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Surfers Paradise sentimental journey

August 20, 2016 by David Herd

This is not a travel blog just my personal photo collection from the Gold Coast in Australia in August 2016.

Sorrento Sam

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey Surfers Paradise sentimental journey took me back to where I lived for 25 years before moving to Thailand in October 2011. I stayed at Sorrento with my old friend Tony Murphy and his lovely wife Nikki, plus Sam the 3rd member of their family.

Murphy’s birthday

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey Morning coffee at The Island cafe is a tradition with this group of friends, and today August 11 2016 just happened to be Tony’s 74th birthday.

Dangerous with a knife in his hand. 🙂

 photo Murphys20birthday202.jpg

Don’t do it Tony, don’t do it. 🙂

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey          Surfers Paradise sentimental journey          Surfers Paradise sentimental journey

I must say the coffee at the Island Cafe is absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t help noticing the price of the small quiche compared to a similar one in Thailand that I regularly buy. Here it is $15.90 and at Big C in Pattaya $1.85.

 Surfers Paradise from the racetrack

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey Close to Tony’s home in Sorrento is the Gold Coast race track, here is the view of downtown Surfers Paradise.

 Two things I miss living in Thailand

 photo Lunch at Isle of Capri 19.jpg Fresh ocean prawns and avocado at Isle of Capri is a perfect meal for me. Sure you can get both items in Thailand but certainly not is the same class as Queensland.

Other things I miss

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey

A few good friends who can’t be replaced or forgotten. In fact catching up with them was my main reason for this trip. Above is my great mate Ross Kennedy leading me astray once again.

 photo IMG_4275.jpg          Surfers Paradise sentimental journey          Surfers Paradise sentimental journey

On the left is Bryan Dart, in the middle Phil Thomson & Greg “Noodles” Craig on the right.

Looking south to Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey Just crossed the Southport bridge and about to turn left to buy some fresh prawns from the trawlers.

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The trawlers at the spit

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey In my opinion they offer the best, freshest, tastiest prawns in the world.

World’s best prawns

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey

Freshly caught about 25 kms off the Queensland coast.

NZ Lamb shank from Aldi

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey Terrific Lamb shank from Aldi, these were a regular treat for me when I lived on the gold Coast.

 Interesting things in the Murphy’s garden

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey

A Roman statue perhaps.

Murphy’s huge cock

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey As you can clearly see this is one huge cock. 🙂

Murphy’s TV room

Surfers Paradise sentimental journey An interesting room at sunset.

Donna Turner

Donna Turner Gold Coast Caught up with an old friend Donna Turner on Chevron Island.

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