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Three Thailand trips 2009

December 1, 2014 by David Herd

Is Thailand fun? You bet it is. 🙂

Three Thailand trips

Three Thailand trips

 Three Thailand trips in February April and July. The best was certainly in July when my good friend Phil Thomson arrived with his 21 yo son Michael to introduce him to life in Thailand. Michael’s mother is Japanese and he speaks the language fluently. Being a young good looking guy the girls in the bar made quite a fuss of him.

The two girls above are Anne & Jaeb from the Cherry Bar.

This post focuses on the July trip with Phil & Michael Thomson.

Michael, Jan & Phil

Three Thailand trips

I think Dad is having more fun than Michael. 🙂

Yes here is proof Michael’s dad is a party animal

Three Thailand trips


Of course Dad had no fun at all. 🙂

Anne and Michael

Three Thailand trips


Anne was so pleased to find some young fresh meat she latched on for a few days.

Nana Plaza and everyone is happy.

Three Thailand trips

We found Muk in “The Office” off Soi 33.

Pizza in Soi 33

Three Thailand trips


Good Italian food here, about 200 meters along Soi 33 on the right.

I met this lovely lady in Soi 33

Three Thailand trips

Her name is Muk and she now works in the country at a 7 11 shop, we sometimes chat on Facebook.

Nana Plaza, game on.

Three Thailand trips


Michael is very happy to be introduced to Nana Plaza.

A rainy night in Soi 33

Three Thailand trips


Nice Ferrari outside the Office.

This cheeky lady is named Ice.

Three Thailand trips

I met Ice a couple of years ago when she was dancing in a club  in Nana Plaza, I try to catch up with her each time I come to Thailand.

Herbie and the Thomsons at the Mantra

Three Thailand trips

Herbie Pastor is a very interesting guy from Las Vegas who now lives in Pattaya. He has some terrific stories from his days of owning a casino there as well as a well known New Orleans strip club.

The Honey Pot in Soi 2

Three Thailand trips

This was one of my favorite drinking holes, air conditioned and great music. Sadly now in 2014 along with all the other Soi bars it has closed.

Another reason I liked the Honey Pot.

Three Thailand trips


I rest my case.

 While we are on the subject

Three Thailand trips

  I can never show too much of Jan, in my eyes she was the most gorgeous Thai girl I knew.

Did I hear you say you wanted more of Jan?

Three Thailand trips


Well so did I, more & more. 🙂

Near the Dusit hotel

Three Thailand trips


Now in 2016 the footpath around the rock wall has totally collapsed.

Dusit at North Pattaya

Three Thailand trips

  You can see the Cove under construction behind the Dusit Hotel

 The Grand Palace in Bangkok

Three Thailand trips


A must for anybody visiting Bangkok.

Manhattan’s steakhouse with Trevor.

Three Thailand trips

This was one of Pattaya’s best restaurants, sadly it closed it’s doors in 2014.


Cherry bar with Pothole and Greg Clee

Three Thailand trips

Greg Clee is a partner in a go go bar in Walking St Pattaya, Pothole aka John Martin is I a guy I have know for many years. 🙂 Three Thailand trips in 2009 was a lead up to me moving there from Australia in October 2011.                     

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