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Nathan Corbett 11 times world champion

July 14, 2013 by David Herd

Nathan “Carnage” Corbett, Muay Thai Champion.

Nathan Corbett 11 times world champion in Muay Thai is in Pattaya Thailand training for his Chicago fight which was on October 12 2013. You can watch a replay at the end of this post.  His next event is December 14 at the gold Coast Convention centre. Nathan Corbett

Nathan has held 11 World Champion titles in three different weight divisions, not only is he a champion fighter he is a very nice person. Here are some photos of Nathan training and relaxing with some of his friends in Pattaya.

Nathan Corbett

A great action shot.

Nathan Carnage Corbett vs Henriques Zowa

Nathan in full flight is an awesome sight.

Nathan Corbett

Nathan Corbett

His lethal elbows are his greatest weapon.

Check out Nathan’s phenomenal history.


Nathan trains at Fairtex, the best gym in Pattaya. Part of the complex is a nice hotel, very good rates if you book here.

Nathan Corbett’s final training session in Thailand in July 2013

Here are some more photos of Nathan & friends, below everyone is enjoying the sunset at the Beach Club at the Pullman Hotel. Nathan stays at the Amari hotel with great ocean views when he is in Pattaya.

The Beach Club in Wangamat.

nathan corbett muay thai

Take a look at Nathan training in Pattaya just click here.  Here is another short video, please click here. After 2 weeks training Nathan was looking  a lot sharper, click here.

 photo a205e40f-f9d4-403b-b60e-06185164f5b9.jpgWe all all in shock this week to learn that his great little sparring partner Dang died in his sleep on Monday July the 28th, RIP Dang you will be missed by many friends.

Nathan is coming back to Pattaya to continue his training on August 24. Once again Brendan Daly GM at the Amari hotel is making sure Nathan enjoys his stay by giving him a room with a view over the ocean, my thanks once again to Brendan for looking after my friends. Sadly tough little Dang won’t be training with Nathan this time, RIP.

Nathan Corbett at Fairtex gym in Pattaya, Thailand.

Nathan Corbett at Fairtex gym in Pattaya, Thailand.


Nathan Corbett

Muay Thai training


Nathan is using Punish fight gear & supplements.

Nathan is using Punish fight gear & supplements.


 Please play the song below while you are reading about Nathan.

 Nathan takes on the Pork Knuckle, what a challenge.  😆

nathan carnage corbett Nathan arrived back in Pattaya August 24th to continue his training, here he is doing battle with the huge pork knuckle at the Beerfest restaurant in 2nd rd Pattaya. The Pork knuckle won by a narrow margin, possibly because of the chicken kebab Nathan demolished 30 minutes prior to this bout at the Cherry Bar.

Sunday brunch at the Mantra.

David herd Thailand

The Mantra in Pattaya is part of the Amari Hotel and is our favorite restaurant.  Here is Vetea Tiare & David Herd with Nathan at the Sunday brunch on 1-9-2013.

The Mantra restaurant.

nathan corbett

Nathan always stays at the Amari Hotel in Pattaya, above is the General Manager Brendan Daly and his lovely daughter Hannah, Brendan always ensures Nathan has a memorable stay at his wonderful hotel.
Recovery massage for Nathan & the boys.

nathan corbett

Ready for a Thai massage.

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October 12 Chicago, Nathan loses to Sprong.

Nathan Corbett V Tyrone Sprong


Istanbul April 12

Istanbul Glory 15

 The Istanbul showdown.

Nathan Corbett vs Gokhan Saki

The battle is on

Nathan Corbett Istanbul

The fight was all action.

Battered & bloody warrior

Nathan Corbett

 Only good thing that came out of getting my ear half ripped off was being in the same hospital as Tyrone hanging out at 3 am after I travelled around Istanbul to 3 different hospitals to find a plastic surgeon that could stitch it back together!!
Not a good night for the both of us I guess!! Hope his leg heals fast and well

Istanbul hospital

Nathan Corbett Tyrone Spong

Both fighters wound up in hospital, a tough way to make a living.

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