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Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

February 3, 2014 by David Herd

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 can easily be explained, I moved from Australia to Thailand October 2011 and had settled in nicely by 2012. I live in Markland in Beach Rd, it’s the building on the right side of the Holiday Inn shown in the photo above.

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection from 2012.

I moved to Thailand mainly because I wanted to keep travelling while my health allowed me to, there are huge advantages being closer to all the places I want to visit. Cost of living in Thailand is around 35% of the cost in Australia, plus flights are 50% cheaper because you are much closer to everywhere. ? Consequently I am able to travel to many more places compared to living in Australia. Having said all that, it is & has always been my intention to return to Australia when my travelling is finished, I predict this will happen around 2021.

Am I happy? Check out my view.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012I have always loved having a good view from my home, Pattaya Bay is without a doubt the best outlook I have ever had in my life.

The wet season in September.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012I love watching the storms roll in over the bay in the wet season.

French restaurant opposite my condo.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012Dinner at Bernard’s with some friends & my brother Warren. Sadly due to a tourist slowdown they closed in 2014. He has now re-opened in Theppraya Rd & has a mini golf course at his restaurant.

Great life in Pattaya.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012Here I am at the beautiful Siam country club, one of the best courses I have ever played on.

Sunday brunch at the Mantra

Mantra Amari PattayaMy favourite restaurant is the Mantra at the Amari hotel, the Sunday brunch is magnificent.

Another Sunday brunch at the Mantra.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012Lunch with Daryl Evans, Hamish & his lovely girlfriend Noi.

Joergen Ulitza & Freeman

Great life Thailand 2012Only last week in July 2014 we got the news that Joerg had been arrested in Hong Kong trying to leave for Melbourne with HK $1 million worth of Meth, he is 78 years of age and sadly will probably die in prison. We are all stunned by this terrible news, I have known Joerg for over 30 years. 

Good news. after around 15 months Joerg was released.

Murphy’s 70th at Monsoon in Bangkok.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012Friend of 30 years Tony Murphy from Australia has his 70th birthday in Bangkok at Monsoon in Soi 8 Nana.

With Aoy at the Cherry Bar.

David with Aoy Cherry barI guess the only question is “what time can I start having fun”?

Dinner at Chamiko

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 Great Japanese food at Chamiko in Soi 3, Pothole was flyblown & causing havoc but behaved a little better when his bride turned up. Larry, Joergen & I just enjoyed the food. Sadly our mate Larry passed away in January 2017 after suffering a major stroke in Thailand.

Beach Club at Wongamat

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 For over 20 years we had some great times together. We even did a world trip in 1999 which included Carnival in Rio. We miss you old buddy.

One of my favourite photos

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 A thai guy chatting up a Russian babe on Pattaya beach, you have no chance buddy. 🙂

Looking north to Wongamat.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 Wongamat is more upmarket than Pattaya. Follow THIS LINK for some good restaurants.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 & the boys are tearing up the course.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012 Well Chris Lockwood aka Dr Evil tore it up but Pothole aka John Martin struggled as usual. 🙂

The Tiger zoo in Chiang Mai.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

The tiger zoo in Chiang Mai  is certainly worth a visit.

His name is Tone, he lept at the wire, scared hell out of me.

Chiang Mai tiger

I was soaking wet and terrified with the sound of my brothers laughter ringing in my ears.

Massage in Chiang Mai $5.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012One of the joys of living in Thailand, I would have at least 4 massages each week which contributes to my great life in 2012 .

Irina from Ukraine.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

Dinner and red wine at Toscana.

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Oay at the Cherry Bar

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

Fun at the Cherry Bar.

Sunset from my balcony

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

Pattaya has so many super sunsets.

Beautiful Golf Courses.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012Brad Robins & I at Phoenix in Pattaya, one of the many world class courses in Thailand.

Rimpa Lapin near Pattaya

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012Dinner with a bunch of friends at Rimpa Lapin which overlooks the beach about 20 minutes south of Pattaya.

Another birthday at the Mantra

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012Another terrific night at the Mantra to celebrate my birthday.

Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha in Myanmar

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

I went to Yangon in Myanmar to play golf for a few days, I found the city so fascinating I only had one game of golf, the rest of the time I went sightseeing. Myanmar certainly was a big part of my great life in 2012.

Sydney at Fortuna Court.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012

Dinner with Ken & Justine at Crows Nest.

Gold Coast friends Ross Kennedy & Phil Thomson.

Great life Thailand David Herd 2012I travelled to Sydney & the Gold Coast in March and caught up with friends and family.  

                  Facebook post November 2012   

Magic Monday in Pattaya, started with my 25 minute walk down the beach to have breakfast at the Sportmans pub, sausage, eggs, baked beans and a bottle of water, back home for a short nap before a terrific 1 hour foot , back & shoulder massage before meeting Lazza for Salmon Sashimi & Shanghai dumplings at Big C shopping mall. Then a large Latte at Coffee World followed by a quiet afternoon at home with my million $ view and Mr Kindle.

Four or five Jack Daniels at the Cherry bar at 6pm, then on to Toscana on Beach road for dinner, BBQ Quail with boiled potatoes, 2 glasses of Chianti, finishing with Profiteer rolls with Amaretto ice cream on the side. Total cost for the day 2,200 Baht, 44 Quid or $69 aud, priceless. Notice how I resisted the urge to use that irritating American cliché of “do the math”?

It is now November 2016 & the aud has shrunk almost 20%, B2.200 is now $82.

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