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Belem at the mouth of the Amazon

September 17, 2013 by David Herd

Fresh fish in Belem.

Belem Amazon fishBelem is at the mouth of the Amazon river which represents more than half the planet’s remaining rain forests and comprises the largest and most species-rich tract of tropical rain-forest in the world. Founded in 1616 by the Kingdom of Portugal, Belém was the first European colony on the Amazon but did not become part of Brazil until 1775. The newer part of the city has modern buildings and skyscrapers. The colonial portion retains the charm of tree-filled squares, churches and traditional blue tiles. The city has a rich history and architecture from colonial times. Recently it witnessed a skyscraper boom.

Discussing the day’s catch.

Belem brazil

Waiting for customers to buy their fresh fish.

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Ancient fishing boats.

Fishing boats Belem

All the fishing boats at the docks make it a fascinating area to wander around and soak up the atmosphere, you get the feeling nothing has changed here for centuries.

Old man of the sea.

belemCan you imagine how many years this old man has been standing here on the wharf casting his net into the river?

The banks of the mighty Amazon.

banks of mighty Amazon

Naturally I took an interesting river tour along the mighty river to add to my river bucket list which includes the Nile, The Mississippi, the Mekong and the Murray. Most of the city seemed old and ancient with many old rusting boats of all shapes and sizes lining the waterfront. However according to Wikipedia Belem has it witnessed a skyscraper boom, which is a shame. Here is a video clip of two Brazilian dancers on the cruise.

Belem waterfront

Belem mighty Amazon

One of the passenger boats that will take you as far as Manaus. 


Downtown Belem.


Downtown Belem Brazil

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Belem Street market.

Belem market

As you can see the market was not very organised. 🙂

Friendly little Brazilian guy in Belem.

David Herd Brazil

This little guy was staying at my hotel with his parents, he like to come and visit me.

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Does my bum look big in this?

Belem The question women all over the world ask their husbands, well in this case the answer is a resounding YES. 🙂

Great faces in Belem

David Herd Thailand

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