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Playboy photo shoot 1998

May 15, 2015 by David Herd

Life in 1998 was very good. This is one of my personal online photo albums, as opposed to my FiveStarVagabond travel blog, if you are bothered by naked humans please leave now.

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Playboy photo shoot 1998

 Playboy photo shoot 1998 at my home in Upton St was just one of the highlights of another great year. This was the start of my love affair with Thailand, I started making multiple trips to this fascinating country. I had decided to take a year off work to focus on travel, little did I realise I would never go back to full time work ever again.

Fishing for mud crabs

Playboy photo shoot 1998

One of Australia’s true delicacies are QLD mud crabs, here are two monsters I caught in a trap from my jetty at home.

My wonderful view & Ziggy

Life on the Gold Coast 1995

I built my beautiful 330 square metre waterfront home in 1990, then in 2004 I foolishly added a 2nd story to increase the size to 502 M2.

Kelly and my yellow canary

Playboy photo shoot 1998

My yellow Mercedes Sports was certainly a chick magnet as you can clearly see. 🙂

Beauty and the Beast

Playboy photo shoot 1998

My German fleet, ageing playboys like myself need all the toys to attract the fairer sex.

Sonia was attracted

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Sadly however I must admit she was attracted to the Porsche not to me. 🙂 

I feel like a shower

Sonia 11 Playboy photo shoot 1998

I feel like photographing you in the shower. 🙂

To borrow a phrase from George Bush

Playboy photo shoot 1998

What a bunch of “evil doers”. John Hunjadi, Larry Krausz and Ross Kennedy.

Sadly out mate Larry suffered a major stroke in October 2016 & passed away January 2017, RIP.

Larry Krausz, Jack Delanty and Jim Bell aka Ho Ho.

Playboy photo shoot 1998

These lads really loved a drink or 3. 🙂

Larry Krausz on the left, a friend for around 30 years suffered a major stroke on October 28. After 2 months in the Bangkok Pattaya hospital on life support he was transported to Australia by a hospital Leer jet, thanks to his Medibank travel insurance. After a further month his life support was removed & he passed away peacefully.

Cathy was a waitress at Saks

Playboy photo shoot 1998

What a knockout she was, blonde and beautiful.

Claudia at Saks

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Claudia also worked at Saks which was our main drinking spot in 1998. I would travel there in my boat and park right outside the restaurant.

McIntosh Park Main Beach

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Main Beach was a great location for restaurants and bars, now in 2016 I hear it has become a ghost town.

Felix at Main Beach.

Playboy photo shoot 1998

With Larry Krausz and Jim Bell, note my packet of cigarettes on the bar. Felix was one of the trendy bars owned by our friend Ross Kennedy. This location is now Shuck restaurant and bar, still trendy and rather expensive.

Susan and Yola with Tony Murphy

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Two nice Filipino girls with my old friend Tony Murphy.

Playboy photo shoot

Playboy shoot0008

A photographer I knew was looking for a location to take some glamour shots for Australian Playboy. Naturally I offered my beautiful waterfront home on the understanding I could hang around (with my camera) and watch action. The model was a gorgeous friendly blonde from Brisbane, I wish I could remember her name. 🙂 

This is my favourite

Playboy shoot0006

 This really is one of my all time favourite photos.

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How sweet she is. 🙂

Playboy photo shoot 1998 Playboy photo shoot 1998

Not sure is she ever made the centrefold or not.

Finally, here is Kathy from Main Beach

     Playboy photo shoot 1998

Kathy never appeared in Playboy but she was often in the Gold Coast Bulletin “personal” column. 🙂

Kathy from the other side

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Both front and back is terrific.

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Playboy photo shoot 1998

Playboy photo shoot 1998, thanks for visiting.

I’ll let Glenn Frey leave you with my message to all my friends.



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