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Thailand Brazil England 2009

November 26, 2014 by David Herd

Sand pumping station near the seaway.

Thailand Brazil EnglandThailand Brazil England 2009 are not included in this post, they are trips I made through this year, as well as visiting Sydney in November. Brazil was another great experience which included a fascinating tour through Rocinha Favella. My England trip included Lands End, as well as St Ives & the nice seaside village of Lime Regis. 

So although Thailand Brazil England are not included in this post you can access them by clicking on the above links.

This is not part of my travel blog just my personal photographic history.

Seaway with Labrador in the background.

Thailand Brazil England

If I had the money this is the type of boat I would like to own.

Gold Coast Turf Club

Thailand Brazil EnglandIt’s Melbourne cup day and my good friend Phil Thomson & I join the happy crowd which is a long way from Thailand Brazil England. 🙂

At the races with good friend Phil Thomson

Thailand Brazil England

The guy lurking in the background is Norm Jenks who is originally from Melbourne.

Carolyn Clarke, an old girlfriend from 1994.

Melbourne cup

Carolyn is a super girl with a great personality.

Semi trailer that turns into a bar.

Thailand Brazil England

The VB semi trailer is at the track.

My nieces Laura and Elyssa.

Thailand Brazil EnglandHere we are on Chevron eating fish and chips at Frank’s seafood shop.


Jim Bell playing an important executive.

  Thailand Brazil EnglandJimmy was a border at my home for 15 years from 1994 to 2009. He tends to take himself rather seriously at times. 🙂  

Dani Tobin, a real wild child.

Dani Tobin Gold Coast

I clearly remember one night Dani trying to climb through a gap at the top of my front gate and getting jammed. Her screams could be heard for miles. 

Super high tide at home

Super high tide at home photo Hightide.jpg A tide like this only happened two or three times a year, always at however.  

Phil Thomson and I had the same model Lexus.

Thailand Brazil England

Mine was the white one, even though it was only a 1998 model it is best value car $ for $ I have ever owned.

One of my lovely Japanese borders

Thailand Brazil England

Tall and beautiful.

Old friend from the 80s.

Thailand Brazil EnglandThe shortest lady in the black top is Teresa Hamilton-Smith who was one of my girlfriends in Sydney in 1982, that’s her daughter on the right & on the far left is her sister Lexi Hamilton-Smith. Terry is married to an English guy & now lives in the U.K.

Flashback to Teresa in 1982

David Herd 1982

At my home in Drummoyne with Helen Burke.

For some great 1982 memories just follow THIS LINK.

Huge storm at my home.

  Thailand Brazil EnglandWe really get some spectacular storms on the Gold Coast, this one was a beauty.  

Here is my Brother Ian & family

  Thailand Brazil England   Adam, Shane and Ian Herd with grandfather Laurie Poulton.  

Tony Murphy & I have coffee

Tony Murphy and David HerdTony & I have been friends since the early 80s, of course I now live in Thailand but when I visit the Gold Coast Tony & his wife Nikki always find a bed for me in their lovely home.

Melbas on the Park

  Thailand Brazil England Drinks at Melbas with old friend Lloyd Ross. 

For a good hotel is a great location on the Gold Coast use THIS LINK for an excellent room rate.

My brother Warren with his good friend Lenny

Thailand Brazil England Sadly in 2016 we lost our good friend Lenny Schorsy after his brief battle with cancer, RIP.

I’m sorry if I misled you with the title Thailand Brazil England, it really is about my life in 2009.

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Thailand Europe Vietnam Japan


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