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Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

September 17, 2013 by David Herd

Canoa Quebrada

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north BrazilFortaleza  Canoa Quebrada north Brazil, we were in a beach buggy to ride along the beautiful long beaches and wander through the amazing coloured sands.  Canoa Quebrada is 164 kilometers from Fortaleza.


Canoa Quebrada

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil The terrain really looks like red rock however it is in fact sand.  

Beach buggy and a long deserted stretch of sand.

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

Getting ready for a trip along the beautiful beach.

Speeding along the sand

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

This was a terrific experience.

Canoa Quebrada.

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

Canoa Quebrada (meaning broken canoe in Portuguese), known as the pearl of the east coast of Ceará, Brazil, is an international tourist beach resort 164 km from Fortaleza, in the municipality of Aracati. This small fishing village, among dunes and cliffs, has good views and is becoming popular with tourists.

Magnificent sand dunes

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

One of my favourite photos from this mini tour of the coast.

Fascinating foamy water.

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

Coming from Australia I grew up around some of the best beaches in the world, I have always been interested in the sand & the surf. So you can probably understand why I was keen to photograph the foamy Canoa Quebrada surf.  😎

If you are more interested in bikinis than foam this link is for you.

Canoa Quebrada Church.

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

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Fortaleza high rise.

Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil

Fortaleza (Portuguese pronunciation: [foʁtaˈlezɐ], Fortress) is the state capital of Ceará, located in Northeastern Brazil. With a population close to 2.3 million (metropolitan region over 3.4 million), Fortaleza is the 5th largest city in Brazil.  Fortaleza is one of the three leading cities in the Northeast region together with Recife and Salvador. The city will be one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, for which Brazil is the host nation.



Fortaleza is a good place for single guys, in 2010, the city had 433,942 opposite-sex couples and 1,559 same-sex couples. The population of Fortaleza was 53.2% female and 46.8% male.

Fortaleza main street.

Fortaleza Brazil

I enjoyed visiting Fortaleza however it is not a city I will rush back to.

Lovely Brazilian family in Teresina.

One the way to Fortaleza I stopped for a few days in Teresina, the hottest city in Brazil, to visit a friend I met online,  Sueli Oliveira Mesquita and her lovely family.

Sueli Oliveira Mesquita


Enen now in 2016 we still stay in touch on Facebook. 

Sueli’s lovely sister Silmarinha

Sueli's beautiful sister

Both sisters were very sweet ladies.

David Herd in Teresina Brazil.


  Teresina is the capital and most populous municipality in the Brazilian state of Piauí. Being located in North-central Piauí 366 km from the coast, it is the only capital in the Brazilian Northeast that is not located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. With 814,439 inhabitants, Teresina is the 19th largest city in Brazil, and the 15th largest state capital in the country. Teresina is the hottest city in the country and the third city with the major incidence of lightning in the world.  

 That’s all for Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada north Brazil




Fortaleza Canoa Quebrada
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