti and guitars.

Beautiful Brazilian girl.

Paraty short drive

Check out this wonderful Brazilian girl doing the Samba in Paraty.  

  You sexy thing.

  Paraty short driveHow sweet she is. 🙂 

My favourite photo

  Paraty paradiseIt’s Probably not hard to guess why this is my favourite photo, a rose between two thorns, I don’t think so. 🙂 Paraty grew in the 18th century as a strategically important port for exporting the gold mined in Minas Gerais. When shipments in nearby Rio began to attract the attention and ambition of pirates and privateers from rival European powers, the Portuguese began using Paraty as their safe port for getting their gold to Lisbon.

Beautiful old colonial buildings.

Paraty short drive

This church is on of the most photographed buildings in Pataty.

Please click on Google + to help my ranking.   

Does anyone need a taxi?

Paraty short drive Every time there is a high tide the water flows in and all the cobblestone streets turn into rivers. 😀

 Dinner & vino in Paraty

Dinner ParatySudzi & I enjoying dinner in Paraty, I can’t wait to visit this wonderful Brazilian gem once again.

Let the games begin.

David Herd in Paraty

I decided to be colour coordinated with the wall.


The good ship Lolipop 🙂

Paraty short drive

Ok time to explore the surrounding islands.

Waiting for the bus to Rio

Paraty short driveAlthough Paraty is only a short drive to Rio there are so many people I know who have never made the trip, they have certainly missed out on a wonderful experience. As I said earlier Paraty is only 3 hours from Rio so do yourself a huge favour and put it on your itinerary.

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