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Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

September 30, 2013 by David Herd

João Fernandinho Beach Buzios

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil, are resort towns  located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2012, the Buzios population consisted of 23,463 inhabitants and its area of 69 km². Today, Búzios is a popular getaway from the city and a worldwide tourist site, especially among Brazilians and Argentinians. In the early 1900s  Búzios was popular with the Carioca’s high society, who wanted to escape from the chaotic city life of Rio de Janeiro and enjoy over 23 beaches that the peninsula offers. But it wasn’t until 1964, when the famous French Actress Brigitte Bardot visited Búzios, that it grew to be a popular tourist destination.  (From Wikipedia)

One of 23 beautiful beaches.

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

During the 16th century, the Tupinanbás Indians occupied the area, which is now known as Búzios. During the 17th century, the Europeans invaded what was then a small village and as a result, the Tupinanbás developed strict relationships with the French pirates and smugglers, who were interested in smuggling pau-brasil (famous Brazilian reddish wood) and selling African Slaves. Eventually the French were expelled by the Portuguese due to their bloody disputes with the Tupinambás, which resulted in a significant decrease in the Indian population in that region. (From Wikipedia)


Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

An interesting taxi in Buzios.

Peaceful setting

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

Half the beaches are quite and peaceful and half a good for surfing.


Buzios Cabo Frio BrazilBúzios is located at 105 miles NE from the city of Rio de Janeiro, about a 2 hour drive from that city. You come to a fork in the road, straight ahead for Cabo Frio and left for Buzios.

Buzios was made famous by Brigitte Bardot.

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil Brigitte Bardot was a famous French Actress in the 1960s that decided to go to Rio with her Brazilian boyfriend, Bob Zagury. However due to the intense amount of paparazzi following them, Bob took his girlfriend to Búzios in order to enjoy the rest of their trip in a quieter and more exclusive site. At the time, the small town had no electricity and life there was quite bucolic yet it was the simplicity of the place, in conjunction with the peninsula’s natural beauty, that made Brigitte Bardot fall in love and declare her admiration for the small fishing village. Inevitably, Búzios became a global spotlight and although other famous stars like Mick Jagger and Madonna followed her path, none left such an impression as Bardot did.

One of the many restaurants in Buzios.

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

I must say I have never been a fan of Mexican food.

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Cabo Frio.

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

Cabo Frio is a popular beach destination which draws a lot of beach goers and surfers from around the state, as well as the neighboring landlocked state of Minas Gerais. It was founded in the 16th Century, after the Portuguese chased the French away from the area, and remained small for most of its history. In recent years, with the income from the growing tourism industry and the influx of retired folks from Rio de Janeiro, it has grown to a city of over 185,000, with a wide range of amenities for the traveller.

Cabo Frio restaurant.

Cabo Frio restaurant

A beautiful sunny day in Cabo Frio.

Cabo Frio cruise boats.

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

Cruise boats waiting for customers.

My friend Renilda.

Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

Here is my friend Renilda, she lives at Cabo Frio with her son and lots of pet dogs. We met in 1999 on Copacabana beach and have had a lot of fun together. I have not seen her since I took this photo in 2006 but I hope we meet again one day.

Armacao dos Buzios.

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

These famous Buzios statues are to honour the fishermen.

Beautiful beaches Buzios Cabo Frio Brazil

Buzios map peninsular

There are beaches all around the peninsular.

Finally one last study of  beautiful Brigitte Bardot.

Beautiful Brigitte Bardot

Here is another nice blog on this wonderful Brazilian destination.

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