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Three Fabulous Thailand trips 2003

April 29, 2015 by David Herd

Atlantic Bar Pattaya

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Atlantic bar Pattaya

Three Fabulous Thailand trips 2003, in fact the whole year was frantic, not sure how I survived, it was one of the busiest & best years for travel that I have ever experienced. I went to Vietnam twice in January & April, Thailand in April & July, then around the world in November starting in Chile, then on to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, Barcelona & Bangkok on the way home to Australia.

Low tide at Pattaya beach

Three Thailand trips The skyline has changed a lot since 2003, now in 2015 there is a building boom in condominiums and hotels.

Golf at Phoenix with John and Andy

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Andy got tied up with a Thai girl who relieved him of his one million GBP inheritance.

Surrounded by caddies at Phoenix.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Now this is the way to play golf. 🙂

Marta was a pole dancer from Prague

Three Thailand trips

Marta was quite a wild Russian girl, I chatted to her on Walking St and invited her to join us at Cosy Beach. We had a great day culminating in an even better night. 🙂

The rear view

Sunshine Vista Pattaya Here is Marta again at my hotel, the Sunshine Vista in Soi 3. There are more photos in the slide show at the end, I can’t show them in this part of the post as Photobucket censor any bare boobs. 🙂

John Martin aka Pothole at the Sunshine Vista

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Certainly one of the craziest people I know. He moved to Pattaya a year or two after this, grabbed a girl off the pole and produced two children with her.

John Secrets, Sinclair Waters (RIP) and Bob Dark.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Secrets is famous for adding people to his “black list”, after a couple years of being in favor in 2016 he put me back on it. 🙂



We are just a bunch of naughty little boys. 🙂

Thai music on Beach Rd Pattaya

sexy Thai Babe

Traditional Thai music.

Here are some gorgeous Thai girls from 2003

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips    Three Fabulous Thailand trips    Three Fabulous Thailand trips   sexy Thai Babe    Three Fabulous Thailand trips    sexy Thai Babe   Hot Thai Babe    Hot Thai Babe    Hot Thai Babe  


  Three Fabulous Thailand trips At the Lobster Pot in Walking Street, there are many seafood restaurants where you overlook the bay.  

Lunch at Fuji

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Here is a typical Thai story, I invited Ja in the yellow to lunch, she worked in the phone section of Big C. However unbeknown to me she then invited 4 of her friends to come and enjoy a free lunch at my expense. 🙂 This is quite normal in Thailand and it’s not the first, and won’t be the last time I have been caught.

Soi 4 hotel Pattaya

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips New hotel Soi 4, + North Shore in the background.  

Fresh food in Soi 3

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Thai people have taken street food to an art form.

Still same price in 12 years later in 2015

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Foot massage still same price 12 years later in 2015, however the Thai massage is now 200. I still have 4 or 5 foot massages every week.  

Songkran in Pattaya

Songkran Pattaya This is one of my all time favourite photos. Songkran is a week of madness in Pattaya to celebrate the Thai New Year.

Songkran Pattaya

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips Another tradition is plastering the face with white powder.  

Pothole, prince of fashion.

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips Here is another weird sight around Songkran, John Martin aka Pothole and his wonderful Thai style shirt.  

Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok

Always lots to see in Chinatown.

Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok Chinatown is a “must see” part of Bangkok, another good look into the past is “Jim Thompson” house. I also love taking a cruise on a long tail boat along the mighty Chao Phraya river. Make sure to stop off at Wat Arun, “The Temple of Dawn”.  

Here is an amazing sight in Chinatown.


Bangkok babe

Three Fabulous Thailand trips
Some of the most beautiful babes in the world.

Lovely Jane from Bangkok  

David Herd Thailand This is my friend Jane, we first met in 1999 at Nana Plaza. I took her to Koh Samui for a holiday.  

John Secrets and David Herd

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

It’s 2017 & John still lives in Soi 4 Nana.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Three Fabulous Thailand trips  Elephants have now been banned from the city streets.

I remember this happening

Davd Herd Thailand It is now 2016 and they are still prosecuting the criminals.

Atlantic Bar Princesses

Three Fabulous Thailand trips On the left is Nok in 2003, the next photo shows her in January 2011. A couple of years later she quit Pattaya to live in the country with her new baby.  

Here is Nok in 2011.

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips  Here is a coincidence for you, I published this post two days ago on April 30 2015, then last night on May 1st I ran into Nok who is back working at the Atlantic. Her theme song should really be “All my life’s a circle”.:)

Mable from Beijing

Three Fabulous Thailand trips I met Mable online in a chat room, she was one of my excellent guides when I went to Beijing where she lives. In 2003 I flew her to Thailand to meet me for a holiday. We visited Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Chang.

Cosy Beach Pattaya

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips The elevator to the beach is the Royal Cliff Hotel.  

Notice how the sand enhances the colour of the towel.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Towel, what towel? I don’t see a towel. 🙂

John Secrets at Cosy Beach

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

In 2015 the Navy removed all the food vendors from Cosy Beach, such a shame.

Many thanks for visiting my Three Fabulous Thailand trips photo blog.

Citadines on Soi 11

Citadines Soi 11

The rooms are compact and nicely laid out including a kitchen if you like to prepare some food. This is now my hotel of choice, plus Soi 11 is a great street for bars and restaurants.

Excellent pool & Gym at the Dynasty Grande

Nana Sukhumvit area Bangkok

For an excellent room rate just book through THIS LINK.

 That’s all folks, thanks for visiting.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

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