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Exciting life Pattaya David Herd 2013

January 1, 2014 by David Herd

Cherry Bar with Jack Daniel’s

Exciting life Pattaya David HerdExciting life Pattaya David Herd 2013 was a total pleasure. January started with a bang when I spent NYE in Sydney, then mid January four English guys came to sample the delights of life in Thailand so naturally I played tour guide for them.

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection from 2013.

The boys from England

life 2013

The guys all came from around Wiltshire and naturally loved Pattaya.

Travel highlights for 2013

The year started with a bang, literally. I spent NYE 2012 at my old condo block in Wrights Rd Drummoyne which is a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. It reminded me of my great escape on NYE 1981.  Another nostalgic moment was a visit to Crescent ave Newport to visit the home of the late Tim Bristow where his long time partner Sue Ellis still lives, I of course also lived in Newport for 3 years from 1984 before moving to the Gold Coast.

January 1st I drove to Port Macquarie via Ettalong (where my family spent their annual holidays when I was young), to spend a few days with my brother Warren then on to the Gold Coast to catch up with friends.

In June I flew to England to visit my friend Alan who is a guest of Her Majesty, then his brother Bill Austin, Dave Catchpole & I took a road trip to Bruges & Versailles before winding up in Brighton on the south coast of England.

Life on Pattaya Beach

Pattaya my exciting life Every morning I walk along the & my camera is always with me, and I am always on the lookout for interesting shots, this is one of my favourites.

We lost a friend in January.

Exciting life Pattaya David HerdHere is my brother Warren & his friend Chris from Port Macquarie on the NSW coast with Dennis  Freemongrel, Dennis & I were friends for 30 years before he turned nasty on me. 🙂 The lovely lady is Om who sadly passed away far too young, I miss her smiling face & often think about her.

Pattaya beach from my Condo.

life 2013  One of the main reasons I love living here in Pattaya is the wonderful view from my Condo.  Check out my webcam here.

Sunset from the Beach Club.

  Exciting life Pattaya David HerdGreat sunsets from the Beach Club, happy hour drinks every day at 5 pm.  

Some other  things to see at the Beach Club.  😎

life 2013 Always a couple of lovely Russian girls at the Beach Club.  

Mike the cartoon man.

Mike Baird cartoons PattayaMike Baird is a well know character in Pattaya, he creates cartoons about Pattaya life for the local press.

Exciting life Pattaya David Herd     Mike Baird cartoon     Exciting life Pattaya David Herd

Great photo at the Beach Club

Beach Club Nathan CorbettFriends from Australia visit Pattaya, this is one of my favourite photos. The big guy is Nathan Corbett a Muay Thai world champion many times over.

Another birthday at the Mantra.

Exciting life Pattaya David HerdHere I am with PR girl Amy at the fabulous Mantra for another birthday on 7-7-2013.

Without a doubt AGODA is the best online Hotel booking site.  

Extra lane on Beach rd Pattaya

  life 2013   Lots of disruption this year with major roadworks on Beach Road.  

Girls dressed for Loi Krathong in Pattaya

Loi Krathon life Pattaya Loi Krathong takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. In the western calendar this usually falls in November. Loi means ‘to float’, while krathong refers to the (usually) lotus-shaped container which floats on the water. Krathonghas no other meaning in Thai besides decorative floats, so Loi Krathong is very hard to translate, requiring a word describing what a Krathong looks like such as Floating CrownFloating BoatFloating Decoration. The traditional krathong are made from a slice of the trunk of a banana tree or a spider lily plant.

Desert at Froggy’s with Daryl Evans.

  Exciting life Pattaya David HerdFroggy’s was one of our favourite restaurants in Pattaya, sadly it is now closed.  

Robbie & Hamish at the Gentlemen’s club

  Robbie & Hamish the Gentlemen's clubA good club in Soi Diamond off Walking St run by two Aussie guys Robbie & Hamish, NEWS FLASH 30 September 2014, they just sold the club to some Russians.  

World famous Walking St Pattaya.

Walking St PattayaMy exciting life in Pattaya includes a visit to Walking St every couple of months whether I want to or not.  😈 To receive my latest posts please follow me on Twitter  

Pattaya boat people.

  Exciting life Pattaya David Herd Every day they line up in the thousands to take a boat ride to the islands.  

On the ferry to Koh Chang.

  Koh Chang ferryKoh Chang is Thailand’s 2nd largest island, about a 3 hour drive from Pattaya.  

Motorbike ride in Koh Chang.

white sands beachIt was about to rain so I offered this nice lady 100 baht to take me 500 meters to the hotel, small price to pay to stay dry.

Koh Larn

  Sangwan Beach Koh LarnKoh Larn is only a 30 minute ferry ride from Pattaya.  

BBQ seafood on Koh Larn

Exciting life Pattaya David Herd

Fantastic fresh seafood.

Nana Paza in Bangkok

Nana Plaza BangkokBangkok Go-Go Bars can be found in three areas, Patpong, Soi Cowboy & Nana Plaza. Patpong is where it all started many years ago. It has even been filmed in in a James Bond chase-sequence. Patpong has long since lost it’s title of number one for sexy shows  Go-Go bars. Soi Cowboy &  Nana Plaza now reign supreme.

John Martin aka Pothole & David Herd at Nana Plaza. Pattaya my exciting life

I have known John for 15 years, without a doubt he provides me with an enormous amount of entertainment, he would have to be the most dysfunctional person I have ever known.  😆

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Bob & Greg from Australia

David Herd Thailand My exciting life in 2013 has been full of action, travel & fun, in January I was in Australia catching up with family & friends. In June I travelled to Bruges, Versailles, Brighton & London, rather than duplicate photos from those trips just click on the links to see my posts.

Happy times at the Cherry Bar.

Exciting life Pattaya David Herd

The Cherry bar is my local haunt on the corner of 2nd road & Soi 3, you will find me there 3about 4 times a week from 6.30 pm. The photo shows 3 guys from Australia, Lenny, Mervyn & my brother Warren, the lovely Thai lady is Merv’s new wife.

Sadly Merv passed away in early 2016.

Cherry bar girls

Exciting life Pattaya David Herd

Plenty of trouble here.

Cherry Bar

Pattaya my exciting lifePothole & I with our Jack Daniel’s at the Cherry Bar, we pay $10 to have our own bottle behind the bar, what a life.  😎

My exciting life in Pattaya

Pattaya my exciting life

This is Aoy, a Beautiful young Thai Lady who  used to work at the Cherry bar, she used to occasionally drop in to visit me, however she has now found herself a sponsor.  😎

Xmas at the Mantra

Exciting life Pattaya David HerdEnjoying Xmas lunch at the Mantra with a big group of friends.

Xmas calories

Pattaya my exciting life

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This great song by Glen Frey sums up where I am right now.

Thanks for visiting my Exciting life Pattaya David Herd photo blog.

Here is a video I made from January with friends from England. To me it captures the essence of life in Pattaya.

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Here is a slide show from 2013.

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