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Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

March 21, 2015 by David Herd

Budapest beautiful city

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges on show in eastern Europe, in fact rarely has the first 24 hours in any city had such an impact on me. The lights, the beautiful buildings and bridges on the Danube are breathtaking. Buda Castle dominates the skyline near my hotel, certainly it’s more spectacular at night. The castle is the historical complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest, and was first completed in 1265.

Little Princess

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

The original 50 cm statuette of the Little Princess (Kiskirálylány) statue sitting on the railings of the Danube promenade in Budapest.

Hungarian Parliament building

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

 Budapest was united from three cities in 1873 and seven years later the Diet resolved to establish a new, representative Parliament Building, expressing the sovereignty of the nation.

A short video of the Parliament

Matthias Church and Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

Matthias Church is a Roman Catholic church located in Budapest, Hungary, in front of the Fisherman’s Bastion at the heart of Buda’s Castle District.

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

On their website they say “The AmaBella offers the ultimate in custom-designed luxury. This 161-passenger vessel features a combination of amenities and design details never before seen on the great waterways of Europe. Featuring an impressive range of stateroom categories, dining options and public lounges, AmaBella will transport you on the river cruise of a lifetime.”

This should be called the rainbow boat

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

Cruising along the river was one of the highlights for me.

100 year old restaurant Budapest

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

That is the actual name of the restaurant, I had dinner there on my first night in Budapest. It’s only 80 meters from my hotel, I was very tired after a long day travelling from Zagreb so perhaps I was not in the right mood.

100 year Old restaurant

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

 I found the music was good but too loud and the Hungarian Goulash was ok, but I didn’t like the pasta that came with it.

Margaret Bridge

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

  It is the second northernmost and second oldest public bridge in Budapest.  

Szeacutechenyi Chain Bridge Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

One of Budapest’s famous bridges.

The Kiosk is my favourite bar

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

  Just around the corner from my hotel this terrific bar shows old movies on the wall.  

Some like it hot

David Herd fivestarvagabondOne of the best comedy movies ever made was playing the other night, I had forgotten just how good it was.

Bar staff at the kiosk

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

The guys behind the bar were very friendly.

Pretty face at the Kiosk

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

That beautiful smile was certainly worth a photo.

The Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar BudapestThis is the Budapest Buddha bar, I was in the Paris Buddha bar exactly 10 years ago in February 2005, have a look at my Paris post.

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Museum of Fine Arts

 photo 44e73f53-f2c7-4677-a878-33487293d8d2.jpg

  I took this photo from the “hop on hop off” bus. These tours are a great way to get a feel of the city.  

Heroes’ Square

 photo 88573be7-9e4e-49bf-94ac-f7a18d80954d.jpg

Heroes’ Square or Hősök tere is one of the major squares in Budapest, Hungary, noted for its iconic statue complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important national leaders, as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

New York Cafe

 photo 02af6fb6-0bd0-4b4c-87df-fb483a1f5a43.jpg

While riding on the “hop on hop off” bus I heard about the New York Cafe, I immediately got off and had lunch in this fabulous establishment.

New York Cafe lunch

 photo 97f19c77-48af-4c17-90ec-179316e04726.jpg

  Delicious food and not overly expensive give the venue.  

Piano man at the New York Cafe

 photo d2fcd9cd-55c0-49d0-ac95-d4e356d3e5e6.jpg

    Budapest’s answer to Billy Joel.

Oinos Restaurant

Oinos restaurant BudapestA terrific restaurant which was recommended by Attila from the KIOSK. TripAdvisor rate Oinos 15 out of 1942 restaurants in Budapest. Their sweet Pea soup was as good as I have ever tasted anywhere. I also enjoyed the Lasagna but I wish I had ordered the ribs instead. A nice touch was a champagne welcome drink plus a liquor to finish.

Buda Castle

 photo fcee68c4-ee91-4436-9fd5-ae0dd4e3795c.jpg

  I really like this statue at the castle.  

Buda Castle

 photo c5dc6fab-7925-4b61-9007-ee52ce5ecea8.jpg

Certainly one of the major attractions in Budapest.

Buda Castle

 photo 7b7981d6-9303-4440-accf-39690592e85b.jpg

The Buda castle is certainly a highlight in the city.

Hot rods at Buda Castle

 photo 9f27116b-7955-4e5c-afbd-568b98dc33e6.jpg

Wonderful vintage cars waiting for customers.

Budapest beautiful river Danube bridges

 photo a2700aea-762c-41a2-8980-c7ebfab4a589.jpg

Budapest beautiful city, Parliament house viewed from Buda castle.

Another short video of the Parliament  

On guard at Buda Castle

 photo bdc9cfd9-c6d5-4cf6-8340-56fe83bd1664.jpg

    This guy reminded me of similar guards on duty when I was in Prague in the 90s.

Matthias Church

 photo e9a60809-22ec-4f7e-bf73-ec51b0a4bde4.jpg

Matthias Church is a Roman Catholic church located in Budapest, Hungary, in front of the Fisherman’s Bastion at the heart of Buda’s Castle District.  

Inner City Parish Church.

 photo f0c98193-5179-4c25-9457-02ed4926a470.jpg

  The oldest church in Pest still stands by this spot : the Inner City Parish Church. Originally built in Romanesque style, it was later rebuilt in Gothic style. It stands in part on the foundations of the Roman castrum.

German occupation Memorial

 photo 02e56865-0d64-4e3a-84da-829d7a748dcf.jpg

The memorial to the victims of the German occupation in Budapest. Liberty Square statue erected composition, which is intended to restore the memory of the people who are directly linked to the death of Hungarians in 1944 the German occupation.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

 photo c4e0806c-f3d0-44c2-a636-ab8a748b00d8.jpg

This is to honor the Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during World War II. They were ordered to take off their shoes, and were shot at the edge of the water so that their bodies fell into the river and were carried away. This memorial represents their shoes they left behind. 

St. Stephen’s Basilica

It is named in honor of Stephen, the first King of Hungary (c 975–1038), whose right hand is housed in the reliquary. It was the sixth largest church building in Hungary before 1920. Today, it is the third largest church building in present-day Hungary.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle BudapestThe castle at night is one of the greatest sights I have seen anywhere in the world.

I hope you enjoyed my post on this wonderful city.

 photo 18039b09-c0cd-4e89-b32d-4929479a67e6.jpg

Here are three bits of advice for you when Budapest, for a reasonably priced hotel in the very best location book the Promenade City hotel through this Agoda link. Secondly, spend around $25 on the “hop on hop off” bus which will give you two days on the bus and also a very good river tour. Finally stay away from this bar in Vaci St,  it is a shocking rip off joint, 2 girls struck up a conversation with me on the way in, we sat together and I had one beer, they were drinking like crazy. The bill came to 99,000 or $350 USD, I refused to pay it then they wanted 1/3. The waitress was in on the scam siding with the two blonds, she knew very well I only ordered and drank one beer. Just to get out of there I decided to pay 10,000, or $35 USD and left. Avoid this place at all costs. It’s such a shame they let this happen in this great city. I hope this warning may save some people the cost and embarrassment.  Of course I should have realized as soon as these two young women started to chat me up there was  scam involved. Which only reminds me when travelling in strange cities you must always be on your guard. 🙂

      Budapest Scam      Scam Budapest

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