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Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

July 11, 2016 by David Herd

Doyles and Watsons Bay hotel

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 and 81 living on the waterfront in Drummoyne with the view you see in the header on this post. I drove a white Mercedes Sports, had my Bertram 25 moored in front of my apartment, and a liquor store in Sydenham, quite a few good friends and a long line of beautiful girlfriends, life was very close to perfect. The Watsons Bay hotel shown above was one of my regular haunts as was Doyles restaurant. It’s a great place to stay when in Sydney, for an excellent room rate just book through THIS LINK.

This is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish.

My boat

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

I had an absolute perfect mooring right outside my apartment, it was so much fun on Sydney harbour visiting all the great beaches & restaurants. They really were Great years Sydney 1980 to January 1987 when I pulled up stakes and moved to the Gold Coast.

Smooth operator

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

It seemed the parties and drinks never stopped at my Drummoyne apartment, life was very good indeed.

Jeff and Debbie Don

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Gorgeous Debbie & party animal Jeff, another smooth operator.

Sade – Smooth Operator (Official Video)

The party never stopped

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Looking back to my 6 years at Drummoyne I feel I made a serious mistake getting engaged and moving to Newport. My decision was based on a particular mindset we grew up with, eventually we all should settle down, marry & have children. In hindsight I now know that’s OK for the majority of people, but not everybody, & I’m certainly in the category of “not everybody”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Talking about being engaged, here is my future fiancee in 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Karen Smith and Dirk Kammerling were an item for several years until her and I started going out in 1984 which led to our engagement.

Karen & I in 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Who would have thought in 3 years we would be engaged and living together at Newport?

Castle Cove 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Two of the girls here were sisters, Carmen & Antionette Sherry, plus my good friend Rob Symonds and Peter H.

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 included Carmen & Antoinette 

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Decorating my XJ 6 in 1980.

Antoinette Sherry

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

What a beautiful redhead. 🙂

Here are some of the usual suspects

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

John Malouf, Peter Singleton and Dennis Moran at another one of my Drummoyne gatherings.

Joanne Barrett came 3rd in Miss Universe 1969

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

What a beautiful face, is it any wonder she was 3rd in the Miss Universe?

Singapore 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Some people who have seen this photo have been cruel enough to suggest that I looked like a Miami drug dealer, and here was I thinking I was just a very cool dude. 🙂

Rob Symonds & I in Singapore 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Rob & I had a great trip to Manilla, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Pattaya and Singapore.  This was when I first got hooked on Thailand, little did I realise 31 years later I would move there permanently. Take a look at my photo blog, just follow THIS LINK.

The blondes are here

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

That’s Teresa on the left sitting at my bar, and I can’t believe that I have forgotten the name of the other beautiful creature. 🙂

Here is the beautiful anonymous blonde as a redhead

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Now is that a fantastic face or what?

When can I start having fun?

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Right about now I would say, in fact I clearly remember a ménage à trois with two of these gorgeous babes. 🙂

Tall gorgeous redhead

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Her name was Louise and we had a brief fling, Antoinette & I are checking her prowess on the BBQ. She knew how to handle a sausage. 🙂

I told you she was gorgeous

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

An absolute knockout.

Two more knockouts, Kerry & Terry

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Two of my favourite Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980.

Shirley Jones  1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Shirley was an air hostess for TAA which does not exist anymore. She & Debbie Don were flatmates who lived around the corner in Drummoyne ave and came to most of my parties. Compare us in the following photo. 🙂

After many hours of booze

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

At the end of the day decorum would go out the window. 🙂

Another Shirley

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

This Shirley worked for Stripper-gram, we used to go out together occasionally. A very funny thing happened at my Dad’s retirement party, he had worked for Berger paints for 46 years. We were celebrating at what was then the Silverwater Businessman’s Club, in came a gorgeous girl in a bikini, draped in feathers, and proceeded with her well-practised routine.

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

The shocked look on my mother’s face had nothing to do with the girl sitting on Dad’s knee, it was when she walked over to our table and said to me, “hi David, nice to see you, when are we going out on your boat again”? Yes, it was Shirley, somebody had hired a stripper-gram for him. 🙂

This was Vickie in 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

The long line of Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 continues, it seemed there were so many babes and such little time. 🙂

Carol Aboud the ultimate party girl

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Even though Carol was the mother of four young children she was the ultimate party girl. Part of a wealthy eastern suburbs family, her father was the managing director of Century batteries & in his eyes she could do no wrong.

We really had some great times together over a four year period, although it was one of those on & off relationships that ran into quite a few road blocks along the way.

Talking about party animals

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

This is Roger “Ramjet” Williams who could always be relied upon to put on a show. Two of his party tricks were drinking a Bloody Mary containing 1/2 a bottle of Tabasco sauce. If a normal person had one sip it would set your mouth on fire. His 2nd trick was to take a raw onion and eat it like an apple, this man obviously had no taste buds. 🙂

A Mexican bandit? No it’s Chris Adams

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

One of the Adelaide guys I knocked around with when I lived there in 72 to 74, Chris wound up in Sydney then I lost track of him. I have always had a knack of giving people nicknames that seemed to stick with them, in Chris’s case his name was “The Mouth”. 🙂

Another Shirley, Xmas 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

A gorgeous little girl from the eastern suburbs who had a wealthy father and lived at Darling Point.

Ron Walsh from Broken Hill with Donna.

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Ron was a close friend for many years, he owned the Retravision store in Broken Hill and would find any excuse to visit me when I lived in Adelaide, we had some wonderful fun times together.

Debbie Secombe another of the Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Debbie a cool Aussie chick who worked at the Manilla Playboy Club for a few years before turning up at one of my famous parties.

Di Parkinson Xmas 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

Di was one of the most beautiful ladies I ever knew, also one of the craziest. No woman has caused me more problems in my life than this one. Apart from all that we had many great times together during the last 10 years.

New Years Eve 1981

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

One of the great nights of my life, and one of the best NYEs of my life, we overloaded my boat with 16 people and headed off to a seafood restaurant at “the Spit” for dinner before heading to the Opera House for the incredible fireworks. My girlfriend for the night was the gorgeous one in the middle, very unusual that I can’t remember her name.

Follow this link for the full story on New Year’s Eve 1981, the Great Escape.

NYE on board

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

I considered Wolf Wottke my best friend since we met in Adelaide in 1973, that friendship continued until I moved to Newport in 1984, sadly after that it was never the same.

Sydenham Cellars grand opening 1980 featuring Debbie Don.

Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980

In the 4 years I owned my liquor store I never really made too much money, 3 of those years the road was was closed for 3 or 4 months which effected my turnover rather badly. Luckily I had purchased the property and made a killing when I sold.

OK, one last look at Debbie.

Debbie 1980 SS


She is certainly worth a look don’t you think?

Thanks for visiting my Gorgeous girls Sydney 1980 photo blog, what an era that was. No doubt at all 80, 81 & 82 were amazing years for living large & gorgeous ladies.

It’s now 2017 and here is Glenn Frey to tell you exactly how I feel today.

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