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Herd family Sydney 2006

October 3, 2014 by David Herd

Rebecca & Victor tie the knot

Herd family SydneyDavid Herd family Sydney  in 2006, my niece Rebecca married Victor Mendonca a very nice fellow from the Archipelago of the Azores, nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, and is located about 1,360 km (850 mi) west of continental Portugal.

The in-laws & the happy couple.

Herd family Sydney

Terrific family photo.

Great photo of brother Bryan & Lynne.

Herd family

A very happy day for the parents.

Mr & Mrs Mendonca

 Rebecca & Victor MendoncaVic & Bec have a fabulous fitness center & gym in North Richmond, it is open 24/7 and you can join for only $13 a week. There are millions of idiots in Australia who spend $13 on one packet of cigarettes that are slowly killing them. I must say Victor is a great addition to the Herd family.

Following the Herd at Xmas

Herd family XmasAnd there certainly was a big Herd, the annual Xmas gathering was at cousin Deb’s lovely home in Balgowlah, I have only ever attended 4 or 5 Xmas gatherings since the days when my parents were alive & entertaining the Herd family at 58 Kihilla Rd Auburn.

Great photo of cousin Deb with her parents Colin & Margaret, Colin is the youngest of Dad’d clan of 4 girls & 3 boys.

All my gorgeous Aunties.

David Herd familyMy father’s four sisters from left to right Elsie, Thelma, Dorothy & Norma. This one in 2006 is one of my favourites especially seeing all Dad’s 4 sisters there & in good health.

A flashback to 1929

Herd family Sydney

Elsie, Arthur, Allan & baby Thelma on 27-1-1929, what a beautiful looking young girl Elsie was.

Two uncles & one cousin.

Herd family SydneyRay Pilgrim on the left Colin Herd & cousin Greg McMillan.

Lovely photo, Dot is the happiest of all the Herd family.

Herd family SydneyJeff Bousefield with ????? The rest of the names are coming soon. 🙂

The Lowe family.

David Herd familyHere is Robyn & her lovely family, my apologies for not knowing everyone’s name, I’ll track them down soon.

 The cat is ignoring me.

Herd family SydneyLittle miss Bousfield seems to be having a spat with the cat. 🙂

 Another flashback to 1954

Herd family SydneyOne of our best Herd family photos is Thelma’s wedding in 1954 with all of the clan.

Herds & Bousfields

Herd family Sydney

It’s now 2016 and I’m hoping I can catch up with the family at Xmas this year.

Robyn Greg & Thelma.

Herd family Sydney

It was a really nice Xmas with the family, thanks for visiting my Herd family Sydney photo blog.

Sydney hotels are so expensive now, here is a reasonably priced one in Chinatown, just book through THIS LINK.

That’s all folks

David Herd Sydney


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Freeway Hotel restaurant AFL football

October 1, 2014 by David Herd

Private box at the Sydney Cricket Ground

freeway hotel restaurantFreeway Hotel restaurant AFL football was my entertainment before flying to Brazil. The entertainment was so good I missed my plane & had to book for the day after. My old friend Peter Hesky owns the Freeway hotel & like myself is a fanatical AFL Sydney Swans fan. He shuns publicity so I’m sure when one of his whistle blowing friends sees this post they will alert him & I will get an e-mail requesting changes. My message is don’t waste your time, this is my life history & it stays. 🙂

However being a generous man I have included links back to the Freeway Hotel to help his traffic. 🙂

As you will see towards the end of this post we have had some great private functions at Peter’s hotel & the food provided is absolutely the very best as was the service.

Here is the man himself

Sydney Cricket GroundPeter Hesky & Joyce Weir, I first met Joyce in 1981 & Peter in 1976.

Long time friend now living in Adelaide Roger Williams.

Sydney Swans SCGRoger & I had some very wild times knocking around Sydney for a decade or so from the late 70s, he also moved to QLD a little after I in 1987.

Roger Williams Anne Lacey & Warwick Robinson

freeway hotel restaurantI have known Roger & Warwick for 30 years & Anne for 20.

I’m with Steve Bates & Peter Hesky

freeway hotel restaurant

All rugged up for the footy.

What a fabulous city

Sydney AustraliaI was born & raised in the beautiful city & still get goose bumps every time I fly back over Sydney.

Jock Granger with one of his fine collection.

E-Type JaguarJock is a retired Qantas flight attendant who’s passion is collecting beautiful motor vehicles.

Another incredibly busy year for travel including Belem at the mouth of the mighty Amazon , Fortaleza on the north coast of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Cabo Frio & another great trip to Tuscany & Portofino.

Two trips to Sydney including a wedding & terrific family Xmas plus one trip to Melbourne for an AFL weekend. Yes, 2006 was another great year.

 Sea Treasure Chinese restaurant at Crows Nest

Sea Treasure seafoodSea Treasure is one of my favourite restaurant on the north side of the harbor.

Freeway hotel restaurant

freeway hotel restaurantCheck out the Lobster mornay at the Freeway, lobster, I don’t see any lobster. 🙂

What about the prime rib of beef?

freeway hotel restaurant prime ribAs I said earlier the food we had at the freeway hotel restaurant was absolutely fantastic.

The view at the Freeway is fantastic.

freeway hotel restaurantThe food was so good extreme measures were used at the Freeway hotel restaurant to take our mind off eating. 🙂

Eye candy at The Freeway Hotel restaurant

Freeway Hotel restaurantI’m with Peter Hobbs & one of the cute waitresses at the Freeway Hotel restaurant.

 Jock Granger & Warwick Robinson at the Freeway Hotel

freeway hotel restaurant

Two very happy guys looking forward to the food and wine.

Steve Bates can’t handle the pressure

Rack of lamb freeway hotel restaurantIt seems like the wonderful rack of lamb was a bridge too far for Steve Bates.

Do you like my tattoo Peter?

freeway hotel restaurant tattooTattoo, what tattoo? I can’t get my eyes off your knockers. 🙂

Drop your arms for the camera dear.

sexy babe freeway hotel restaurantWarwick is doing a reasonable impersonation of Dr Evil.

What a shame I’m flying to Brazil tomorrow.

fantasy freeway hotel restaurantOtherwise we could have spent the night together, got up early for breakfast, then begin looking for furniture for our new apartment before visiting a jeweler to buy an expensive ring for you.  (A guy can dream can’t he?)

Oooh! it’s so hot in here.

freeway hotel restaurantHer name was Lola she was a showgirl, does that line sound familiar?

David Herd Peter Hesky Steve Bates & Warwick Robinson.

David Herd Freeway Hotel restaurant

As you can see we had a great time at the Freeway Hotel restaurant  & Peter Hesky was the perfect host. Check out the slideshow for a little more exposure.


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Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan        Main Square Zagreb       Vung Tau


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That’s all folks

David Herd Thailand

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Friends family Surfers Paradise

September 29, 2014 by David Herd

Breakfast at Main Beach with Friends family Surfers Paradise

Friends Surfers ParadiseFriends family Surfers Paradise starting with my brother Warren his lovely daughter Laura & his friend we call Mumbles. Another incredibly busy year for travel including Belem at the mouth of the mighty Amazon , Fortaleza on the north coast of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Cabo Frio & another great trip to Tuscany & Portofino.

Two trips to Sydney including a terrific family Xmas & one trip to Melbourne for an AFL weekend. Yes, 2006 was another great year.

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection from 2006.

Lovely Laura

Friends familyMy niece Laura is a terrific singer & dancer trying to break into the big time. She won a scholarship to preform in New York which like myself she has fallen in love with the city.

My beautiful home at 106 Upton St Bundall, 4217

Friends familyI designed & had my beautiful waterfront home built in 1990, I made a huge mistake in 2004 when I added a 2nd floor, it made it difficult to sell because it was too big for the average family, 500 M2 with seven bedrooms & five bathrooms. Oh well, it’s not the first major mistake in my life and it won’t be the last.

Lunch with Rossco at Omeros Brothers.

Omeros Brothers Surfers ParadiseGood friend Ross Kennedy & I at Omeros Brothers, one of the best restaurants on the Gold Coast.

Lobster Morney with Rossco at Omeros Bros.

Omeros Bros restaurant

The food here is always excellent.


Dave & Janice Hoskot

friends family surfers paradiseDrinks on my jetty with the Hoskots, Janice is an Australian girl & Dave is American, for a number of years he was a back up drummer for Bob Dylan.

A rose between two thorns.

Japanese girl Gold CoastAsuka on the left was a lovely Japanese girl from Osaka who was studying on the Gold Coast and renting a room in my home.

Smokey & Lars shitteter, Janice Hoskot & Randy Fuse.

friends family of David HerdThe Shitteter’s & I were good friends for many years, but in 2013 they placed my firmly on their blacklist for various infractions, you will see some others they have also placed on the list in following photos, it’s nice to have company. 🙂

Here is a classic “black list” photo.

David Herd friends familyThat’s Smokey at the front & four of the other six people including myself have been banished to her & Lars Shitteter’s blacklist for quite a long time, as I said before it is nice to have company. 🙂 This particular day was a happy one, I have a small tradition where for many years on Good Friday I invite friends over for lunch.

Here is our Good Friday feast.

  friends Good FridayBeautiful Gold Coast fresh seafood & leg ham, salad & freshly baked bread.  

Birthday lunch for Noel Smith.

  Birthday friends familyAt Carmody’s restaurant at the Southport Sharks club to celebrate Noel Smith’s birthday.

Sadly we have lost Noel and Ron Collier, RIP. 

Xmas lunch at Melbas with the usual suspects

  Friends family Melbas XmasGreg Craig, Mike Nidrie & Noel Smith (RIP) are all regular drinking buddies of mine at Melbas.  

Beautiful smile at Melbas

  Friends family  Melbas always hires gorgeous girls.

Xmas lunch, the tradition continues

Xmas lunch at MelbasXmas lunch at Melbas with Lars Shitteter & Dave Hoskot, I first started drinking at Melbas on January 1st 1982 when some friends & I flew from Sydney after a huge NYE on Sydney Harbour when my boat was peppered with falling sky rockets because I stupidly  anchored in the drop zone.

Red wine at Melbas

  Sudzi at MelbasSudzi was one of the Melbas managers, in January 2008 we met up in Brazil for Carnival.  

Dave Allen at Melbas.

  Dave Allen MelbasDave is a terrific fellow & is the son of the owner & founder of Melbas Paul Alan.  

Melbas in Cavil Avenue

Melbas Cavil Avenue

Follow THIS LINK for lots of memories on Melbas.

Jim Bell & Dave Allen

friends Jim Bell Dave AllenJim Bell rented a room in my home for 13 years, that’s what I call a long term tenant.

Breakfast on Chevron Island with Brian Rawnsley.

friends family Chevron IslandBrian is a Brisbane guy I met in Thailand, here we are at Tigerlilly on Chevron Island one of my breakfast haunts.


The girls in our footy tipping club.


Gold Coast friends familyI ran a AFL tipping competition for 10 years, here we are at the end of year dinner.


And the winner is……..


Ross Kennedy my friendMy great friend Ross Kennedy aka “Shoeless Joe Jackson”.


My brother Ian’s 50th birthday.

Friends familyFriends family gathered for Ian’s 50th birthday, here is Bryan another brother given one of his famous speeches.

 Family breakfast on Chevron Island.


Family breakfast Chevron IslandTwo of my Brothers Bryan & Warren, Bryan’s wife Lynn & daughter-in-law Maisie.


This is Elliot, another little Herd.


David Herd familyMaisie’s cute little kid.


Lars & Smokey Shitteter marry at Saks restaurant.


Les & Robyn SchefferA great venue for a wedding on the Broadwater at Marina Mirage.


Wedding guests at Saks.

David Herd at SaksNiggle Stopsgiving standing next to me is now firmly on the Lars Shitteter‘s black list, his lady of 10 years beautiful Randy on the far right and he sadly are still doing battle. The name  Geoff Pilkington’s wife eludes me & ?????

I met these two lovely Japanese girls at Broadbeach.


Japanese babes BroadbeachTheir names were Nemo & Nami, naturally I took them home to my house for lunch. 🙂


Vannessa & I at Tamborine Mountain.


Friends familyIt was not the fact she was excited to see me, it was very cold in the mountains. 🙂


 Melbourne Cup day drinks at Melbas

Melbourne Cup at MelbasDavid Robertson & Phil Thomson at Melbas on Melbourne Cup day watching all the gorgeous fillies getting flyblown. 🙂

Harley Bradstreet, one of my oldest friends.

old friend Harley BradstreetHarley was preparing to leave Brisbane after a another disastrous business experience. When describing Harley, Larry Wilson a mutual friend once said “anyone can have a bad decade”. Which fitted Harley to a tee, over the many years I have known him this nice harmless fellow seemed to stumble from one disaster to another. On my boat on our eventful NYE in 1981 when rockets were falling from the sky, who was the first guy to get hit by one? Harley Bradstreet of course. 🙂 Thanks for visiting  my friends family & others from 2006, check out the slideshow.

For a great hotel rate on the Gold Coast just book through THIS LINK.

Thanks for visiting my Friends family Surfers Paradise photo blog.

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That’s all folks

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