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Santa Cruz Bolivia

April 8, 2016 by David Herd

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Santa Cruz Bolivia Santa Cruz Bolivia sits by the Pirai River in the lowlands east of the Andes Mountains. My little adventure took place in 1999 when I flew from Sydney via Las Vegas to Santa Cruz before visiting Iguazu falls. After the fabulous falls I met friends in Sao Paulo before heading for Rio de Janeiro.

It was 1999 and my first digital camera took rather poor photos.

How lucky was I?

Santa Cruz Bolivia

I was met at the airport by Dalia a gorgeous 23 yo Bolivian who I had met in a chat room on the internet. Actually I met her friend who could speak English which Dalia could not. So now you know the reason Santa Cruz was on my itinerary.

Dalia’s friend Coral

Santa Cruz Bolivia

Coral was the go-between for meeting Dalia.

Apologies again for the poor quality photos.

Santa Cruz Bolivia Dinner in Santa Cruz with Coral and Dalia’s son Tony.

Three generations

 photo Dalias mum.jpg Everybody I met in Santa Cruz were such nice friendly people. Here is Dalia’s mother and son Tony.

Looking good

Santa Cruz Bolivia Dalia looking very good in her orange bikini.

Typical Santa Cruz street

Santa Cruz Bolivia Some parts of the city are quite modern, this however is not one of those parts.

Santa Cruz church

Santa Cruz Bolivia

Like most South American cities there are plenty of churches.

Going for lunch in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Bolivia From memory I think I actually ate an Armadillo for lunch.

Dinner is served

Santa Cruz Bolivia It’s certainly not the Ritz but from memory I think the food was OK.

Very friendly people

Santa Cruz Bolivia Everybody was very friendly, many of the places my friends took me were off the beaten track.

Santa Cruz shops

 photo Santa Cruz shops_1.jpg Some of the buildings were a little more modern.

Another friend

Santa Cruz Bolivia Here is Kelly Caballero anther gorgeous girl I had met online before I began my great adventure. I still see her on Facebook now in 2016.

Back to Dalia

Santa Cruz Bolivia After my little diversion with Kelly Dalia & I made plans to head for Brazil.

Dalia in Santa Cruz Bolivia

 photo BeautifulDalia.jpg

Ok let’s get a passport and a ticket for the death train. The “death train” (so named because of its history in transporting Yellow Fever victims) runs on bumpy tracks from Santa Cruz to Corumbá on the Brazilian side.

 Catching some shut-eye on the Death Train.

 photo Sleeping on the death train.jpg Dalia sleeping peacefully on the way to Quijarro.

 The frontier

 photo 17405390.jpg

After leaving the train we walked across the border then took a taxi to the Brazilian immigration office, and that’s where my problems began. I was suspicious when they had my passport and wanted to see a credit card to ensure I had enough money to exist on in Brazil. I knew I was in trouble when they went to another room and came back 5 minutes later to give me my passport and credit card back.

Sure enough a week later my credit card was cancelled as there had been $14,000 spent on it all over Brazil. Everything was sorted out when I returned to Australia and I received a replacement card.

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