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David Herd Thailand 2014

December 29, 2014 by David Herd

Looking north at Pattaya beach

David Herd ThailandDavid Herd Thailand 2014 was another eventful year. Starting with a wonderful trip to Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cape Town & Sydney. I have called this 5 week adventure my seven super cities trip.

I flew to Adelaide in October then drove to Philip Island along the Great Ocean Road before staying with friends at the winery in Dromana.  A couple of days wandering around Melbourne I flew to the Gold Coast for a week to catch up with friends.

This is not part of my travel blog, just lots of photos from 2014 featuring friends, family & trips.

Drinks at Cherry bar

David Herd ThailandMy brother Warren and his good friend Lenny at the Cherry bar.

Here is my webcam



Para sailing

 photo Pattayaparasailing.jpg

They buzz around like little mosquitoes. 

My condo building is 3rd from the left

David Herd Thailand

This photo was taken from the Dusit Tani.

Golf at Kabinburi

 photo KabinburiSportClub4.jpgThis was my only game of golf in 2014 at Kabinburi, I just find it too hot to play regularly in Thailand.

Lunch with Macca and Herbie

David Herd ThailandJohn MacDonald hails from Melbourne and Herb Pastor come from Las Vegas.

Friends at Gullivers

David Herd ThailandBrad Robbins, Roland Bonicci and Por.

Mata Hari with Irina and Roland

David Herd Thailand

Another terrific night at Mata Hari.

My friend from Ukraine Irina.

David Herd ThailandHere we are enjoying a cold beer on Koh Larn in November.

Koh Larn ferry with Irina

Koh Larn ferry with Irina photo KohLarnwithIrina1.jpg

The ferry takes 40 minutes and costs B30.

Foot massage

David Herd Thailand

One of the joys of living in Thailand, I probably average five each week, one hour just under $10.

Margaritas at the Beach Club

David Herd Thailand

This great song by Glen Frey sums up where I am right now.

Pumps to clear storm water

David Herd ThailandBeach road pumps really did not make any difference trying to clear the storm water.

Friends drop in

David Herd ThailandGordon Shanks from New York and Jonathan Whiting from Brisbane.

Morning coffee

David Herd ThailandAu Bon Pain at the Avenue with Gordon Shanks from New York.

Doug & Geoff from Australia

David Herd ThailandThese guys really push the envelope when they hit Pattaya several times a year. Their favourite street is Soi 6. 🙂

Talking about Soi 6, here we are

David Herd Thailand

A great bunch of guys, and can they drink.

David Herd Thailand, face under repair

David Herd ThailandUsing Efudix to repair damage from skin cancer.

Crane mishap in Soi 3

 photo Soi3misshap4.jpg

I took this photo from the roof of Markland where I live.

Photo shoot in Soi 6

David Herd ThailandI can spot at least 2 LadyBoys here.

David Herd and Hamish Elton

David Herd ThailandHere we are in Soi 6 on Xmas day after lunch at the Mantra.

Xmas day at the Mantra with Benjamina

 photo XmasMantra16.jpg

Another great Xmas lunch with Benjamina our beautiful hostess.

Relaxing at Koh Larn

David Herd Thailand

I have to tell you, life is very good in Thailand.

Drinks with Barrie Comfort

David Herd Thailand

A nice Pommie guy who also lives in Markland.

Kayo flew over from Tokyo for a visit.

David Herd Thailand

I have known kayo for around 10 years, we met in Australia when she and I were living on the Gold Coast. I caught up with her in Tokyo in February and she flew to Thailand for a few days in August.

Welcome Inn Soi 3 North Pattaya

David Herd ThailandOne of my favourite places to eat in Pattaya, close to where I live and the food is terrific and very cheap.

Greg’s Kitchen

David Herd ThailandMy brother Warren and Lenny Schorsy at Gregs Kitchen. Sadly we lost Lenny in April 2016 to a brief illness, RIP.

Mike Beard the cartoon man.

David Herd ThailandMike has lived in Pattaya for 20 years and produces some of my favourite cartoons.

David Herd ThailandDavid Herd ThailandDavid Herd Thailand photo 508SpottheDifference.jpg

Siam @ Siam with Oy

David Herd Thailand

A gorgeous girl who used to work at the Cherry bar.

Phad Thai at Siam @ Siam

David Herd Thailand

Very good food at this unique hotel.

Bill Edge, Wayne Dent and Greg Clee

 photo BillWayneampGreg1.jpg

Three happy guys who love Pattaya.

The new Holiday Inn

 photo NewHolidayInn29.jpg

A world class hotel opposite Pattaya beach.

Roland Bonicci and I at Drinking St

David Herd Thailand

Roland is a very happy Sydney barrister who often visits Thailand for business reasons.

Ooa a gorgeous girl at Drinking St

 photo DrinkingST19.jpg

Sadly this gorgeous babe went back home to the country about a month later.

Drinking St

David Herd ThailandA week or two after this photo was taken sadly this beautiful young girl decided to leave Pattaya and go back to her home in the country.

I just ordered a double Jack Daniels.

David Herd ThailandI leave a bottle or two at the Cherry bar then pour my own at my leasure. The charge s only $10 and the girls provide me with ice & soda. Life is good for David Herd Thailand. 🙂

 Roasting pigs in Soi 3

David Herd ThailandStreet cooking in Thailand is legendary, this guy charges 100 Baht for roast pork and crackling.

 David Herd and Brad Robins.

David Herd Thailand

Brad is a Townsville solicitor who loves Thailand, in 2016 he bought on of the best condos in Markland.

Looking north to Wongamat

David Herd Thailand

North Pattaya and Wongamat.

Young girl at Cherry bar

David Herd Thailand

Just under 17 and learning the ropes at the Cherry Bar.

It’s now 2017 and here is Glenn Frey to tell you exactly how I feel today.

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Big storm coming

David Herd Thailand




Some nice views in Pattaya


Soi 6 is famous in Pattaya


Holiday Inn is in a great location


Terrific shopping mall in Bangkok


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