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David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

August 23, 2015 by David Herd

A very good year except we lost some friends

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015 from July to December 31st. October 20th marks my 4th year living in Pattaya. I have already signed a 2 year extension on my condo lease. Above is Ray, Chris, my brother Warren and Lenny at the Holiday Inn for Tuesday night 1/2 price pizza.

Sadly Lenny passed away in April 2016 after a sudden illness, he will be greatly missed.

This is not a travel blog just a personal photo collection from the 2nd half of 2015. Here is the link for Part 1.

 Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan were my favoured destinations in 2015. Still living in Pattaya & loving it, beginning in January with my 3rd trip to Vietnam then my east European odyssey in February and March took me to Istanbul, with a cruise along the Bosphorus, Dubrovnik, Split Zagreb in Croatia, Mostar & Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovnia, Budapest and London.

September found me in Korea for the first (certainly not the last) time then another fantastic trip to Tokyo and Osaka.

I created a separate post on the fantastic new London Skyscrapers.

Greg Clee and Hamish Elton at Patricks.

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

We were celebration Hamsh’s birthday on July 21st.

Mantra for Hamish’s birthday lunch

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

This was 2 days before his birthday, any excuse to dine at the Mantra. 🙂


Soi 6 with Todd & Hamish

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015


My Day began with an Innocent Glass of Champagne at midday at the Mantra Restaurant & Bar , and ended 11 hours later in Soi 6 with an ungainly nosedive onto the Road Leaving Saigon Lady. I Blame Elton Hamish & Todd J Fox for keeping Me captive and forcing copious amounts of Beer, Wine, Jack Daniels & Sambuca  down my throat, all against My Will of course.

Fun & games Soi 6

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015


I guess I should see if they are real or not. 🙂

Embarrassing fall

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015


Nothing hurts but the pain. 🙂

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015  watchjing para-sailing

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Every day they buzz around like mosquitoes opposite my Markland condo.

This is the answer

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015


This is the answer to every girls dreams, the “selfie”. 🙂

Pretty face at Atlantic Bar

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

The Atlantic Bar increased their size by 50% in July, here is one of the gorgeous girls who work there.

Retox Bar

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

 Simon Peatfield opens Retox Bar on Soi Lenkee after selling iRovers in LK Metro. Good food and lots of TV screens for all types of sport.


If you build it they will come

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

This quote from “Field of Dreams” applies not just to the Chinese tourists clambering aboard the speedboats each morning, but also to the high rise condos that are going up all over Pattaya. Strangely the one dominating the skyline here has no balconies.

Another birthday at the Mantra

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

This is probably the 7th time I have celebrated my birthday here.


Another birthday has come & gone so I’ll let Glenn tell you how I feel.

Drifters Cafe

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

A delightful beach side bar & restaurant specialising in Aussie meat pies & wood fired pizzas.

Sanctuary of Truth

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015


One of Pattaya’s best know attractions.

Paul Mooney & Mark Yagalla

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Paul comes from Sydney and Mark from New York. Mark has an interesting background with included stealing $50 million from investors while working on Wall Street.

Annie from Atlantic Bar

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015


It is now May 2016 and I have not seen Annie for months, she must have found a sponsor. 🙂

Silver Lining

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

A new restaurant at the Zire building in Wongamat. The roof is quite amazing, it and the walls retract giving you an outdoor area for dining. At 9pm it rolls back into place enclosing the whole area.

Dinner at Silver Lining

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Matt Harkness, Adam Fletcher, Hamish Elton and David Herd.

Joerg Ulitzka and John Martin aka Pothole.

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Joerg arrives in Pattaya after spending 18 months in a Hong Kong prison on drug charges, all charges were dropped.

Larry at the Cherry Bar

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Larry Krausz rented his Gold Coast apartment and moved to Thailand on November 28. He will have no trouble at all adapting to his new lifestyle.

Dolphin roundabout construction

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

There is a new shopping mall planned for this huge site, only 10 minutes walk from my condo so it will be a great addition for this end of town.

Hooters comes to Pattaya

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

On Beach Rd near Soi 13 this new iconic establishment will be a great draw-card on the beach front.

Replaced my old Crocs.

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

 I purchased a new pair of Crocs for special occasions. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “more style than a rat with a gold tooth”. 🙂

Cherry Bar December 26 David Herd Pattaya

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Geoff Robinson from the Central coast in NSW loves Pattaya. Here is a link to his “Mongrel Mob” birthday celebration.


Pothole Martin & the squabblers

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

His boys are growing up fast, this was November 29.


David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015


Here is the lovely Benjamina Sitthi who is the PR lady at the Mantra which is my favourite restaurant.

Another Bangkok visit

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

A quick three day trip to Bangkok just before Xmas  to check out the Red Sky Bar, Chinatown and the Chao Phraya river. The look on Greg’s face in this photo is priceless.

Beach Road storm water drain

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

 Pattaya storm water pipe is planned to be the solution to Beach Road flooding after every storm. The problem is they need to replicate what they are building opposite Soi 6 in at least 4 other locations.

A south African, an Aussie & a Canadian

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Drinks at the Cherry bar again with James from South Africa and Jeffery from Canada. My fame is spreading, Sunday at the Mantra a nice English couple who live in Australia approached my table to say hello. They told me they were dining at the Mantra because they read about it on my travel blog. Naturally I was very pleased to have influenced them. Then less than 24 hours later outside my condo in soi 1 a young guy said “hi David” I know you from your Cape Town blog. Amazing that he recognised me in the street, so I now have another new friend, James from Pretoria.

Larry buys a ticket

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

New Years Eve at the Cherry Bar and Larry is feeling lucky. Sadly Larry’s luck ran out on October 28 2016 when he suffered a major stroke. After 6 weeks in ICU in Pattaya he was flown back to Australia.

Hooters opening night

David Herd Pattaya Thailand 2015

Opening night New Years Eve, we were very impressed with the venue and the girls.

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It’s now 2017 and here is Glenn Frey to tell you exactly how I feel today.

Fireworks on New Years Eve.


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