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Gold Coast party house 1994

May 11, 2015 by David Herd

The parties never stopped

Gold Coast party house Gold Coast party house 1994, looking back as I often do, I can’t believe the fun we had at my beautiful Gold Coast home all through the 90s and beyond.

The fabulous photo shows two beautiful Argentinian girls and my late great friend AndreBuzek who lost his life in a Cuban car accident in the late 90s.

Please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish, also note this post contains nudity, so if you are bothered by naked humans please leave now.

Gold Coast party house

Gold Coast party house

Suzie and Kandice are the two blondes but I can’t recall the name of the gorgeous Kiwi brunette.

 The lovely Kiwi and Suzie Q.

 photo DH is very happy.jpg

Mid 90s and the action never stopped.

Suzie Q and the Kiwi

Gold Coast party house

As you can imagine these two hated a good time. 🙂

View from behind

Dirty girls 2

Both sides look great to me. 🙂

A classic photo at Marina Mirage

Gold Coast party house

I’m with the Doc, John Hunjadi and Jim Bell.

Home sweet home

 photo Fleet_1.jpg This was just before I had my jetty built, which gave me another place to hold a party. 🙂


A boat, a bird and some Stollies.

Gold Coast party house

Boat drinks are the best drinks.

Tequila shooters

Tequila shooters Alan aka “Boy of Sand”, keeping up my supply of lemons. At the time he was “Boy of Sand” and I was “Man of Steel”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gold Coast party house

  Gold Coast party house Donna is the blonde on the left, Andre is squeezed between the sisters while Barry Kemp looks on.  


Here is my great friend Harley Bradstreet.  

Gold Coast party house  Harley loved being the centre of attention at the Gold Coast party house.

What time can I start having fun?  

David Herd fivestarvagabond  Yes I admit we were feeling no pain here.

Ray Brown, Tony Murphy and David Herd

Gold Coast party house Ray Brown was a rock and roll artist from the 60s, sadly he passed away in 2007 at the age of 51.  


Greenwood Hotel North Sydney

  Gold Coast party house I had a nice weekend in Sydney staying at Steve Carter’s (aka Hoggie) house in Cammeray.  

Naturally I took some company

Gold Coast party house Sonia was a meter maid on the Gold Coast, unfortunately after a few drinks she would lose the plot, so after 2 days I sent her back home.  

Cammeray sports bar

  Gold Coast party house Sonia, Rob Leslie, Steve Carter aka Hoggie at the local bar.

Sonia strikes a pose

sexy-Sonia-meter maid

Sonia certainly was not shy, crazy yes, but not shy.

Yum Cha in Chinatown in Sydney

Gold Coast party house

Check out the old mobile phone, what a brick. 🙂

Back at the Gold Coast party house and another crazy Sonia.

Gold Coast party house What is it with dark skin girls named Sonia, are they all crazy? 🙂 I was having dinner at a restaurant in a Gold Coast apartment building, after a few drinks Sonya stripped down to her underwear, walked through the restaurant and dived in the pool. It certainly stopped traffic and caused a ripple of whispered conversation throughout the restaurant. 🙂

Out of focus Sonia

Sonia out of focus

Out of focus is fine with me.

In focus Sonia

Suzie, Sonia & a very happy David The question must be asked “what time can I start having fun?”

Old friends

Gold Coast party house  Lisa from Melbourne and Dennis “the hyena” Freeman.  My thanks to John Sinclair for the perfect nickname.

 Helen Burke and Martin from Melbourne.

  Gold Coast party house Helen and I were an item way back in 1982, we had a lot of fun together. We caught up again last year in October 2014 at her winery in Dromana in Victoria.  

Flashback to 1982

Gold Coast party house Here we are in Hawaii in 1982 on the way home from America. Helen’s other boyfriend was a high roller from Melbourne, an Austrian called Willie. In the 2 months we were away we constantly played backgammon for money. When Helen lost she would settle the bet by paying for hotels and restaurants using Willie’s credit card.This was her revenge for Willie playing around with lots of other girls, I never found out what Willie’s revenge was. 🙂

Meet my new girlfriend Carolyn

Gold Coast party house Towards the end of 1994 Carolyn Clarke and I started going out together. She was and still is a terrific girl, we had a lot of fun in the following 12 months.

Carolyn and her gilfriends

  Gold Coast party house That’s tricky Vicky on the left and Amanda Hassel on the right. My caption for this shot has always been “guess which girl has a boyfriend”. 🙂  

Coffs Harbour with Murphy.

Gold Coast party house Tony was the local weather man on channel 10, I remember an unkind viewer writing to the station and calling Tony a “prancing Pillock”, for those who are not sure what that means, check it out here. Tony was originally a Sydney disc jockey in the 60s, even after all these years he still has a great radio voice.

New Years Eve at Coffs Harbour

Gold Coast party house

Great memories from the 90s.

 Thanks for visiting my 90s nostalgia kick at my Gold Coast party house.

  Gold Coast party house I finish the way I started with a stunning shot of this beautiful Argentinian Princess. Have a listen to my song that tells you how I felt in 1994, exactly how I feel today.


RIP Andre Buzek and Ray Brown.

That’s all folks

Gold Coast party house

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