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Babes boats Bangkok trips 2001

September 10, 2014 by David Herd

Babes boats Bangkok trips 2001, the frenetic travel continued. Two trips to Thailand & one world trip including  Spain, Venezuela, Cuba & Los Angeles. This is not part of my travel blog it’s just a photographic record of the people who crossed my path in 2001.

Rita & Vanessa on the Broadwater.

Babes boats Bangkok

Living on the Gold Coast ensured you spent many days on the beautiful Broadwater. Rita was from Shanghai & Vanessa was a Gold Coast local.

Most other boats were bigger than mine.

Babes boats Bangkok

Like most places in the world, someone always has a bigger boat. 🙂 This particular one is owned by Billionaire Bob Ell.

Skye Edwards from Launceston

Babes boats Bangkok

Skye was a beautiful girl from Launceston who was visiting the Gold Coast, I was lucky enough to take her out a couple of times.

Ross Kennedy & Jim Bell.

Babes boats Bangkok

Jim Bell rented a room in my home for 17 years, that’s what I call a long time tenant. 🙂 Rossco is a good friend and a long suffering St Kilda fan.

Keiko visits from Japan.

Babes boats Bangkok 

I met Keiko on the internet so when she came to the Gold Coast for a business conference naturally I took her boating on the Broadwater. There is something special about babes boats sunshine & living like a king on the Gold Coast.

Keiko & her workmates

Babes boats Bangkok

A chopper ride over the Gold Coast.

Dinner at Main Beach with Keiko & her workmates

Babes boats Bangkok

Main Beach was a Gold Coast hotspot, now in 2016 it has faded somewhat.

 A weekend in Sydney at Pothole’s place.

Babes boats Bangkok

It’s 2018 & Pothole & I live in the same building in Pattaya Thailand.

Swedish backpackers at the Oaks Hotel

Babes boats Bangkok

I met a couple of Swedish backpackers at the airport and bought them back to Pothole’s home, we ended up at the Oaks hotel in Neutral Bay.

Les, Rick & Derry.

Babes boats Bangkok

Rick the guy in the middle has been a friend since the 70s, he was a Sydney solicitor who for as long as I have known him has pretended to be some sort of secret agent, I like to call him 003 & 1/4, not half the man James Bond was. 🙂 He played the role quite well including fitting out his Porsche with a police radio, umbrella guns in easy reach and a switch to release an oil slick to foil any bad guys who were pursuing him. The thing that amazes me is how such an intelligent guy can live out such a fantasy. His most recent episode was finding a obscure European title, he now calls himself “Count” and has hyphenated his name. Words fail me, however whatever floats your boat. 🙂

Vanessa Teo

Babes boats Bangkok

Vanessa worked in the U.S. for many years before returning to Australia, I think her mother was English & her father was Chinese & was a high court judge in Port Moresby.

Ponzi scheme

Babes boats Bangkok

Loading cargo onto the only flight a failed company called Cargo Jet managed to get into the air. My involvement was a very expensive exercise as I’ll briefly explain. Graham Cash was a Gold Coast accountant I had known for 14 years & regarded as a friend. He put together a air cargo company which failed miserably, he also conducted a clever Ponzi scheme which cost me around $100,000 in capital over a period of 4 years. It’s not as bad as it seems as I did receive around $85,000 in interest during that time, many others lost far more than I did from this mongrel of a con artist.

My lovely mother Iris Herd.

Babes boats Bangkok

Sadly passes away in 2007, will never be forgotten.


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