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Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb

March 25, 2017 by David Herd

Sunday in Maroubra

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb located 10 klms south of the city was so busy on this beautiful sunny Sunday. Just finding a place to park the car was a major frustrating excercise. 

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb Some of the expensive apartments overlooking the beach. In fact the average price of an apartment in Maroubra is around $850,000, however those in the photo would be more than double that. The average house price in the suburb is $1,840,000. 

Here is what makes Maroubra famous

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb Without a doubt Sydney’s beaches are among the best in the world. In my opinion the only country that can compare is Brazil, especially Florianopolis.

One of Sydney’s best surfing beaches. 

 photo 78c4c95e-9690-4c20-8bb0-43ea127655cb.jpg Everyone is waiting for a wave to ride.

The blue building is the surf club.

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb You can clearly see the lookout tower where the lifesavers keep a close eye on the swimmers.

A favourite photo

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb You have the camera man, the babe doing excercises, the Bra Boy heading for the surf & a couple just watching the action.  Bra Boys are a notorious surf gang, at their home beach Maroubra.

In December 2005 riots broke out between Muslum gangs from Sydneys Western suburbs & Eastern suburbs surfers. Follow THIS LINK for details. Contrary to popular opinion I personally was proud of the Aussie surfers that day.

That’s a huge zoom lens

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb No doubt tis guy is a serious photographer. 🙂 

 Important safety message

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb When on the beach in Australia make sure you always use sun blockout, wear a hat & swim between the flags.

In recent years I have had many skin cancers removed, doctors tell me the damge was done many years ago before I turned 16 years of age. In those days we NEVER use sun protection.

A great family enviroment

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb What a place to grow up & to have fun on a magificent beach like Maroubra.

 Sidewalk cafes

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb Similar to every other Sydney beachside suburb sidewalk cafes abound.

Dive Hotel

Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb A great view from this boutique hotel overlooking Coogee Beach, just book through THIS LINK for an excellent discount.


Maroubra Sydney Beachside Suburb

As you can see Maroubra lies south of other fanous beaches such as Bondi & Coogee. 

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