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Three Thai trips 2011

December 18, 2014 by David Herd

Three Thai trips

This is not part of my travel blog, just a photographic record of my three Thai trips in 2011.

Three Thai tripsThree Thai trips 2011 starting in January which without a doubt was one of the best holidays I have ever had. Good friends & close family made it very special indeed. Here is a whole bunch of Herds plus Bjorn  from Germany who is Michael’s other half, my two lovely nieces Laura & Elyssa and my brother Warren. You can see my post on our great adventure here.

What a frantic year 2011 turned out to be, two trips to Thailand in January and July before moving there permanently on October 20th. Including visits to Krabi & the River Kwai. A few days inLangkawi Malaysia with my brother Warren. Sydney twice in September and October, then 3 weeks after settling in Thailand I was off to England for 3 weeks which included a road trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow via Fort William in the north of Scotland. All this coupled with clearing out all my worldly possession from my Gold Coast home before settlement on October 11. I am weary just writing about this busy life changing year.

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection featuring the people who made 2011 another great year.

Drinks at The Cherry Bar

Three Thai tripsTwo Warrens, Anne and Om (RIP) plus Freeman. A few months after this photo was taken sadly Om passed away. She was a sweet lady and we all miss her.

 With Greg Clee at Coffee World

Three Thai trips

Greg & I wound up being neighbours in Markland at Beach Road Pattaya.

Centara Grand at Wongamat

Three Thai trips

Looks like the lost city of Atlantis.

Warren Herd, Nikki Murphy and David Herd

 photo CentaraWongamat13.jpg

Here we are checking out the wonderful Centara Grand.

Tony and Nikki Murphy at Bernards

Three Thai trips

Sadly Bernard closed his doors in 2014.

  Dave Wylie and Ian Rich at the Cherry Bar.

Three Thai trips Ian & I have known each other over 40 years, & Dave & I met in Rio de Janeiro. 

Aoy at the Cherry Bar

Three Thai trips

A very sweet girl who found herself a sponsor and has left the bar scene.

Beach club with Greg Johnston

  Three Thai tripsGreg is from Australia and now owns a bar in LK Metro, we have known each other for 25 years.  

While we are talking about the Beach Club.

Beach club Pullman hotelIt’s a wonderful place to watch the sunsets while enjoying half price drinks at happy hour, 5 to 7 pm every day.

A beach Club bonus

Beach Club WongamatYou guessed it, Russian eye candy regularly wanders by.

Beach Club Wongamat

Beach Club WongamatAs well as happy hour you can use the pools or swim in the ocean.

Pattaya Hilton

Pattaya Hilton photo HiltonPattaya013.jpgAnother great location for watching the sun set in Pattaya.

Luxury at the Hilton Hotel

Three Thai trips

Certainly one of Pattaya’s best locations to watch the sunset.



With friends at the holiday Inn.

Three Thai tripsI use the term friends rather loosely, I should say ex friends these two fellows I try to avoid me these days. Ah! Life in Pattaya among fragile personalities is always entertaining and interesting. 🙂

From Markland roof

Three Thai trips

Looking down on the A1 Hotel.

Pothole flyblown at the Mantra

Three Thai trips Most people who go to the Mantra behave in an acceptable fashion, not Pothole (aka John Martin) however, he does not care where he is or who he disrupts, That’s just his nature.

As for me

David Herd Thailand I’m just too focused on the magnificent food.


Three Thai trips Here is the magnificent view from a friends apartment at the Cove.

Trevor arrives for another golfing holiday.

Three Thai trips Trevor and his lovely lady Nui.

Atlantic Bar with the golfing fanatics.

Three Thai trips

They can remember every shot they played in the last 3 months.

Atlantic Bar with Porn

Atlantic Bar Pattaya A very cute lady who I used to take out occasionally, I saw her  in 2014 with a sponsor and a bouncy baby, so I’m guessing she has left the bar scene far behind. 🙂

Xmas Eve at the Cherry Bar Ken & Joerg

Three Thai trips               Joergen on the right has always been a very happy fellow. Now as I’m writing this in 2015 sadly at 80 years of age he is residing in a Hong Kong prison on a drug charge.

Xmas Eve at the Cherry Bar

Xmas Eve at the Cherry Bar photo CherryBarXmas8.jpg This gorgeous young Thai girl is Aoy one of my favourite ladies. Now in 2015 she has found a sponsor and left the bar, damn it. 🙂

We lost a friend

Three Thai trips The girl in the middle is Om, she would always make sure I had a drink and was a good friend. Sadly she passed away in early 2013.

New Years Eve

Three Thai trips At the stone oven on the corner of Beach Rd and Soi 6 celebrating NYE.

New Years Eve New Years Eve Thailand Justin Freeman and some LadyBoys who are on the prowl big-time. 🙂


New Years Eve with Jasmine at the Cherry Bar.

Three Thai trips

Happy new year everybody. 🙂


Lets finish with a great shot of Nikki

 photo IMG_9795.jpg

Nikki trying to get a wi fi signal at Sabai Resort.

December 2011 at the Atlantic Bar

Three Thai trips Greg Johnston & I knew each other from the Gold Coast.

It was another great year

David Herd Thailand                  

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