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AFL Australian Football Lunatics

June 15, 2015 by David Herd

Melbas 2011

 photo Melbas AFL drinks 5.jpg AFL Australian Football Lunatics  or Australian Football League, take your pick. I ran a tipping competition for 9 fun filled years on the Gold Coast & met some great people along the way. With a couple of exceptions of course, you know who you are, if you don’t I will point you out. 🙂

Please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish.

Now here is a happy bunch of tippers

 photo Melbas AFL drinks 1.jpg

Jason Ryan, Rob Swaine, George Sakkas and Peter Chesterman.

The brothers Craig & David Herd

 photo Melbas AFL drinks 4.jpg Michael & Greg Craig (gate crashers) enjoying drinks at Melbas.


 Fabulous Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast

 photo Metricon Stadium 3.jpg

Melbas 2009 dinner

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics Great food and good company, no doubt about Melbas they know how to put on a show.  

Bunch of hillbillies

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics I only wish I knew all their names. 🙂  

2009 was another great year for footy.

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics The winner was the guy in the middle, I forget his name. 🙂    

What a good looking trio.

   photo Melbas AFL dinner.jpg The lovely Roz and my good buddy Phil Thomson who tipped under the alias of Baldrick.  

Melbas 2009 mid year drinks

AFL Australian Football Lunatics  In the photo above is  Rob Swaine with Pippa Pang and George Sakkas?  

Is he an exception?

AFL Australian Football Lunatics No, George Sakkas is one of the good guys.  

Our new leader

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics   When I moved to Thailand in October 2011 I handed over the reigns to Dennis Perry, the good looking bald guy here with the beautiful girl who’s name I can’t remember. In fact if any of you lovely lunatics could send me names I will update the post, my apologies for my geriatric memory. 🙂  

Who are these people?

  David Herd Well they were not in our tipping comp but they should have been. 🙂  

2009 slide show  


2008 winner at the Sharks


  AFL Australian Football Lunatics

The winner is Jeff Russ. The big fellow  

AFL Australian Football Lunatics  

Garry Kinnaird a long suffering Bomber supporter and the lovely Roz once again.  

Enough already!

   photo Sharks AFL dinner 31.jpg  

Listen Herdy, Roz is featured in nearly every photo, have you got a crush on her or something? Not at all Dennis, well maybe a little one, I really need her help with identifying people in this post so I need to stay on her good side. 🙂  

Mid year drinks 2008

  AFL football You don’t have to be a genius to work out why this is one of my favourite photos. All my life I have had a soft spot, (I use the term loosely) for gorgeous blondes.  

AFL Australian Football Lunatics

AFL Australian Football Lunatics I’m going to have a go at the names, Jeff Russ, Simon Russ, Mike Wallace and of course the inimitable Brian Rowe. It’s ok to use big words around a school teacher.

Eat your heart out Mick, I have the ladies covered. 🙂

AFL Australian Football Lunatics

2oo8 slideshow  


2007 Bluefire restaurant

  Gold Coast Here is another one of those beautiful blonds I often dream about.  

Is that David Treacher, chick magnet?

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics Yes I think it is, & Dipper the Tipper will wear that shirt again next year. 🙂  

We are really looking forward to dinner

   photo AFL20at20Bluefire20011.jpg  

The Lumsdens hate the food.

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics Murry and Michael are obviously not impressed with the food. Put the corn away boys we have some meat coming right up.  

That’s more like it

  David Herd Thailand Here is my great buddy Phil Thomson perusing the Churrascaria. Phil and I have broken bread in many exotic locations over the years. Let me name a few, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Bangkok and beautiful downtown Surfers Paradise.   Please check out my last visit to the coast in November 2014.    

2007 slideshow  


Chick magnet David Treacher drinks at Melbas June 2007.

  Melbas night club Melbas will always be the venue on the coast for my most vivid memories.  

The usual suspects

Melbas on the Park Jason Ryan, George Sakkas, Tony Ellis & Vicky.

I walked right into this one.

AFL Australian Football Lunatics As you can see she is rather gorgeous and I asked her what she was celebrating. “I’m getting married next week” she said. “Ok how about I buy you a drink?” The hero replied, $50 later I was looking for a place to lie down and recover. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Save me Kerry PLEASE!

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics I have just been clipped for a $50 drink mow mother of the bride wants to take me home.  

2007 Melbas drinks slideshow


2006 and I am with my harem

   photo x Footy dinner-21.jpg What time can I start having fun?  

Here is Dipper with some hair.

AFL Australian Football Lunatics

Lots of booze & not much food

 AFL Australian Football Lunatics

And the winner is?????

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics   Ross the boss, aka, Shoeless Joe Jackson, aka Ross Kennedy, one of my best mates and a tragic St Kilda supporter. Check out one of my most riveting posts featuring Ross, Big Tim Bristow and Roger Rogerson.  

2006 slideshow


Manos in 2005, a rose between two thorns.

  David Herd Well not quite I guess, on my left is Emmy from Sydney and not sure of the name of the other beautiful girl.  

Hi there Rob

Graham Cash Ponzi scheme Rob Gerard  the one waving and is a good guy, Graham Cash on the left is another story. 🙂 

Lets focus on the good guys not the crooks.

Main Beach Gold Coast

David Treacher, Bernie Delaney and Jeff Russ.  

And the winner is…

  Manos Main Beach   Tony Ellis came first this year, he always seems to be one of the leaders. He most certainly is one of our AFL Australian Football Lunatics.  

2005 slideshow  

Leo Barry you hero

 photo Leo Barry.jpg

It’s no secret I’m a Sydney Swans fanatic, and in all the years of watching football there will never be a moment as dramatic and wonderful as this.

2004 Melbas

  David Herd Gold Coast Garry Kinnaird , Mick Cotterill and two lovely ladies.  

Bring on the booze

  David Herd Thailand What a fabulous venue Melbas on the Park was.  

OK, so I stuffed up the count. 🙂

AFL Australian Football Lunatics Somehow I made a mistake and called the wrong winner, after some heated words we worked it out and focused on the booze.

The top two

  AFL Australian Football LunaticsI think deep down I wanted Mick to win but it was the mean looking guy on the left who took 1st prize. 🙂  

2004 Melbas slideshow


2003 at Costo D’Oro

  AFL Australian Football Lunatics Adrian Rebbeck, Gavin Kernot and Ross Kennedy. In February 2005 Gavin and I caught up with each other for a few days in Paris. It was so bloody cold (-3) and I suffered because I had just left the north coast of Brazil where it was 38 degrees.  

More of the usual suspects

AFL Australian Football Lunatics

A popular waitress at Costa D’Oro

 photo Aflpees20dinner20200320d_1.jpg

And the winner is????

  AFL Australian Football LunaticsAnd the winner is Scott Proud.  

2003 slideshow

2002 at Costo D’Oro

 photo Some20more20hillbillies.jpg My first year as administrator of the competition that was called AFLPEES, don’t ask me what that stood for. The photo shows an unknown guy on the left with Graham Cash peaking at the camera, then we have Cheryl Kernot, super tall Duncan Free, Reg Free & Gavin Kernot.

Feuding families

AFL Australian Football Lunatics

I think that’s Michael Gorden on the left & one of the Lumsden boys (I think Anthony?). We had 3 from each family in the competition in 2002.

Interesting to see Saturdays Bulletin pick up on my story recently on the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, some of you may remember the uncanny resemblances to the feud between Lumdens and the Gordens in 2002. The Gorden clan were decimated in the tipping comp by the Lumsdens that year, and have never really recovered from the massacre.  The battle however also took its toll on the mighty Lumsden clan who in coming years became mere shadows of their former selves, which is obvious from their position on the ladder this year.

Interestingly enough is seems  my article was also picked up by Kevin Costner which prompted him to release the fabulous mini series 10 years later in 2012, believe it or not. 🙂

2002 slideshow

Apologies for the poor quality photos

AFL Australian Football Lunatics Digital cameras left a lot to be desired in 2002.

AFL Australian Football Lunatics

AFL Australian Football Lunatics

Guilty as charged.

That’s all folks

David Herd Thailand

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