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Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

January 12, 2018 by David Herd

The end to another great year

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect place to live for a guy like me. Good friends & great restaurants, what more could I want? Plus a reasonably short plane ride to many outstanding locations. Above is the incredible view from my Markland apartment on the 20th floor.

Birthday July 7

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectWhere else but the magic Mantra?

My brother Warren & Greg Clee on the left.

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect    Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

David Rose & Ray Ebzery on the right.

Birthday at the Atlantic bar

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectGeorge Hoult with Sharyn & Frank, all Aussies.

One of the many reasons we like the Atlantic Bar

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect Many middle eastern types who don’t spend money & aggravate the girls & customers are turned away, try that in Australia. 🙂 

Two more Aussies agree with the sign.

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectFred & Bill think its a great idea & so do I.

Are you ready for this?

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectBest sunsets in the world.

 Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

There something special about a silhouette.

Mark Yagala & Anne at Horizons.

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectMark of course is the guy who knocked off $50,000,000 on Wall St a few years ago, apart from that he is a very nice fellow. 🙂

The sign said “boat for sale”.

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectThe fine print said “needs a little work”. 🙂

I’m sure Mark Yagala could sell it. 🙂

One of my breakfast haunts.

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectThis is the branch at Central Marina shopping mall, I’m also a regular at The Bay on Beach Rd,

Celebrating my birthday

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect The girls stuck a candle in my croissant. 🙂

Huge renovation at the Amari Hotel.

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectThis work will go on for a couple of years, it’s only 2 blocks from my condo.

From the Amari to the Dusit Thani

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect Dim Sum is usually at the Peak restaurant but was relocated to the Bay restaurant for a few weeks.  

Probably the best dim sum in Pattaya

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect Follow THIS LINK for some other good restaurants.

Shakariki 432

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

An excellent authentic Japanese restaurant in 2nd Rd opposite Mike Hotel. 

Beach Road empty???

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectA rare sight in Pattaya, traffic was stopped for a parade.

Dinner at Leckerle (again)

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectJohn Hunjadi with cousin Greg & his wife.

Of course I had the pancake. 🙂

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectLately when I have dinner here I take away six servings of their pea soup.

Sometimes we wonder why we have problems with our internet at Markland

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

These highly trained 3BB technicians are quite fastidious as you can see.

Bacco Beach Italian restaurant

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectLocated beside the Glasshouse at Na Jomtien, very good food & right on the beach.

Wood fired Pizzas

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectThe pizza was excellent but I think the Holiday Inn on Beach Rd is better.

Justin & Steve Bates & Patrick Taylor

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectWe went to Chiang Mai for 4 days which was excellent then 8 days in Cambodia which was not so good. Reason being we all caught a dose of the flu which really took the shine off our holiday.

Surf & Turf at Wongamat

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectA terrific beach side restaurant with very good food.

Surf & Turf hamburger

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectGuaranteed to fix your appetite.

Geriatrics are us. 🙂

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectI think the combined ages were 272 years, from the right we have David Herd, Richard (Stingy) Blair, John Hunjadi & David Robertson who is even more Stingy than Stingy. 🙂

Bali Hai wharf.

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectThis was supposed to be completed by October 2017, however given the fact that this is Thailand it will more likely be Xmas 2018.

And so this is Xmas….

Pattaya Life Absolutely PerfectLight show at the A-One hotel.

One last Mantra dinner on December 28

Dec 28 Dinner (1) Hamish & I had a 20% discount voucher. 🙂

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect     Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

Fabulous food as usual.

Finally on the subject of food which is very dear to my hear.

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect Fresh prawns & Aussie lamb chops & cutlets from Big C.

Now you can understand why I make the following claim “Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect.”

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