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Life on the Gold Coast 1995

June 11, 2014 by David Herd

Please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish.

Gold Coast 1995 life was good, & in fact all through the 90s, my home at 106 Upton St Bundall was “party central”, 1995 was no different, I was working for the NRMA as a Financial Planner and enjoying life to the max, this post shows many of the people who made it another memorable year.

I love this photo

Harley Bradstreet My old friend Harley Bradstreet on the Gold Coast 1995 telling one of his long winded stories that used to bore everyone to tears. He had a million stories but they were all about himself, the look on Kerry’s face is priceless. The other guy is Barry Madden who worked for the NRMA in Newcastle, it is now 2014 and we are still in touch often on Facebook. 

Grahame Kinsela & Harley Bradstreet.

Gold Coast 1995

Harley was & still is a terrific guy, he now lives in Perth and collects & restores old Jaguars. Grahame was also an old friend of mine from the northern beaches area of Sydney. 

In those days Harley seemed to stumble from one disaster to another, a mutual friend of ours Larry Wilson, a Gold Coast solicitor,  coined the phrase referring to Harley, “anyone can have a bad decade”. This seemed to describe Harley to a tee. 🙂

November 2016 & I saw saw the sad news on Facebook that Grahame had passed away, RIP my old buddy.

My new jetty Gold Coast 1995

Ziggy & jetty  I remember this photo so well. My Doberman Ziggy is taking his first look at my new jetty, he was a very confused dog for the next hour or two.

This is what the jetty was designed for.

Gold Coast 1995 Drinks, drinks & more drinks, my jetty turned into the main party area for my house. On the left is Jim Bell, he rented a room in my home for 15 years, that’s what I call a long time tenant. Michael Gray aka “the Doc” was a local Radiologist & a well know collector of beautiful women. Finally on the right is John Hunjadi, a partner in several Gold Coast nightclubs, including ” “Cocktails & Dreams”, The Party”, & “The Bourbon Bar”.

Good buddy Phil Thompson.


Gold Coast 1995

Still one of my best friends today Phil was a handy guy to have at my Sunday BBQs.

My gorgeous girlfriend was…..

Gold Coast 1995 Carolyn Clark was & still is a gorgeous girl, we were an item for about a year and a half in 1994 & 1995. Twenty years later and I’m glad to say we still keep in touch.

A weekend in Sydney

David Herd & friends Carolyn & I flew to Sydney for a weekend, I caught up with my good friend Paul Slaughter, 2nd from left. The guy on the left was an actor from “The Bill” Tony O’Callaghan.

Great shot of the Gold Coast girls in Sydney.

Gold Coast 1995 On the left is Marie Stephens beside Carolyn Clark, far right is Kandice Aldington with Michaela standing at the back. It was a good weekend

The Oaks Hotel Oaks hotel Old friends meet for drinks at our favourite pub. Derek Pugh and Ian Rich, Paul Slaughter in the foreground with his sister on the left and girlfriend Clode on the right.

Drinks at my home before dinner.

Gold Coast 1995 I was always entertaining people in my home in Upton St Gold Coast 1995, after the year 2000 I started to entertain less & less due to my frenetic overseas travel.

Beautiful Argentinian girl

 Gold Coast 1995 Surely one of the most beautiful girls that ever visited my home, sadly I can’t even remember her name.

Photo bombed Gold Coast 1995 Greg Johnston aka Greg Bin Laden looking like a middle east terrorist photo bombed me with the Argentinian Princess.

A gorgeous girl from Rio.

Gold Coast 1995 This is Andrea from Rio, my good friend Andre (RIP) bought her to Australia for a holiday.

Brazil on the left & Argentina on the right

Gold Coast 1995 Why does imported fruit always seem so much more exotic? 🙂

Time for some local talent

Jade sexy

This is Jade, only on the Gold Coast would you go out like this. Please click on Google + to help my page ranking.


Fun on the Broadwater

Ross Ansell

Much of the Gold Coast 1995 life revolved around the water, many people like myself lived on the waterfront with our boat tied up to our jetty. The guy in the yellow shirt was a good friend of mine from Melbourne Ross Ansell, & as you can clearly see they seem to be enjoying themselves.

I was having fun as well

Gold Coast 1995

Here I am with Pascale & Rene, both gorgeous ladies.

Another party on the jetty

Gold Coast 1995

And the beat goes on at Gold Coast 1995, yet another party on the jetty, the guy on the left with his arm around Kandice was John Merryman from Sydney. We knew each other from the old days at Eliza’s in Double Bay in the 70s. The guy in the middle is John Gombos beside my sexy hairdresser Dianne in the red top. On the far right is Ziggy, same name as my Doberman.

So many girls in 1995 & so little time. 🙂

Gold Coast 1995

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