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New Years Eve Sydney 2012

June 4, 2016 by David Herd

January 1st 2013, please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s my personal history, check it out if you wish.

New Years Eve Sydney 2012 at Drummoyne

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

 New Years Eve Sydney 2012 from 72 Wrights Road Drummoyne where I lived for six years from 1979 to 1984. This is late afternoon and everybody is getting ready for the fireworks, there are two spectacular shows, one at 9 pm for the children (and me) and one of course at midnight.

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

The apartments you see are in St Georges Crescent where I also owned another 3 bedroom waterfront apartment at Brackley Gardens, this was for investment & rental purposes I never lived there. It is interesting to look at prices way back in the 70s, I purchased Brackley Gardens for $48,000 in 1977 then sold 5 years later for $98,000.

I sold Wrights road for a profit of $100,000 in 1986, I rate this in the top 3 mistakes I have ever made in my life.

Warwick Robinson

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

 I have known Warwick for about 35 years, a nice fellow with a great sense of humour. He and his lovely wife Ady have lived in Cherrybrook for many years. I like standing beside him, he makes me look thin. 🙂

Peter Hesky

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

I have known Peter for a similar amount of time as Warwick, we enjoyed many great time together in the 70s & 80s. He is a great host and organized some terrific dinners at his Freeway Hotel in Artarmon.

Peter & I both love Mud Crabs and have polished off many back in the days I lived at Drummoyne, I must say however the best I have ever had have been in Singapore, follow THIS LINK to see what I mean.

In fact here is an example

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

 These monsters are certainly not cheap, from memory this one set me back about $120. It’s from Sri Lanka and at 3.3 kilo the biggest I have ever eaten.

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

The 9 pm fireworks show at New Years Eve Sydney 2012 gets under way. I must confess I have seen so many fireworks displays over the years they have lost a little of their appeal for me. Certainly the best I have ever seen was in the 80s when I would anchor my boat in the Harbour beside the opera House and be in the middle of the action. Equally as exciting and maybe more so was Rio de Janeiro on NYE 2007 when 2 million people converged on Copacabana beach, just follow THIS LINK to see what I mean.

And the beat goes on

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

I have another confession I was in bed trying to get to sleep at 11 pm. 🙂

I was more impressed by the food

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

Our hosts Peter Hobbs and his lovely Thai girlfriend Pring put on a great spread.

And here she is 🙂

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

All I can say is Peter is punching way above his weight. 🙂

Peter & I the next morning on New Years Day.

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

 Wrights Road in these apartments was my home for 6 years from 1979, some of the best years of my life. In fact check out my 1982 photo blog and see for yourself.

72 Wrights Rd

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

The smaller block in the middle was my home, I was in unit 12 on the top floor, Peter is on the ground floor on the left. Talking about property values again, I purchased in 1979 for $65,000 then sold in 1985 for $165,000. I believe now in 2016 they sell for over a million.

Flashback to 1982

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

One of the greatest eras in my life was living in Drummoyne in the 80s, looking back it was a mistake to move to Newport with my new fiancée thinking I was ready to settle down. How wrong can a man be?

 Not too attractive from the street

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

However it was a great location to live with my white Mercedes Sports in the garage and my Bertram 25 moored right outside.

Robbie Bonnet

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

Robbie live here when I did in the 80s and he is still here now 35 years later. He owns a  Bob Jane T-Marts in Drummoyne however I believe it recently closed and he is moving to a new location.

Farewell to Wrights Road

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

The memories certainly came flooding back after spending New Years Eve Sydney 2012 at my old home in Drummoyne. It was great to catch up with lots of old friends, who say nostalgia is a thing of the past?

Talking about old friends

New Years Eve Sydney 2012

When I left Drummoyne on the morning of January 1st to drive to Port Macquarie I stopped in Dee Why for a coffee with another old friend Paul Slaughter.

Thanks for visiting my New Years Eve Sydney 2012 photo blog.

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