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Four Pattaya trips 2008

June 19, 2015 by David Herd

Sirocco Bangkok

Sirocco Bangkok

Four Pattaya trips 2008 as well as Bangkok and Krabi. Throw in Sydney, Singapore, Bali, New York, Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, Curitiba, Florianopolis and Balneario Camboriu. Certainly one of my greatest years for travel.

Please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish.

Sirocco Bangkok

Four Pattaya trips

My brother Warren & Yvonne Collier at Sirocco.

Centrepoint Hotel

Centrepoint Bangkok A nice hotel in a great location, close to the sky train and the Chao Phraya river.

Phung aka Cleopatra at Nana Plaza.

Four Pattaya trips

My favourite Bangkok girl since 2001.

Big Dog Bar at Nana Plaza

  Four Pattaya trips Nic, Sharon and Rod Perin, (RIP).    

Nana Plaza   David Herd Thailand

John Secrets getting up close and personal. 🙂  

Elephant at Dynasty Hotel Soi 4 Nana

Four Pattaya trips

You really don’t see the elephants in the street anymore.

Honey Pot Pattaya with number 99

Honey Pot with number 99. photo Honey Pot with Dennis amp Nick 13.jpg

Sadly the Honey Pot closed around 2012.

Cherry Bar Pattaya

  Four Pattaya trips Rod, Nick and I with our new watches. Sadly Ron on the left, passed away in 2011.  

Pattaya bay in 2008

Four Pattaya trips

One thing that has not changed are the boats waiting for the Chinese tourists.

Sabai Resort next to Big C in 2nd Rd.

David Herd Thailand I stayed at the Sabai Resort for about 7 years until I moved to Pattaya in October 2011. It was and still is a great location.

On of my favourite girls visits me at the Sabai

  Four Pattaya trips Jan was absolutely gorgeous, she worked at the Cherry Bar from 2003 to around 2010.  

Here is Ice at the Sabai Resort  

Four Pattaya trips  I often wonder where she is now.

Notice the Holiday Inn being built in 2008.

Four Pattaya trips

The Holiday Inn opened in 2009.


Four Pattaya trips One of my favourite restaurants, for many years it was in Soi 3 before moving to Soi 1 opposite Markland. Sadly it closed in 2014.

Honey Pot in Soi 2

Four Pattaya trips Great times at the Honey Pot with Dennis and Nick, sadly in 2012 the club closed.

Beautiful Thai

 photo Honey Pot with Dennis amp Nick 8.jpg Did you pick it? The best looking ladyBoy I have ever seen, the guys just had to get a photo taken.

Pretty face in Pattaya

 photo Honey Pot with Dennis amp Nick 6.jpg

There are not as many pretty faces now in 2016.

Seafood at the Mantra

Mantra photo Mantra in Pattaya 002.jpg Located at the Amari hotel is my favourite restaurant, every Sunday they have a fantastic brunch.

Walking St in daylight

Walking Street in daylight. photo IMG_5464.jpg

Such a difference during the day.

A little different at night

Walking St Pattaya

Lots of neon lights in Walking Street at night.

My favourite girl

Four Pattaya trips Jan has been my favourite Cherry Bar girl your quite a few years, what a beautiful face she has.

Four Pattaya trips      Four Pattaya trips      Four Pattaya trips

A year or so later Jan found a sponsor and is now the mother of three.

Pattaya street kitchen.

Four Pattaya trips

Thai people have taken street food to an art form.

Cute Russian at Cosy Beach

Four Pattaya trips

The water looks nice. Water, what water? I don’t see any water. 🙂

Nick & Sharon

Four Pattaya trips My friends from the Gold Coast who love Thailand.

Nook at U Too Bar

Four Pattaya trips

The U Too bar moved up the road to Drinking Street. Thanks for visiting my Four Pattaya trips photo blog.
Pattaya webcam

That’s all folks

 photo 1hh Duck.jpg


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Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes

May 3, 2015 by David Herd

Chaweng beach Samui

Thailand New Years Eve Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes in the year 2000. I spent New Years Eve two years in a row, 1999 in Samui for the millennium & in Pattaya NYE 2000. The millennium was special for me due to a brief romance with the Italian princess pictured above. He name in Barbara Manelli and she was hot, hot, hot. 🙂

This it not part of my travel blog, just part of my personal photo & travel history from 2000.

Thailand New Years Eve

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes Thailand New Years Eve This is how Chaweng beach looked early New Years Eve 1999, in fact my friends and I had dinner right there on the beach. The photo quality is terrible due to the early days of digital cameras.

New Years Eve 1999

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes It was a terrific night on the beach even though my whirlwind romance with Barbara aka Gypsy was over by then.

Barbara Manelli aka Gypsy.

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes

Oh my! She was one of the sexiest most gorgeous ladies I have ever had the pleasure to be with. The affair didn’t last much more than a week but the memories will stay with me forever.

Be patient we will move on shortly. 🙂

sexy girl    sexy babe    sexy Bangkok babe

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes     Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes    Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes

Even now in 2015 I still occasionally think of her with affection.

The Relax Resort Chaweng Beach Samui

 photo Relax bungalow.jpg

I stayed at the Relax Bungalows a few times and found them very comfortable on a quiet section of the beach. Still very cheap if you book through Agoda, between $50 and $60 per night.

Chaweng Beach Koh Samui

Chaweng beach

Sadly that beach hut is no longer there.


Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes Dr Evil and his two favourite ladies, Jane & Gypsy. In fact Jane was with me in Koh Samui in August 1999 when I first met Barbara.

My special three pack.

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes This is a special photo, only 6 or 7 times in my life have I been able to get 3 girlfriends in the one photo, priceless.

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes


Nana plaza Bangkok    Nana plaza Bangkok    Nana plaza Bangkok

So many girls and such little time.

One girl and two boys.

Ladyboy Bangkok That’s Thailand for you, sometimes things can be very confusing.  Of course one of the boys is Pothole aka John Martin, and he doesn’t care which one he winds up with. 🙂  

 Girls from Soi 33 Santana Bar

Nana plaza Bangkok

Soi 33 was one of the best areas for bars and restaurants.

John Secrets loves Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bangkok

My friend John in a familiar pose.

Bangkok girl called Dow.

Nana plaza Bangkok

What a gorgeous face.

 Another Bangkok girl who’s name I forget

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes

I do remember however that she was a very sweet lady.

Great shape in Bangkok

  Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes  

I am fairly sure she hits the gym. 🙂

Cold beers in Pattaya

  Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes Tony Murphy, Michael Dowd, John Secrets, Rush and David Herd.  

One final shot of Gypsy

Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes

Barbara will always be one of the most exciting ladies I have ever known’ Many thanks for visiting my Bangkok Koh Samui sexy babes photo blog.

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Pattaya webcam

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Two Thailand trips 2002

May 1, 2015 by David Herd

Two Thailand trips

Two Thailand trips Two Thailand trips in 2002, by my standards it was a very quiet year for travel. Shanghai & Beijing however gave me a great introduction to China. Digital cameras were in their early stages so the photo quality is very average indeed.

The photo above shows the team in Bangkok celebrating John turning 60. From the left is John Martin aka Pothole, Michael Dowd, John Secrets, Apple Pie, David Herd and Tony Murphy.

This it not part of my travel blog, just part of my personal photo & travel history from 2002.

Happy birthday John

Sukhumvit Bangkok

Birthdays seem to roll around so fast the older you get.

Christy’s in Soi 33 Bangkok

Two Thailand trips

Soi 33 Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

Here was my choice.

 photo David amp Su.jpg


This really needs no caption.

  Soi 33 Bangkok   

You gotta love Thailand.

Hit the road Jack

  Two Thailand trips   John Secrets and Bruce Donnachie outside the Office in Soi 33, it is a terrific sports bar with lots of TVs and good looking staff.

Phung, aka Cleopatra

Nana Plaza Bangkok My favourite Nana Plaza girl, we met last year in 2001 and hooked up with each other for quite a few years until about 2009. I believe she found a sponsor and is living in Europe now.  

The Bus Stop in Soi 4 Nana

Two Thailand trips Mike Dowd, David Herd, Pothole Martin and John Secrets. Once again I’m so disappointed with the photo quality, early days of digital cameras. This was actually AFL grand final day 2002 when Brisbane Lions beat Collingwood.

The Office in Soi 33.

Two Thailand trips Even now in 2015 the Office sports bar in Soi 33 is still open.

Pothole Martin and Apple Pie.

  Two Thailand trips   Our regular village idiot with his new girl. When things became serious we were not allowed to call her Apple anymore, Champen was her name. 🙂   I really have to relay this funny story, Pothole took Apple to Australia a couple of times and they planned to marry. At that time in 2003 little did he realize she was actively managing 4 or 5 other suitors from Europe and America. He only discovered the truth much later after cracking into her Hotmail account.   Anyhow Pothole actually used some common sense (most unusual for him) and presented Apple with a pre nuptial agreement for her signature. Her assets were about $16,000 worth of jewellery that he had given her, his were way in excess of $1,000,000. This all happened on a Thursday night, then Friday he came home early from work to discover her jewellery laid out on the bed alongside a suicide note.   I think I already mentioned that he was known as the village idiot, and in keeping with this image he raced up to North Sydney police station distraught and weeping, and pleaded with the local cops to help him find her. They came to his apartment, took photographs and asked many questions.   He called me during the day totally distressed and I gave him the following advice, I said “pack all her clothes etc in her suitcase, leave it outside the door and get your locks changed. Naturally my advice didn’t go down all that well. Much later that evening who should turn up all bright and bubbly, you guessed it, Apple Pie, aka Champen. 🙂   He of course forgave her and took her back, even after finding out she was in fact having a long lunch (and who knows what else?) with a friend of his.   Two things about Apple however, she was the best Thai cook I have ever seen, secondly she finally moved to England, married an ex cop and had a lovely daughter. The husband was awarded an MBE or similar around 2013 and Apple rolled up at the Palace with him when he received his award. Not a bad ending for a chick from Nana Plaza. 🙂   As I said previously, Pothole is known by many as “the village idiot”, but he is our village idiot and he has provided us with a huge amount of entertainment over the years. His final piece of stupidity in the above “Apple Pie” saga was showing her my texts and relaying the advice I gave him to her, consequently I had abusive phone calls from Apple indicating I was the villain in the whole fiasco. That’s our Pothole for you. 🙂

 Master chef 2003

   photo Sydney Apple cooking 2.jpg This girl could really cook Thai food. What a difference in photo quality in just one year.  

From 2003

  Two Thailand trips    Two Thailand trips    Two Thailand trips  

Sue in the pink top was one of my girlfriends from Shanghai, I took her to Sydney for a weekend. The other girl beside Apple is Pothole’s sister Anne.  

Bee from Bangkok on her 21st birthday.

Two Thailand trips Another funny story, I was drinking in the Big Dog bar in Nana plaza when this gorgeous little girl rolled up about 8pm to the hamburger stand in her pyjamas and slippers. She looked so cute I went and spoke to her, well to cut a long story short the next night we got together for her 21st birthday, you gotta love Thailand.

You saw Bee, well here is Beer. 🙂

  Two Thailand trips  

Beer was a dancer at Rainbow 3 in Nana Plaza and a girl with a terrific personality.  

Na was one of my favourite girls.

Two Thailand trips Another funny story, as you can see I met Na in a beauty salon in Soi 22 when she was giving me a pedicure. For a couple of years every time I came to Bangkok we would get together. Mostly she would arrive at my hotel around midnight after she finished work.

Lovely Na

  Two Thailand trips  

Things were fine for a long time until one day she said to me “I can’t see you any more David”. I was very surprised and asked her “why not, have you found another boyfriend”? She said “no, I have found a girlfriend”. Looking back I guess this was a “George Costanza” moment, I had driven a girl to lesbianism. 🙂  

John settles Murphy’s debt

Two Thailand trips Luk closed her shop for 10 days to look after one of our friends. When he left to go back to Australia he completely forgot to leave her any money (on purpose I might add). John Secrets being the gentleman he is made sure she had enough to cover her expenses.

The result

 photo Luk20is20happy.jpg Luk is a lot happier now.  

I have jumped forward to 2006.

Two Thailand trips As I am so disappointed in the photo quality I have jumped forward to 2006 to show better shots of my favourite Bangkok girl Cleo.

Two Thailand trips    Two Thailand trips    Two Thailand trips

Thanks for visiting my Two Thailand trips photo blog.

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That’s all folks

Eastern European Odyssey

Pattaya webcam

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Three Fabulous Thailand trips 2003

April 29, 2015 by David Herd

Atlantic Bar Pattaya

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Atlantic bar Pattaya

Three Fabulous Thailand trips 2003, in fact the whole year was frantic, not sure how I survived, it was one of the busiest & best years for travel that I have ever experienced. I went to Vietnam twice in January & April, Thailand in April & July, then around the world in November starting in Chile, then on to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, Barcelona & Bangkok on the way home to Australia.

Low tide at Pattaya beach

Three Thailand trips The skyline has changed a lot since 2003, now in 2015 there is a building boom in condominiums and hotels.

Golf at Phoenix with John and Andy

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Andy got tied up with a Thai girl who relieved him of his one million GBP inheritance.

Surrounded by caddies at Phoenix.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Now this is the way to play golf. 🙂

Marta was a pole dancer from Prague

Three Thailand trips

Marta was quite a wild Russian girl, I chatted to her on Walking St and invited her to join us at Cosy Beach. We had a great day culminating in an even better night. 🙂

The rear view

Sunshine Vista Pattaya Here is Marta again at my hotel, the Sunshine Vista in Soi 3. There are more photos in the slide show at the end, I can’t show them in this part of the post as Photobucket censor any bare boobs. 🙂

John Martin aka Pothole at the Sunshine Vista

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Certainly one of the craziest people I know. He moved to Pattaya a year or two after this, grabbed a girl off the pole and produced two children with her.

John Secrets, Sinclair Waters (RIP) and Bob Dark.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Secrets is famous for adding people to his “black list”, after a couple years of being in favor in 2016 he put me back on it. 🙂



We are just a bunch of naughty little boys. 🙂

Thai music on Beach Rd Pattaya

sexy Thai Babe

Traditional Thai music.

Here are some gorgeous Thai girls from 2003

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips    Three Fabulous Thailand trips    Three Fabulous Thailand trips   sexy Thai Babe    Three Fabulous Thailand trips    sexy Thai Babe   Hot Thai Babe    Hot Thai Babe    Hot Thai Babe  


  Three Fabulous Thailand trips At the Lobster Pot in Walking Street, there are many seafood restaurants where you overlook the bay.  

Lunch at Fuji

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Here is a typical Thai story, I invited Ja in the yellow to lunch, she worked in the phone section of Big C. However unbeknown to me she then invited 4 of her friends to come and enjoy a free lunch at my expense. 🙂 This is quite normal in Thailand and it’s not the first, and won’t be the last time I have been caught.

Soi 4 hotel Pattaya

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips New hotel Soi 4, + North Shore in the background.  

Fresh food in Soi 3

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Thai people have taken street food to an art form.

Still same price in 12 years later in 2015

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Foot massage still same price 12 years later in 2015, however the Thai massage is now 200. I still have 4 or 5 foot massages every week.  

Songkran in Pattaya

Songkran Pattaya This is one of my all time favourite photos. Songkran is a week of madness in Pattaya to celebrate the Thai New Year.

Songkran Pattaya

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips Another tradition is plastering the face with white powder.  

Pothole, prince of fashion.

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips Here is another weird sight around Songkran, John Martin aka Pothole and his wonderful Thai style shirt.  

Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok

Always lots to see in Chinatown.

Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok Chinatown is a “must see” part of Bangkok, another good look into the past is “Jim Thompson” house. I also love taking a cruise on a long tail boat along the mighty Chao Phraya river. Make sure to stop off at Wat Arun, “The Temple of Dawn”.  

Here is an amazing sight in Chinatown.


Bangkok babe

Three Fabulous Thailand trips
Some of the most beautiful babes in the world.

Lovely Jane from Bangkok  

David Herd Thailand This is my friend Jane, we first met in 1999 at Nana Plaza. I took her to Koh Samui for a holiday.  

John Secrets and David Herd

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

It’s 2017 & John still lives in Soi 4 Nana.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

Three Fabulous Thailand trips  Elephants have now been banned from the city streets.

I remember this happening

Davd Herd Thailand It is now 2016 and they are still prosecuting the criminals.

Atlantic Bar Princesses

Three Fabulous Thailand trips On the left is Nok in 2003, the next photo shows her in January 2011. A couple of years later she quit Pattaya to live in the country with her new baby.  

Here is Nok in 2011.

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips  Here is a coincidence for you, I published this post two days ago on April 30 2015, then last night on May 1st I ran into Nok who is back working at the Atlantic. Her theme song should really be “All my life’s a circle”.:)

Mable from Beijing

Three Fabulous Thailand trips I met Mable online in a chat room, she was one of my excellent guides when I went to Beijing where she lives. In 2003 I flew her to Thailand to meet me for a holiday. We visited Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Chang.

Cosy Beach Pattaya

  Three Fabulous Thailand trips The elevator to the beach is the Royal Cliff Hotel.  

Notice how the sand enhances the colour of the towel.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips Towel, what towel? I don’t see a towel. 🙂

John Secrets at Cosy Beach

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

In 2015 the Navy removed all the food vendors from Cosy Beach, such a shame.

Many thanks for visiting my Three Fabulous Thailand trips photo blog.

Citadines on Soi 11

Citadines Soi 11

The rooms are compact and nicely laid out including a kitchen if you like to prepare some food. This is now my hotel of choice, plus Soi 11 is a great street for bars and restaurants.

Excellent pool & Gym at the Dynasty Grande

Nana Sukhumvit area Bangkok

For an excellent room rate just book through THIS LINK.

 That’s all folks, thanks for visiting.

Three Fabulous Thailand trips

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Pattaya webcam


That’s all folks

Beckington Trowbridge

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Samui Bangkok Pattaya 2004

April 26, 2015 by David Herd

Samui Bangkok Pattaya

Samui Bangkok Pattaya Samui Bangkok Pattaya, another three trips in 2004. It was a quieter year for travel after my amazing busy year of travel in 2003.

 This it not part of my travel blog, just part of my personal photo & travel history from 2003.

One of my favourite pastimes

David Herd Pattaya

I have to maintain my 110 kilo weight. 🙂

Another favourite pastime.

Samui Bangkok Pattaya Her name is Jan and she soon became my favourite Pattaya princess.

Another Cherry Bar princess

Cherry Bar Pattaya

A beautiful smile & a very sweet lady.

Aussies out of control

Samui Bangkok Pattaya Richard Blair aka Stingy out of control in a Soi 8 beer bar. He only recently discovered Pattaya and was carrying on like most newbies.

Samui Bangkok Pattaya

Ladyboy Pattaya Another two Aussies, John “Pothole” Martin and Ken Shelly have discovered their nirvana.

Pothole & friend

LadyBoy Thailand

Here is Pothole with what seems to be an attractive Thai lady that he had just negotiated a short time liaison in his hotel room. Of course she turned out to be a LadyBoy which made absolutely no difference to him, in fact he happily described the whole event in great detail to the rest of us sitting around the pool. My only comment is “too much information”.

Happy street vendor

David Herd Thailand Thai people have taken street food to an art form, however care should be taken when choosing what to eat.

Gorgeous Thai girl at Sabai Lodge

  Samui Bangkok Pattaya  

As they say in the classics, if you have got it, flaunt it. 🙂

Sabai Lodge Soi 2 was our favoured hotel

  Samui Bangkok Pattaya Pothole from Sydney and hypo-active Dan from Airlie Beach


Cold beers in Soi 8

Soi 8 Pattaya Ken and “Stingy” just before we flew to Koh Samui to continue their indoctrination.

Beach Rd bar with Greg Clee.

Heaven Above Pattaya

Greg & I live in Markland on Beach Rd, he is on 17th floor & I’m on 20th.

Koh Samui

 photo IMG_0555.jpg The flight to Samui was very tiring for Stingy, on another note Thailand is the only country in the world he is considered a “handsome man. 🙂

  “Stingy” Blair and Ken.

Samui Bangkok Pattaya It was around this time I gave Richard the nickname Stingy. It came about when he and Ken were on the beach and a Thai lady was reading his palm. She looked at him and said “you are a very wealthy man, but Stingy”. Of course she was spot on, so many times Richard would be drinking with Ken and showing off by buying lots of drinks for the girls behind the bar knowing that Ken would have to pay half the bill, but the girls would think he was the hero. As soon as I heard what the girl on the beach had said I gave him the label “Stingy” which has stuck with him until today in 2015. I also taught Ken to always have separate “bins”, meaning Bills, when drinking with Richard so he couldn’t pull his usual bill splitting stunt.



Koh Samui sunset

  Chaweng Beach Samui Taken at Chaweng beach from my preferred beachside hotel, the Baan Chaweng hotel.  

Chaweng Beach Koh Samui

David Herd Samui There are a number of reasons I prefer Samui to Phuket, first they restrict building to not exceed the height of the palm trees. Secondly there are not as many noisy Australian tourists which suits me fine. Like most places however progress has not been kind, to me Samui was more enjoyably in the late 90s and early 2000s. Many of the older charming buildings in Chaweng have been replaced by gold shops etc, such is life.

Ken Shelly and a BBQ prawn

Samui Bangkok Pattaya

I used to see a lot of Ken in these early days, however in the last couple of years when he comes to Thailand he does his best to avoid me, (he is not alone) c’est la vie. 🙂 

Big Dog at Nana Plaza Bangkok

Samui Bangkok Pattaya Nana Plaza Bangkok sex sin sleaze it’s all there. I have been a frequent visitor for 20 years & have seen the LadyBoy population rise from 10% to around 40% today. This does not suit me at all, give me the sexy young girls any day. :)  

Phung aka Cleopatra

Nana Plaza Bangkok My favourite Bangkok girl, we met in 2001 at Nana Plaza and got together every time I was in town until about 2009 when she left the business. It’s now 2015 and I hear she is living with a guy in Europe.

Cleo with the huge smile

 photo IMG_0064.jpg

Without a doubt one of the most terrific Thai ladies I have ever met.

John Secrets and Rod Perrin, RIP.

Samui Bangkok Pattaya Rod was an ex Sydney cop who retired and moved to Forster on the NSW coast. These days he spends most of his time in Thailand. John was originally from Adelaide and after 3 or 4 failed marriages moved to the Gold Coast. He spent around 10 years there before moving to Thailand around 2002.

Gorgeous Eve likes her pepper hot.

Samui Bangkok Pattaya The biggest pepper grinder I have ever seen. Eve has a German sponsor from Airlie Beach, a very odd type of man who regularly travels to Thailand. I am on his black list, then again I am on quite a few blacklists. 🙂

You too can have a body like this if you abuse it.

 photo IMG_0057.jpg

Thanks for visiting my Samui Bangkok Pattaya photo blog from 2004. I eventually moved to Thailand in 2011 and am enjoying a stress free life in paradise. I do an around the world trip each year, please check out Seven Super Cities trip in 2014 and my Eastern European Odyssey in 2015.

             Lisbon                                 New York                       Airole Italy     

Lisbon restaurant            Wall St New York            Airole                         

             Menton                          Pattaya Storms                   Shibuya Tokyo

French Riviera            Pattaya Thailand            Shibuya Tokyo                 

        Hong Kong                        Florianopolos                         Dubrovnik

Kowloon Hong Kong           Joaquina Beach Florianopolis            Dubrovnik

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Pattaya webcam


Thats all folks

Samui Bangkok Pattaya

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Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day

April 12, 2015 by David Herd

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog DayBangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day is my way of describing my Thai trips in 2006. I return 2 or 3 times each year & never fail to have fun with my Aussie friends. The photo shows lunch at the Mantra with Nikki and Tony Murphy.

This post is a chapter in my online photo album, not part of my travel blog.

Mantra restaurant Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day The Mantra has been my favourite restaurant since it opened, especially the fabulous Sunday buffet brunch.

Dinner at the Mantra

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog DayDinner with friends from Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Atlantic Bar Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya Groundhog DayGreg Clee, David Herd, John Secrets and Ziggy enjoying drinks at the Atlantic Bar in 2nd rd.

John Secrets comparing tongues at Atlanic Bar.

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day

These people speak in tongues.

Atlantic Bar

  Atlantic Bar PattayaHer name is Ying, I wonder if her sister is Yang?  

Atlantic Bar

Bangkok Pattaya Groundhog Day

Still my local watering hole in 2017.

Luca at Toscana

Toscana Pattaya Luce is a huge happy Italian from Pisa, he moved further down Beach Rd into much larger premises with seating for around 600 diners.

Beautiful Dah at the Honey Pot

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day One of my favourite girls at one of my favourite bars in Soi 2 North Pattaya.  

Walking St Pattaya.

  Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog DayWalking St as an attraction compares favorably to many other infamous world red light  areas. Patpong,   Nana Plaza & Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, the RLD in Amsterdam,the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Kabukichō in Tokyo, 42 nd St New York,  Vila Mimosa in Rio De Janeiro & Kings Cross in Sydney. Sadly all of these areas I have visited at some stage in my life. :)  

Honey Pot

  Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog DayJock Granger and his friend from Sydney at the Honey Pot.  Sadly this bar closed around 2011.

 John Secrets surrounded at Atlantic Bar

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day

So many girls & so little time.

John Secrets and Joerg Ulitza Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day Happy times in Pattaya, sadly in 2014 Joerg was arrested leaving Hong Kong with a suitcase full of drugs, he is in jail there awaiting trial in November 2015. We were all shocked when this happened, he will be 80 years of age by the time he goes to trial. November 2015 and all charges have been dropped.

Stollies for me please David Herd Thailand

I really like pretty girls with glasses.

Pattaya Baht Bus

  Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day A great transport system in Pattaya, hop on hop off for 10 Baht.  

Rain hail or shine in Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day

Outside Tukcom.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day From the left Tony Murphy (impersonating a rabbit caught in the headlights, David Herd, John Secrets and Brian Rawnsley.

 A favourite Bangkok girl

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day I have known Phung since 2001 but to me she will always be known as Cleopatra.


Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day

I believe she is now living in Switzerland with a new sponsor. 🙂

Beautiful Thai smile

Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day One of the lovely ladies in a Sukhumvit beauty salon.

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Bangkok floating market

 photo Floating market 006.jpg

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Pattaya webcam


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David Herd Thailand


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One night Bangkok, never enough

April 1, 2015 by David Herd

The boys in Bangkok

One night BangkokOne night Bangkok makes a hard man humble, Not much between despair and ecstasy,One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble, Can’t be too careful with your company, I can feel the devil walking next to me.

We have all heard the song and some of us have been lucky enough to live the dream. 🙂

The photo above is at Nana Plaza with Greg Clee, John Secrets and Sean Fenton, all Aussies who love Thailand.

This it not part of my travel blog, just part of my personal history from 2007.

“One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster
The bars are temples but their pearls ain’t free
You’ll find a god in every golden cloister
And if you’re lucky, then the god’s a she
I can feel an angel sliding up to me”

One night Bangkok

One night Bangkok

Say no more…….

Khaosan Road

One night Bangkok“Khaosan” translates as “milled rice”, a reminder that in former times the street was a major Bangkok rice market. In the last 20 years, however, Khaosan Road has developed into a world famous “backpacker ghetto”. It offers cheap accommodation, ranging from “mattress in a box” style hotels to reasonably priced 3-star hotels. In an essay on the backpacker culture of Khaosan Road,

Khaosan Road cafe

One night Bangkok

There are several pubs and bars where backpackers meet to discuss their travels. The area is internationally known as a centre of dancing, partying, and just prior to the traditional Thai New Year (Songkran festival) of 13-15 April, water splashing that usually turns into a huge water fight. One Thai writer has described Khaosan as “…a short road that has the longest dream in the world”.

 What a beautiful face.

One night BangkokA pedicure in Bangkok is an absolute please when done by such a beautiful girl.


Long tail boat

One night BangkokThe craft is designed to carry passengers on a river & may include a lightweight long canoe hull, up to 30 meters long, and a canopy. There is a great variation among these boats, some have evolved from traditional craft types, while others have a more improvised look, the sole defining characteristic is a second-hand car or truck engine.

Ok, lets go yo Pattaya

  One night BangkokAnother beautiful face is Dah who was working at the Honey Pot in Soi 2 when I met her last year.  

Dah in 2006, 15 kilo lighter

  One night Bangkok   Same pretty face however she was 15 kilo lighter when I met her last year.  

 Sabai Resort

One night in BangkokThis is where I stayed for 7 years each time I would visit Pattaya until I moved to Thailand from Australia in October 2011. A great location with a reasonable price, I preferred room number 311.

Sabai Resort

  One night BangkokCate from the Gold Coast with John Secrets at the Sabai Resort.  

Cate showing off her assets

Sabai resort Pattaya

Atlantic Bar 2nd Rd Pattaya

  One night BangkokIan Finlay (RIP March 2009) Ooy, Cate and John Secrets enjoying a good night at the Atlantic bar.  

Sean gets engaged.

One night in BangkokSean Fenton and Ann get engaged, it is now 2015 and they are living happily in Townsville with a number of children. On the left is Brad Robbins also from Townsville and on The right Greg Clee who is my neighbour in Pattaya.

Sean’s bucks party

One night Bangkok Hamish Elton, Greg Clee and Sean winding up for a huge night.  


   photo Honey Pot again 8.jpg  Hello sexy man, where you go?

Tiny girl at the Honey Pot

  One night BangkokRod is a fairly big guy, in fact he used to be a Sydney cop, he towers over the little waitress.  

Honey Pot Soi 2

One night BangkokIt was my favourite bar for 2 or 3 years, sadly the original Honey Pot is now closed. Typical Pattaya, nothing stays the same for too long.

Honey Pot

One night BangkokOne of my favourite Honey Pot girls, I love the sexy glasses, and if you look through the slideshow you will notice one night she was wearing red & white socks, the Sydney Swans colours. 🙂

I’m in heaven One Night Bangkok Savannah in Soi 3

Pretty face at Atlantic Bar

 photo Honey Pot again 2.jpg
It’s 2017 & I’m still drinking at the Atlantic. Check out pattaya life in 2016 on THIS LINK.

Not just a pretty face

  One night Bangkok  An incredible body as well. 🙂

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Pattaya low cost budget hotels

Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, great value at only $23 usd per night as of August 15. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

U Too bar

  One Night Bangkok  Moved several years ago to Drinking St 2nd Rd north Pattaya.

Gold Coast girls

  One night Bangkok

Cate and Tammy.

Koh Samui

One night Bangkok Cate, Tammy and I decided to spend a few days in Koh Samui.

Thanks for visiting my post on One night Bangkok

One night Bangkok

When I’m in Bangkok I like to stay in Sukhumvit Soi 11, here is an excellent budget hotel, if you USE THIS LINK you will get a great rate of around B1100 per night, or $30 USD.

David Herd Thailand

The best Bangkok budget hotel I have ever stayed in.

2008 was another super year, check out my exciting life on the Gold Coast, just click on this link.



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 That’s all folksThailand Europe Vietnam Japan

Pattaya webcam

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Bangkok Pattaya Krabi

March 31, 2015 by David Herd

Bangkok Pattaya Krabi

 photo Pattaya20013.jpgBangkok Pattaya Krabi were all Thailand locations I visited in 2008. Along with my huge trip to Brazil followed by New York, you can add Bali and Kuala Lumpur to the list and what do you get? Another frantic year of travel for the FiveStarVagabond. 🙂

The photos shows me at one of the many cocktail cars in Pattaya.

This post is part of my online photo album not part of my travel blog.

Soi 6 Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiOne of Pattaya’s most infamous streets, only a few blocks from where I live. 🙂

LadyBoy, are you serious?

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiHere are Dennis and Nick my friends from the Gold Coast in Walking St with the best looking  LadyBoy we have ever seen.

Trust me, just a photo shoot, nothing more. 🙂

Bangkok Pattaya Krabi

Beautiful Jan from the Cherry bar.

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiYou are going to see a lot of Jan on this post, I can never show too much of Jan, in my eyes she was the most gorgeous Thai girl I ever knew.

Dr Evil and the Princess

Cherry Bar girlI last saw her in 2013 she was married to a European guy and pregnant with her 3rd child. Oh well all good things must come to an end, we had a lot of fun together for 3 or 4 years on my visits to Pattaya.

What a horrible sight

 photo Sabai pool 012.jpgYou too can have bodies like this if you abuse them. Here we are at the Sabai Resort, John Martin aka Pothole and Tony Murphy. The three of us actually travelled around the world together in 1999, we finished our trip in Koh Samui for the millennium.

Nic, Sharon and Rod Perin, (RIP).

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiDrinks at Nana Plaza with good friends Nic, Sharon and Rod, sadly Rod passed away a couple of years after this photo. He hailed from Forster on the NSW coast but spent most of his final years in Thailand. Nick and Sharon live on the Gold Coast and travel regularly to Pattaya. In fact Nick has a range of Thai boxing gear manufactured in Bangkok under his “Punish” label.

Bernards Soi 3

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiNick and I at Bernards when it was in Soi 3, they mover to Soi 1 around 2011 and it was never as good. Sadly they closed their doors in 2014.

Rod, Nick and I with our new watches.

   photo Pattaya 030.jpgCheck out our genuine copies from China while having a beer at the Cherry Bar.  

North Pattaya Beach

Bangkok Pattaya Krabi

Ron and Yvonne Collier at Sirocco

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiI have known Ron & Yvonne for over 30 years since they initially lived in Melbourne. Around 25 years ago they moved to Byron Bay and I would occasionally drive down to visit them. Sadly Ron passed away in April 2012.

Sirocco in Bangkok

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiYvonne Collier and my brother Warren at Sirocco. I remember Yvonne ordered a glass of champagne, $25 later Ron nearly fell off his chair. 🙂

Sirocco is magnificent

Sirocco photo Bangkok 016.jpg

U too Bar

Utoo bar PattayaThis was a good bar on 2nd rd opposite Alcazar LadyBoy show. In 2010 it moved further up the road to Drinking St due to a re-development of the site.

Bernards in Soi 3

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiThis was one of my favourite restaurants, it moved to Si 1 then finally closed down in 2014. Les & Robyn the couple on the right were very good friends of mine until 2013 when they put me firmly on their black list. I’m very comfortable there with the many others on that list. 🙂

A message to Les & Robyn

Bangkok Pattaya Krabi

Pattaya street kitchen.

   photo IMG_1655.jpg Thailand have taken street food to an art-form.  

Here is Jan again

  Sexy Thai babe I told you earlier you would be seeing more of Jan. 🙂  

Trevor Loersch at Nui at the Mantra.

Mantra restaurant Pattaya

The Royal Cliff Hotel from Cosy Beach.

 photo Cosy Beach.jpg

Phung aka Cleopatra at Nana Plaza.

  Nana Plaza Bangkok I have known Cleo since 2001 and always take her out when I am in Bangkok, she is a super girl.  

Another nice visitor

  Bangkok Pattaya KrabiHere is Ice at the Sabai Resort, another nice girl I have known for 2 or 3 years, she use to work as a dancer in Nana Plaza in Bangkok.  

Russian girl at Cosy beach

  Bangkok Pattaya Krabi  

Greg Clee and Ron Collier

Bangkok Pattaya Krabi

Ao Nang beach in Krabi.

Ao Nang beach KrabiKrabi is far more relaxed & lay back than many other Thai resorts. It seems to me the biggest % of tourists come from Scandinavia, consequently there are quite a few Swedish & Norwegian restaurants, which suits me fine as I love Skagen.

Krabi Beach bar

Beach bar photo Krabi39.jpg

Dinner at Krabi

Bangkok Pattaya KrabiMy brother Warren and I both enjoy Krabi, a great location for massages and Scandinavian food.

Finally another photo of Jan

Bangkok Pattaya Krabi

That’s all folks

   photo 1jj Duck.jpg Thanks for visiting my 2008 post of Bangkok Pattaya Krabi, check out the links below for some more FiveStarVagabond history.  

zulu928's Thailand 2008 album on Photobucket

My first trip to Thailand in 1980.

Flashback to my first trip to Pattaya in 1980.

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Before you leave please check out the Burma Railway.

On the Burma railway the dead POWs included 6,904 British personnel, 2,802 Australians, 2,782 Dutch, & 133 Americans.

Posted by Travel blogger” on Thursday, February 19, 2015

Here is one of my favourite posts on Pattaya.

Every day thousands of tourists prove Pattaya really is “fun city“, para sailing and trips to the nearby islands are by…

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Three Thai trips 2011

December 18, 2014 by David Herd

Three Thai trips

This is not part of my travel blog, just a photographic record of my three Thai trips in 2011.

Three Thai tripsThree Thai trips 2011 starting in January which without a doubt was one of the best holidays I have ever had. Good friends & close family made it very special indeed. Here is a whole bunch of Herds plus Bjorn  from Germany who is Michael’s other half, my two lovely nieces Laura & Elyssa and my brother Warren. You can see my post on our great adventure here.

What a frantic year 2011 turned out to be, two trips to Thailand in January and July before moving there permanently on October 20th. Including visits to Krabi & the River Kwai. A few days inLangkawi Malaysia with my brother Warren. Sydney twice in September and October, then 3 weeks after settling in Thailand I was off to England for 3 weeks which included a road trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow via Fort William in the north of Scotland. All this coupled with clearing out all my worldly possession from my Gold Coast home before settlement on October 11. I am weary just writing about this busy life changing year.

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection featuring the people who made 2011 another great year.

Drinks at The Cherry Bar

Three Thai tripsTwo Warrens, Anne and Om (RIP) plus Freeman. A few months after this photo was taken sadly Om passed away. She was a sweet lady and we all miss her.

 With Greg Clee at Coffee World

Three Thai trips

Greg & I wound up being neighbours in Markland at Beach Road Pattaya.

Centara Grand at Wongamat

Three Thai trips

Looks like the lost city of Atlantis.

Warren Herd, Nikki Murphy and David Herd

 photo CentaraWongamat13.jpg

Here we are checking out the wonderful Centara Grand.

Tony and Nikki Murphy at Bernards

Three Thai trips

Sadly Bernard closed his doors in 2014.

  Dave Wylie and Ian Rich at the Cherry Bar.

Three Thai trips Ian & I have known each other over 40 years, & Dave & I met in Rio de Janeiro. 

Aoy at the Cherry Bar

Three Thai trips

A very sweet girl who found herself a sponsor and has left the bar scene.

Beach club with Greg Johnston

  Three Thai tripsGreg is from Australia and now owns a bar in LK Metro, we have known each other for 25 years.  

While we are talking about the Beach Club.

Beach club Pullman hotelIt’s a wonderful place to watch the sunsets while enjoying half price drinks at happy hour, 5 to 7 pm every day.

A beach Club bonus

Beach Club WongamatYou guessed it, Russian eye candy regularly wanders by.

Beach Club Wongamat

Beach Club WongamatAs well as happy hour you can use the pools or swim in the ocean.

Pattaya Hilton

Pattaya Hilton photo HiltonPattaya013.jpgAnother great location for watching the sun set in Pattaya.

Luxury at the Hilton Hotel

Three Thai trips

Certainly one of Pattaya’s best locations to watch the sunset.



With friends at the holiday Inn.

Three Thai tripsI use the term friends rather loosely, I should say ex friends these two fellows I try to avoid me these days. Ah! Life in Pattaya among fragile personalities is always entertaining and interesting. 🙂

From Markland roof

Three Thai trips

Looking down on the A1 Hotel.

Pothole flyblown at the Mantra

Three Thai trips Most people who go to the Mantra behave in an acceptable fashion, not Pothole (aka John Martin) however, he does not care where he is or who he disrupts, That’s just his nature.

As for me

David Herd Thailand I’m just too focused on the magnificent food.


Three Thai trips Here is the magnificent view from a friends apartment at the Cove.

Trevor arrives for another golfing holiday.

Three Thai trips Trevor and his lovely lady Nui.

Atlantic Bar with the golfing fanatics.

Three Thai trips

They can remember every shot they played in the last 3 months.

Atlantic Bar with Porn

Atlantic Bar Pattaya A very cute lady who I used to take out occasionally, I saw her  in 2014 with a sponsor and a bouncy baby, so I’m guessing she has left the bar scene far behind. 🙂

Xmas Eve at the Cherry Bar Ken & Joerg

Three Thai trips               Joergen on the right has always been a very happy fellow. Now as I’m writing this in 2015 sadly at 80 years of age he is residing in a Hong Kong prison on a drug charge.

Xmas Eve at the Cherry Bar

Xmas Eve at the Cherry Bar photo CherryBarXmas8.jpg This gorgeous young Thai girl is Aoy one of my favourite ladies. Now in 2015 she has found a sponsor and left the bar, damn it. 🙂

We lost a friend

Three Thai trips The girl in the middle is Om, she would always make sure I had a drink and was a good friend. Sadly she passed away in early 2013.

New Years Eve

Three Thai trips At the stone oven on the corner of Beach Rd and Soi 6 celebrating NYE.

New Years Eve New Years Eve Thailand Justin Freeman and some LadyBoys who are on the prowl big-time. 🙂


New Years Eve with Jasmine at the Cherry Bar.

Three Thai trips

Happy new year everybody. 🙂


Lets finish with a great shot of Nikki

 photo IMG_9795.jpg

Nikki trying to get a wi fi signal at Sabai Resort.

December 2011 at the Atlantic Bar

Three Thai trips Greg Johnston & I knew each other from the Gold Coast.

It was another great year

David Herd Thailand                  

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That’s all folks

Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan

This Thai girl is as smooth as silk

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Three Thailand trips 2009

December 1, 2014 by David Herd

Three Thailand trips

Three Thailand trips Three Thailand trips in February April and July. The best was certainly in July when my good friend Phil Thomson arrived with his 21 yo son Michael to introduce him to life in Thailand. Michael’s mother is Japanese and he speaks the language fluently. Being a young good looking guy the girls in the bar made quite a fuss of him.

The two girls above are Anne & Jaeb from the Cherry Bar.

This post focuses on the July trip with Phil & Michael Thomson.

Michael, Jan & Phil

Three Thailand tripsI think Dad is having more fun than Michael. 🙂

Yes here is proof Michael’s dad is a party animal

Three Thailand trips

Of course Dad had no fun at all. 🙂

Anne and Michael

Three Thailand trips

Anne was so pleased to find some young fresh meat she latched on for a few days.

Nana Plaza and everyone is happy.

Three Thailand trips

We found Muk in “The Office” off Soi 33.

Pizza in Soi 33

Three Thailand trips

Good Italian food here, about 200 meters along Soi 33 on the right.

I met this lovely lady in Soi 33

Three Thailand tripsHer name is Muk and she now works in the country at a 7 11 shop, we sometimes chat on Facebook.

Nana Plaza, game on.

Three Thailand trips

Michael is very happy to be introduced to Nana Plaza.

A rainy night in Soi 33

At the Office in Soi 33 on a very wet night. photo IMG_1123.jpg

Nice Ferrari outside the Office.


This cheeky lady is named Ice.

Three Thailand tripsI met Ice a couple of years ago when she was dancing in a club  in Nana Plaza, I try to catch up with her each time I come to Thailand.

Herbie and the Thomsons at the Mantra

Herbie and the Thomsons at the Mantra photo SundayluchatMantra1.jpgHerbie Pastor is a very interesting guy from Las Vegas who now lives in Pattaya. He has some terrific stories from his days of owning a casino there as well as a well known New Orleans strip club.

The Honey Pot in Soi 2

The Honey Pot in Soi 2 photo HoneyPotBand14.jpgThis was one of my favorite drinking holes, air conditioned and great music. Sadly now in 2014 along with all the other Soi bars it has closed.

Another reason I liked the Honey Pot.

Three Thailand trips

I rest my case.

 While we are on the subject

  Three Thailand trips I can never show too much of Jan, in my eyes she was the most gorgeous Thai girl I knew.

Did I hear you say you wanted more of Jan?

Three Thailand trips

Well so did I, more & more. 🙂

Near the Dusit hotel

Three Thailand trips

Now in 2016 the footpath around the rock wall has totally collapsed.

Dusit at North Pattaya

  Three Thailand trips You can see the Cove under construction behind the Dusit Hotel

 The Grand Palace in Bangkok

The Grand Palace Bangkok

A must for anybody visiting Bangkok.


Manhattan’s steakhouse with Trevor.


Three Thailand trips This was one of Pattaya’s best restaurants, sadly it closed it’s doors in 2014.


Cherry bar with Pothole and Greg Clee

Three Thailand trips Greg Clee is a partner in a go go bar in Walking St Pattaya, Pothole aka John Martin is I a guy I have know for many years and the older I get the more I enjoy not seeing him. 🙂 Three Thailand trips in 2009 was a lead up to me moving there from Australia in October 2011.

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Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan         Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan          Copacabana

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Pattaya webcam


That’s all folks

David Herd Thailand

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